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Review: Vanedo by Masketeers~

Hi everyone!!

Today I’m going to introduce to you a new series of sheet masks from Korea. The brand is Vanedo Beauty Friends. They have a total of 25 variants and I’ve received 5 to try. Out of the 5 I’ve received, there’s the very popular Snail and Syn-ake mask which I’m pretty excited to try. Other then those 2, there’s the Red Ginseng, Herb and Mugwort ones.

The thing about Korean masks is that they usually have the description and all in Korean but for Vanedo masks, they have it in 3 different languages which is Korean, English and Japanese. I think it’s great to be able to understand the product better this way.

The mask itself is 2g and it contains 23g of essence. Some of you might doubt this but let me show you. The mask itself is already fully soaked and there’s still loads of essence in the pack. Don’t waste those essence, use them on the arms or legs!

I’m using the Mugwort one as seen. This mask gives me a minty/cooling sensation when I applied the mask on. I feel the same too when I patted the extra essence on my legs. The Mugwort is for soothing, firming and moisturizing.

I’ve a pretty big face as compared to many girls out there and usually sheets masks fits just right or smaller then my face. This mask fits nicely but is actually slightly bigger which I loves. Noticed the hole for the eye is pretty small? As in there is a flap for the under eye area that can covers the eye when you close them. I think it’s pretty neat as our under eyes needs some masking too!

While I was happily masking away, it seems that my Crafts are interested in the masks too.

パーティ熊 wants some Red Ginseng to refine and firm up the skin after party throughout Xmas and New Year.

Futsu-Neko is greedy and took the Snail, Sny-ake ones. He wanted the Mugwort one too but too bad, I’m using it.

After 30 minutes, I removed the mask and the skin is refreshed and supple! I also noticed redness being reduced.

I kind of like this better then the masks I usually use. The essence is of a more watery texture and I can feel it being absorbed into my skin and no sticky feeling is left behind. I’m probably going to try the other 20 variants that Vanedo offers before deciding which ones I like most. I’ve a feeling that the Snail one would be on the list. 😛

Highly Recommended by 虹兎! It’s worth a 4/5 rating!

Now where to get these masks which are super affordable at $1.20 per piece. Simply purchase 5 piece and above to get it at $1! Or if you want a better deal, get 25 pieces at just $22!

You can get them from the Masketeers~ They are a new blogshop started by a group of retail students from NYP~ This is actually part of their FYP project so let’s give them our support!

I’m definitely going to support them by buying the remaining 20 variants of the masks to try!

Do check out their FB page for information on the masks and also regular updates!



July Mail From WishTrend

Hi all! Am here to share my Korean Goodies from http://www.wishtrend.com/!

More skincare and bodycare added to my collection!


First up is this Gentle Moist Aloe Gel from Klair’s! It’s actually a moist for hydrating purpose and also great to use to sooth out burns!

Check it out here http://www.wishtrend.com/klairs/260-klair-s-gentle-moist-aloe-gel.html!


And here we have Body Wash and Lotion from HELLOEVERYBODY! Check out more info on the brand here. http://www.wishtrend.com/127-helloeverybody

I’ve also received a small sample of Raclia ‘s Night Spot Care, for pigmentation.

WishTrend has kindly provided a discount coupon for your usage! USD $5 off! That’s quite a lot in my opinion. XD

Also do check out http://wishtrend.net/ for interesting post and visual makeup tutorials!

Don’t forget to sign up an account over at http://www.wishtrend.com/ too! You can use the coupon above! Don’t waste it!!

Detailed review of products will be up at a later time!



Review: Lovemore Kiss Purple Crystal & Peptide Duo Lifting Mask

Here’s another review! I also received this Lovemore Kiss Purple Crystal & Peptide Duo Lifting Mask from Secretive. This mask consists of peptide which stimulates collagen production which helps improve skin elasticity.

The Lovemore masks comes in box of 5 which can last me 1 to 2 weeks.

I love the packaging of this mask, lovely shade of purple and princessy design.

This mask is also relatively thick and not too thin. Like the sexylook one, it’s soaked with the essence.

Comes with ear hooks too for that lifting effect and if you notice the sheet mask design is not plain and has more texture.

The fit of the mask is quite ok, wide enough but not long enough. I feel that it does not fit as well. The ear hooks are not as tight but it’s actually more comfortable.

Skin do feel more refreshed and smoother after masking. I would rate this a 3.5/5 as I felt this it would be better if it’s of a better fit.

Do check out Secretive and Lovemore FB pages for more information and reviews by other bloggers!





Review: Sexy Look Extreme Whitening Duo Lifting Mask

Was sent two types of masks by Secretive and one of them is the Sexy Look Extreme Whitening Duo Lifting Mask.

I’ve personally tried the Hello Kitty range by Sexy Look before and love it. What I love is the ear hooks which not only keep the mask in place and also give a lifting effect.

Main ingredient of this whitening mask is Black Pearl which is a well known and widely used ingredient for whitening masks. It aims to whiten and help even out the skin tone. And of course, most mask as such helps hydrates the skin.

Sexy Look masks comes in a pack of 5 pieces. Normally for me, a pack of 5 usually last one week or two weeks. This is because I mask every 2 to 3 days. Which I feel will give the maximum effect.

Each mask pack feels thick and heavy unlike some masks which can be quite light.

The sheet mask is thick and thoroughly soaked with the essence.

The mask is thick but not too thick. Thickness is just nice as it will easily tear if too thin.

The mask comes with two ear hooks. One by the side.

The other from the chin/neck flap which will actually help in lifting up the face.

It looks like this after hooking up. The mask is in place tightly in contact with the skin which helps in absorption process.

Look at how well the mask lies on the skin. No worries about it dropping off if you’re those that do not stay still while masking.

Skin feels moist and more firmed up after masking.

Overall, it brighten up the skin tone after one usage. Have used it twice and I do feel that my skin seems brighter. My skin do also felt firmer which I think is due to the lifting feature of the mask.

Definitely a 4/5 rating for this mask. Just the right thickness and I love the ear hooks which keeps it in place. For those who like to do other stuff while masking like me, blogging while masking, this is the right mask for you! XD

Do check out Secretive and SexyLook FB pages for more information and reviews by other bloggers!





Review: Dermal Masks

Hi all!

Will be doing a mini review of Dermal Mask today. Dermal Mask is actually a Korean Brand and distributed by a company in Singapore. I was actually sent these masks by http://www.moxdeals.sg/ where you can often find special deals on all kinds of products!

I received the Arbutin and Pomegranate mask! Both are collagen masks for the elasticity of our skin.

As we all know, Pomegranate is a good anti-oxidant and Arbutin is great for whitening! I used these masks and do realized that the skin is brighter after application.

Here’s a pic of me masking! 😛 I find that that mask is a little too thick as I personally prefer thinner sheet mask. The mask also do not cling to the face well enough and drops quite easily so it’s best to just lie down while using this mask.

I will rate this mask a 3/5. It’s quite good, a good to try but not a must get. 🙂

Check out http://www.beeverse.com.sg/#mask.html for the full ranges of Dermal Masks.