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Headlines Hairdressing Signature Treatment

Having gone through 18 months of constant chemical treatments to my hair, I chopped it off and decided to take a break and regrow my hair for the past one year. Its not an easy journey and definitely not easy to nurse the hair back to how healthy it was prior to all the bleaching.

I must say it’s a blessing to be reunited with Elein, who have always taken great care of my hair and scalp and know what suits me best rather then what’s in trend.

Elein has relocated to Headlines Hairdressing By Artistry International Plaza branch and I know I need to look for her to get her to help fix my hair. She’s definitely a stylist that I trust with my hair.

elein hair stylist

When I reached Headlines, Elein informed me that she will be doing the Headlines Hairdressing Signature Treatment to fix my hair before we do any coloring in the next visit. To be honest, I was quite skeptical about hair treatments as I have done a number of time and the effects never lasted after a hair wash. But I trusted the professionalism of Elein, and I was literally blown away by the results.

headlines hairdressing signature treatment

Pictures speaks louder than words so here’s a before and after photo for reference. Elein also gave me a trim to better shape my hair to suit my face shape.

headlines hairdressing signature treatment

And most importantly, does the effect last? I’ve washed my hair daily after the treatment and it is still as smooth! My hair is so much more manageable after the treatment! I now only spend 5 minutes on my hair every morning when I used to take at least 10 minutes. (That’s an extra 5 minutes I can take to perfect that eyeliner. lol)


I am totally sold to this Signature Hair Treatment by Headlines! I have also spoken with Jerry who’s the director of the International Plaza branch and am glad to hear that his direction for his salon is to ensure that all his clients can achieve healthy, natural looking hair. And that I witness while I was doing the treatment. I think it is very important for a stylist to be looking out for the health of your hair and scalp.


Loving that smooth silky look of the hair after treatment!!

I highly recommend Elein as she’s really meticulous! Even after 1 year plus, she still remember that my scalp is sensitive and took extra care to protect my scalp before proceeding with the treatment.


Look for Elein at Headlines Hairdressing By Artistry at International Plaza and quote my name ‘Joyce’ to get 10%-30% off depending on the hair services that you are doing. Do call and make an appointment before heading down!

Headlines Hairdressing By Artistry is having a promotion right now. Bring along a friend to do their signature treatment at $200++ per pax instead of the usual $300++ per pax rate! Don’t miss out!

Artistry Hair Professional

Address : 10 Anson road #03-32 International plaza Tanjong Pagar. (Right above the MRT) 

Tel: 62219255

Mon-Fri: 10.30-8.30pm 

Sat : 10.30-7pm 

Sun: Close

Email: artistryhairsg@gmail.com

FB: https://www.facebook.com/ArtistryhairSG/


*Notice: Headlines Hairdressing By Artistry have since renamed to Artistry Hair Professional and is no longer related to Headline Hairdressing *


Dyna Hair Event

Was invited by Wendy to a hair event by Prime Group Asia few weeks back. The event is held at Covelli at Orchard Central.

The event is to introduce DYNA Argan Oil Treatment which is one of the latest hair care technology out there. DYNA is used for reducing frizzy hair, hydrating the hair, nourishing the hair and preventing split ends of the hair. It will also enable the hair to be shinier, healthier and will also stop further hair damages.

DYNA Treatment also contains no Formaldehyde which means is 100% safe for the hair and user.

Prime Group Asia invited masters from Japan, Osaka to demonstrate the use of DYNA on different hair types. The hair models of the day are Kiyomi and Jasmine. For Kiyomi, her hair is severely damaged due to constant coloring and bleaching. Jasmine also have similar problems although she did not bleached her hair. The masters from Osaka, used different DYNA treatment on their hair accordingly and the outcome is great. Both of their shines and look so much healthier and smoother.

Happy models with their new hair and the masters from Osaka.

With the pretty models~

With the friendly Masters!

With dear Wendy~

Chose DYNA when you visits the Salons for treatments!

You can check out Mucota’s FB page for more information!