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Scalp and Hair Treatment @ Salon De Choix

Went back to Salon De Choix last week for treatments only as I wanted to give my hair a break.

Note my hair, it is not that bad la but it’s so messy!!!


My stylist started me on the scalp treatment where this TeaTree essential oil is being used to massage my scalp. The sensation is super shiok I tell you. You will feel this cool, minty feel on the scalp during the massage. This essential oil helps to kill bacteria in our scalp leaving a clean and airy feeling. Basically when the same feeling you get when your scalp is not oily. 😛


Here’s Abby massaging the oil into my scalp. Her massaging skills and hair washing skills is awesome ok. I always enjoy my hair wash by her.


After treating the scalp, its time to nourish the hair itself with Mythic Oil mixed into the hair mask. This treatment will leave the hair silky smooth~



I can’t see a thing with bangs that long! Time for a trim! But look at the hair condition now! Smooth shiny hair!!


This time round, my stylist uses Shu Uemura Art of Hair Oil in Cream and Nourishing Fragrance with Oil Pearls on my hair. This makes the hair smooth after blow drying and nourishes it. Smells awesome too!


Let’s take a look at the back of my hair. Straight, smooth hair which I loves. I have natural waves and my hair often gets into this messy mess if I don’t do anything. I really like straight hair with wavy ends like this.


I did not do anything to my hair color as me and my stylist decided that this current color is pretty and unique enough to keep for another month. It’s like this ashy green blonde color that really contrasts well with the brown. I am considering to go for a change before I go for my Gold Coast trip and I’m still thinking. My stylist suggested red since I’ve not gone red during the time I’m with Salon De Choix but than red is a difficult color to work with. Thinking still, any suggestions? 😛


Here’s a closer look at how my hair color is and how smooth and healthy it is.


Now now, don’t I look so much better with smooth, straight, neat hair like this? Bangs makes me look younger too. 😛 Thanks to my stylist, always making my hair look great when I leave the salon. And I am proud to say that it’s still looking good when it’s more then a week already!


Want pretty hair like mine? Time to make an appointment at Salon De Choix!

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They also have the map support showing you how to get to the salon based on your current location. But just in case, Salon De Choix is located at 3 Killiney Road #01-06 Winsland House 1, Singapore 239519. Nearest Mrt will be Somerset, exit left up the escalator. After that, simply walk out and turn left and walk along the road, cross the traffic light and you will spot Salon De Choix just at the corner of the building!


The booking page looks like this! They even show you the rough timing needed for the hair services that you want to do. You also get to choose your stylist!


Do also check out Salon De Choix’s FB page for more information and like them too!

For Android users, no fret, the app will be out in Playstore in late May/June.

Meanwhile, you can call 6836 2959 to make your appointments!

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salon_de_choix 1



Hair Color Magic @ Salon De Choix

It’s time to pamper my hair over at Salon De Choix once again. Every single time I visit Salon De Choix, I’m excited yet at ease cause I know my hair is in good hands.

For hair like mine, bleached tend to be dry and lazy me is not hardworking enough to put hair mask twice a week. If only hair mask is as easy as doing sheet masks.

This is what happens, plus the green faded making the ends seems drier then it actually is. But I don’t have split ends so I guess my hair ain’t that bad. 😛

So this time round I decided to just go for 1 color as in 1 single hair dye for the whole head as per my usual dual color as I wanted my hair to rest. After discussion with my stylist Elein, we decided to go for a Deep Ash Blonde (12.11 Color code) for the whole head as I wanted an ashy color. I was also told by Elein that the bleach part of my hair will turn into an ashy blueish grey. Somehow it sounds really cool to me so I give the green light to go ahead with the process!

I had to first bleach off my remaining green before doing the color. And as usual, steaming helps speed up the process of coloring, and also allows the hair to absorb the dye more! Apparently, my hair can take in color quite well. Seeing the fact that most of my crazy colors can last me more then a month.

Wash off after the coloring and look at that!! It’s a nice greyish blue!! I don’t think I’ve seen anyone with this color. Happy cause I like to be unique.

And of course, we must not forget to do treatment for our hair! It is recommended to do treatment at least once a month! Elein added two types of Mythic Oil to the hair mask for added moisture and shine!

After treatment, my hair ends was trimmed a little and blown dry and viola! I can has gorgeous hair again!

Here’s a before and after photo to show you the awesome things Elein do to my hair. Trimmed my hair to get back the shape, treatment to smooth down the tresses and a new coat of color to freshen up the hair! Plus can you believe the blue is obtain from the same dye that give me the nice ashy brown color for the top part of my hair?

The greyish blue has a slight greenish tint to it from my previous color. Elein told me that this color can only be obtained from clashing colors. Example, ashy tone dye on bleached hair with green dye on it. So if you happened to have green hair like me, you might be able to achieve similar effects.

Also trimmed my bangs as I’ve deiced to let it grow sideways. It’s really a hassle to keep bangs so time for a change! Plus it’s been a while since I had side fringe. XD

Closer look at the hair color. Grey, blue and a little green highlight. I like that I’m unique. XD

This is how the blue looks like when damp. Too pretty that I can’t believe it’s my hair! Hee~

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Salon De Choix is located at 3 Killiney Road #01-06 Winsland House 1, Singapore 239519. Nearest Mrt will be Somerset, exit left up the escalator. After that, simply walk out and turn left and walk along the road, cross the traffic light and you will spot Salon De Choix just at the corner of the building!

Do also check out Salon De Choix’s FB page for more information and like them too!

Call 6836 2959 to make your appointments before heading down as they can get quite busy! Remember to look for Elein!



Review: Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water

Are you a user of facial mists?

If you’re, you would know that there’s many different variants out there for us to choose from!
Which do we use then?

As a regular user of facial mists, I have tried several brands and I decided that the spring water ones are better for my sensitive skin. However, I realized that over the time my skin got used to the mist and it’s not working its magic anymore.

Hence, I’m glad to receive the market’s latest Bio Spring Water for review.


One thing that I’ve noticed about this mist that is different is that this can be used on the hair too!!
It promises to deliver 20 good results for the skin, hair and body. It’s ideal for sensitive skin and even babies can use it!


I tried it for the first time after a long day out in the sun, and I was pleasantly surprised. I am one who gets burnt easily and my skin turns red easily be it the body or skin. At first spray, it instantly soothes the burnt skin and I noticed that the redness subside after awhile.

Having super sensitive skin, I love how this mist soothes my skin. I’ve reacted to some mists before and I’m super glad this doesn’t cause my skin trouble.

Having super dry legs, the skin there tends to scab and itch and this mist managed to calm and sooth the itch. To be honest, I’m really pretty amazed by this all in one mist!

This product is worthy of a 4.5/5 rating!!

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Review: Selsun Blue 2 in 1 Anti Dandruff Shampoo


Dandruff have never been a problem for me till recently. We all know the crazy weather in Singapore and it’s humidity causes lots of problem for the skin, the scalp and many more.

Having an oily scalp, I wash my hair daily and everything was ok till recently where I’m subjected under cold air con for 9 hours long each day and getting my hair wet due to the rain etc. Dandruff started to haunt me. Which also make me began a journey of trying out anti-dandruff shampoos.

Hence, I’m glad to be able to review the Selsun Blue 2 in 1 Anti-Dandruff shampoo which consists of Selenium Sulfide.

Selenium Sulfide can attack the source of dandruff and can also control dandruff. Hence, this shampoo can be also used as a prevention even if you don’t have dandruff problem.


The texture of the shampoo is thick and a little gooey. As this is also a conditioner, it explains the thick consistency. As a dandruff treatment shampoo, we have to massage it onto our scalp and leave it on for about 3 minutes before rinsing it off.

Personally, I feel that my scalp is refreshed and feels more clean and not that oily. Also the itch is contained for at least 2 days. I used this shampoo as a form of scalp treatment once every 3 days. I’ve tested this shampoo over a period of 2 weeks.

The smell of this shampoo is quite pleasant though it’s not any sort of fragrance. It’s more like a chemical smell but not pungent.

Overall, I rate this shampoo a 3/5.



Fifty Shades of Green by Salon De Choix

It’s time to get a new color for CNY at Salon De Choix.

After having purple hair for 2 months plus, I’m not sure what color to go for. Discussed with Elein and we decided to go for green hair! I’ve also picked out a greenish tone brown base to compliment the green!

The swatch of the base color I choose looks really pretty!!

Did a quick bleaching to get the purple out.

Back to blonde for approximately an hour.

Cause I’m going to have green on!

Fast forward the washing and all and tadah! My new green hair!! Which as per the title, I named it the Fifty Shades of Green.

Before I go on, check out this awesome promotion they are running!!

Another promotion is that you simply have to spend $200 on hair services to receive either a free shampoo or hair mask. While stocks lasts.

Green hair looks really nice and makes me fairer then I already am. 😛

I love how vibrant it is yet I could make it look subtle by keeping my hair to the back.

Here’s the perfect example of keeping things subtle. I also very much prefer this way of dyeing the hair as you can see it looks really natural. The dark hair and the colored hair blends together perfectly and is not like a line from mid way down.

This is darker in tone if you noticed and is after touching up. It will slowly fade into the lighter shade in the photos above. This darker tone is like a seafoam green! Pretty!!

Here’s a closer look at the vibrant color~

Once again, thanks Elein for giving me gorgeous hair again!!

Salon De Choix is located at 3 Killiney Road #01-06 Winsland House 1, Singapore 239519. Nearest Mrt will be Somerset, exit left up the escalator. After that, simply walk out and turn left and walk along the road, cross the traffic light and you will spot Salon De Choix just at the corner of the building!

Do also check out Salon De Choix’s FB page for more information and like them too!

Remember, you get to enjoy 15% discount off regular priced hair services when you quote my name “Joyce“!

Call 6836 2959 to make your appointments before CNY!! They are closed from 9th to 13th FEB!!