Being 25


So, the birthday have just passed and I finally hit the 25 mark. This is the age where we call the ‘Quarter Life Crisis’. 

I’ve a stable job that I enjoyed though it took up a lot of my time. I’m finally putting my words into action and taking the first steps into make up artistry. I’m starting to plan my finances though it’s a bit late and I’m ashame to say I do not have a substantial amount of savings yet. Yes, perhaps I should not spend a huge amount of my paychecks on dolls and life is pretty boring without a hobby. I should probably slow down on acquiring new dolls though. But baby steps first, one step at a time and I believed I’m able to set aside funds for myself in future. 

Relationships wise, it’s complicated. I think I’ve too high an ego for a woman. Perhaps, it is better that I just be alone. 

Friendships wise, I guess it changes as we all aged. Time is a huge factor to friendships I think. Gone are the days where we can meet whenever we want. We all have our own schedules and it’s simply too hard to find a time that every single one is free. But I guess, those who will stay will stay and those who wants to leave will bound to leave. 

Family wise, I’m glad I’m spending more time with my brothers and my mum. Back when I was a lot younger and full of negativity, I resented them and blame them for many things in life. But as I grow up and mature a little over time, I started to appreciate them bit by bit. We might not be the most perfect or normal family out there but I believed that we are happy in the way we are. 

As for this space, I actually have mixed feelings. There was a time I had my peak as a blogger but it didn’t last long and I fell hard. Though I must say that I’m very grateful for those who believe and supported me all this while. There might not be many now, but as a writer and creator I’ll still continue to churn out content for my dear readers. This space holds my dreams and passion and I know I will not give it up easily. 

Life is short, too short to be sad about. I will try my best to make myself happier and a better person as each day passes. 


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One Response to Being 25

  1. Chantana May 19, 2015 at 12:48 am #

    Don’t be too hard on yourself… I have been living most of my life aimlessly … and I still not sure what I want in my life (I just live let it be and maybe one day.. I will go AH! I want to be this and that… it will never be too late for anything ^_^)

    Same goes for blogging… it will come around if you keep doing what you like~

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