My Skin Diary: Prescription Medicines

I’m quite a healthy baby from young. Hardly went to the doctors for fever, flu or anything. But my acne was so serious till one point that my mum can’t stand it and brought me to the doctors. That was back in 2007. My acne problems started after I ended my ‘O’ levels in 2006.

So I went to the doctors and was give a lotion plus antibiotics. My acne was cured, got back clear skin but it only lasted for a few months. Acne started appearing again. At first it was minor then I started internship and stress adds on the the mess on my face. So it was back to the doctors and I was given Accutane. I was on it for four months and it did help clear the mess.

And the cycle continues! >< It was only until recently that the acne clears up only with occasional 2 or 3 zits popping out which I can handle.


Here’s some of the medicines that I still have and still using when my acne comes up. First box is a gel for acne, 2nd box is a topical antibiotic, given to me to replace my oral antibiotics. Third box is actually a cream for scars.


This is Nimengen, another brand of Accutane. It’s actually called Isotreitinion, similar to Vitamin A. This is the medicine that causes me side effects like dry lips, night blindness etc. It’s also can cause birth defects and the effects of the medicine stays in the bloodstream for about half a year or so even after stopping.

I would say that these medicines helps in clearing up the skin to a certain extend. But it does not kill the roots of the problem. It stops the bacteria from surfacing up to the skin surface.

If you have a very serious case of acne till the extend that it hurts, I would definitely recommend you to go to the doctors. Once it tone down the acne, complement it with a good skincare routine. Our diet and sleeping habits does affect too, and I will touch on that in another post.

For those who are curious about the price of the medicines, Isotreitinion pills can cost up to $2 -3 per pill and you will normally have to take it for at least 4 months which equals to one treatment. That will amount up to about $300 for just the pills itself not counting consultation. Gels, creams, lotions given ranges from $20 to $40. It depends on your condition to see what the doctor prescribe you with.

Hope this helps!



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2 Responses to My Skin Diary: Prescription Medicines

  1. na November 7, 2012 at 6:37 pm #

    Hi, May i check how do u find the scar cream and which doc did u go to?

    • forensia November 8, 2012 at 10:03 am #

      Hi there!

      I went to this Clinic at Khatib which specialized in skin problems. But I actually did not see the specialist, just the normal GP.

      The scar cream is so so, not too bad. I don’t find it especially useful though. But my scars did disappear over time as and maybe left some red marks as they are not too deep to start with.

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