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Skin Diary: Embracing Your Scars

As the title says, today I’m gonna write about embracing our scars. Or rather acne scars. After combating acne, we are always happy to see the swell go down, no more pus, no more swollen zits. But now, we are faced with something more stubborn. The red marks left from the acne. And now it’s […]

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My Skin Diary: Prescription Medicines

I’m quite a healthy baby from young. Hardly went to the doctors for fever, flu or anything. But my acne was so serious till one point that my mum can’t stand it and brought me to the doctors. That was back in 2007. My acne problems started after I ended my ‘O’ levels in 2006. […]

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My Skin Diary: Acne

I’ve decided to start a series of post titled My Skin Diary. Having acne problems since 16, I have done a lot to battle acne. Acne has been a big problem to me and it’s also one of the factors that makes me start beauty blogging. I don’t really have old photos of myself when […]

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