New Year New Beginnings~



It’s already the 2nd day of 2013 and it’s only now that feels more like a new year. This year I will become 23 years old, another year older. It’s still early but I felt like I’m facing a mid life crisis as my age increases. Haha.

Hence, I’ve decided. 2013 will be about me. I’m going to put more focus on personal well being. Not that I’m going to turn selfish, just that I’m going to put myself on first priority.

Love myself more, treat myself better, treasure myself more. I know I deserve better. And of course, giving myself more courage to chase my dreams.

Spent the last few days of the old year with awesome friends. And of course, the first few hours of the new year. These bunch of people (not all are pictured) have a precious place in my heart. They are probably the best thing that had happened in my life.



New year, new beginnings. And of course, new memories waiting for us to create!

To a great 2013!

Joyce.Forensia  ジョイス

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