Mini DollyWink Haul

I have a soft spot of Limited Edition stuff. So it happens that I’m browsing through the shelves of Watson’s during my break and saw this. There were only a few left and I stood there for several minutes, swatching the liners and then pick these 2 up.

From the swatches, they are decent liners. Sorry for the lack of swatches as I have not opened them up yet.

But moral of the story is, I got them because of the neon pink packaging and the cute sharpener. 😛

Here’s the pencil liner with the cute sharpener~ I actually did not have a decent one for my pencils so I guess this justify my purchase. 😛

And here’s the pretty neon pink liquid liner! I must say that the tip is quite sharp and yet soft, as in not prickly on the skin.

Did I mention that I hardly use eyeliners?

And that I’m a sucker for packaging? 😛

<3, Forensia.

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