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Classic Cufflinks For The Fathers

Happy Father’s Day to all Fatherly Figure in the World!

Cufflinks: A Unique Gift for The Fathers In Your Life

Fathers played an important part in everyone’s life. There are many father figures around us. Our Fathers, GrandFathers, Brothers who have their own family, the Father of your child etc.

To me, I’m blessed because I’ve 3 fatherly figures around me in the form of my 3 elder siblings, who took care of me as a baby while my mother goes to work. Who acted as the Fatherly figures I need when both are not free for my Meet The Parents.

And of course we all have our favourites, and hence I’m gifting my second brother a unique gift this Father’s day to show my appreciate since Singapore don’t really have a happy brothers’ day. LOL.

Cufflinks singapore

Men these days are dressing better and better and they too, need little accessories to complete the whole look. Watches are no doubt one of men’s favourite accessories! Hence, I didn’t spend much time to decide on the right Cufflinks to get! It’s literally a no-brainer! You can’t go wrong with mechanical gear designs for men! Plus they come in a nice velvet box that’s so classy and ready to gift!

Cufflinks Mecanique

The design I’ve picked out is Mecanique, which is similar to that of a watch gear! Look at how intricate the design is! I also loved how it actually moves! Definitely a design guys would love though I doubt they will be wow-ed by the fact that it moves. I mean guys are harder to impress as compared to girls. They are more practical in a way that makes it so hard to shop for gifts for them!

Thankfully for Cufflinks Singapore, making buying gifts for men so much simpler so that we can spend more time on our own shopping! 🙂

timepiece cufflinks

Look how well the cufflinks blended in with the watches! I’m sure most men would love designs like this! They also have several other designs related to timepieces and also a whole range of classic and unique designs!

So do checkout Cufflinks Singapore if you have yet to get a present for your Fathers this Father’s day! Better late than never!

And of course, cufflinks are great gift for the dads, husbands, boyfriends and even brothers!

Quote JOYCEFORENSIA15 to enjoy 15% discount across all designs! They provide free shipping and refund within 7 days just in case there’s an issue with the product! How thoughtful is that to provide shoppers a peace of mind while shopping online?!



Smart Travels With TheSmartLocal!

As the title suggests, I’m gonna do a little sharing about TheSmartLocal today, more so on their travel related posts!


Travel Tips From A Local Viewpoint

I’m not a frequent traveler, I go out of the country just once or maximum twice a year. However, one thing I do realised is that most of the travelogues out there ain’t local. Not that’s it’s a huge issue as I still get the information I need but sometimes it feels more relatable when the travelogue is written by a fellow Singaporean. Which is also part of the reason why I try my best to blog about my trips even though I really take a long time to do so.

With an upcoming trip to Tokyo in June, I was quite happy to find several posts on TheSmartLocal to provide ideas for my trip! After reading this post on 14 Wacky Experience in Tokyo, I know that I’ve to add Yanaka Street into my itinerary!

Travel Hacks/Ideas That You Never Heard Of?

thesmartlocal travel hacks

This Traveler’s Box is pretty damn cool? Sadly, the nearest box they have in Asia is in the Philippines. Come on, we need one in good old Changi Airport too! Me and the Mum have like different coin purses full of coins from the countries we have been. I’m sure there’s quite a sum there.

And of course, other than travel hacks, TheSmartLocal actually have many posts telling you what do to in the countries that they themselves have been too.

This post on 14 free things to do in Hong Kong  actually changed my mind about my trip to HK last July. It wasn’t the best trip but reading through the article knowing that I did at least 5 things on the list made me feel better about it. Haha.

the smartlocal hongkong

Yes, the crazycatlady in me went to hunt down Brother Cream when in HK. Sadly, he was taking a nap when I was there.

My Thoughts On TheSmartLocal

As a local portal, I really think that it’s a great site to visit for travel tips despite it being sponsored. I also like how they have a lot of travel posts on our neighbour countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia etc. These countries are not on the top of the list on many people’s travel list as they would think them as 3rd world countries etc. But after reading several posts, there’s actually many fun things you could do there!

I do wish that there are more posts on Japan and Korea since these 2 countries are one of the most popular travel destinations in Asia these days for locals.

Oh and they have a huge section on things to do in Singapore! If you ever ran out of ideas of what to do with your friends and got tired of the weekly visit to town, check them out for ideas!

It’s nice to have sites like TheSmartLocal and more which gives useful information from a local viewpoint! Now you know where to go if you need more travel and lifestyle tips!



Incognito Bar: The Hidden Gem For Craft Beers

Chye Seng Huat Turned Incognito At Sunset

I’m sure many of you are pretty familiar with Chye Seng Huat Hardware located at 150 Tyrwhitt Road near Lavendar Mrt for it’s coffee. But I’m pretty sure that many of you are not aware that Chye Seng Huat transformed into Incognito Bar at night from 6pm onwards. Yes, you can still can get coffee after 6pm but the star from 6pm onwards is the range of curated craft beers available at Incognito.

beerista-incognito bar

“Beerista” Casey who’s the man who curated the Craft Beer list over at Incognito Bar. Ask him anything about the craft beers and he will be your google for the night. (Beer related questions only!)

Craft Beers

incognito bar-craft-beers

In Clockwise Direction: Wu Gang Chops The Tree Wheat Beer ($14), Orval Trappist Beer ($16), Founder’s Breakfast Stout ($20), Red Chair NWPA Beer ($14)

I was invited to a cosy Beer Tasting with a couple of bloggers and we have had a pretty good time trying out and learning more about the different craft beers and how it can pair with different type of food. Yes, you read me right. Pairing BEER with food, not wine. 😉

For those who really enjoy beers, you’re definitely in for a treat over at Incognito. Find out the what kind of beer person you really are with Casey’s help and with his recommendation, you will surely enjoy your drink.

Gunnamatta-Beer-incognito bar

My Favourite of the 5: Gunnamatta Yeastie Boys Beer ($18)

I would say I’m quite the alcoholic having worked at a wine bar for nearly 2 years and am quite the drinker. I was pleasantly surprised when I tasted the Gunnamatta Beer which is a fusion between tea and beer. It’s very refreshing and I was confused at first sip because it really do smells like a cup of good quality Earl Grey tea, in an alcoholic version. If you’re tea lover, now you can have the best of both worlds! Fret not, they have something called the Coffee Milk Stout if you prefer coffee instead.

The Food

bangers-incognito bar

Bangers & Fries ($16)

Bangers & Fries is recommended to paired with Wu Gang Chops the Tree Wheat Beer which is a very smooth and light beer. Very easy to drink, a little dry with a little fruity notes. There’s 3 kinds of sausage served and as I’m not a food expert I can’t tell them apart, but they are nice and juicy.

pizza-incognito bar

Roasted Sriracha Chicken Pizza with Bechamel Sauce base (New Menu)

This is a Sriracha Chicken Pizza with a white cream base that is not on the menu yet, and is recommended to pair with the Orval Trappist Beer which a little heavy on the taste. Definitely not for the light drinker but it’s an interesting drink with a wine like scent.

pan-grilled-pork-burger-incognito bar

Granny Smith’s Pan- Grilled Pork Burger with Bacon-Onion Marmalade & Fries ($16)

I’m craving for this burger as I’m typing right now. The bread is nice and soft with a very juicy and flavourful patty. It’s paired with the Red Chair NWPA beer. It’s an ale, very easy to drink, smooth with hints of citrus and floral.

fishchips-incognito bar

Fresh Battered Fish with Buffalo Spice Rub & Fries (New Menu)

Unlike the usual fish & chips, this is done with a mild spicy batter which is elevated with the Gunnamatta beer. Really nice combination.

cakes-incognito bar

Earl Grey Cheese Cake & Lemon  Tart ($7 Each)

Desserts is paired with the Founders Breakfast Stout which is a fusion between coffee and beer. If you ate those coffee candy in the black packaging before you will get what I mean. The scent is intense but very easy and light on the throat.

iNCOGNiTO Bar (Chye Seng Huat Hardware)
150 Tyrwhitt Road 

Opening Hours: 
Tuesdays – Sundays
6pm – 10pm

Phone: 6299 4321

P.S: They are having a live band (local indie band: Laid Comers) playing on the 23rd of April so if you’re interesting in trying out the craft beers at Incognito bar, that is a good date to visit! Reservations are recommended!



SkyCart App Is Here!

SkyCart App: Buy On the GO!


I’m sure most of you have heard of SkyCart, your personal buying service for Taobao! They have recently launch their SkyCart App, available for both IOS and Android. Now you can buy the world just through your mobile! I think this is dangerous for our pockets, because this app makes Taobao shopping so easy!


skycart app main

This is the SkyCart App main interface when you enter the app! They now have Korean Beauty Products services which I went crazy shopping at! As a beauty savvy person, it’s frustrating not being able to land your hands on certain beauty products seen on blogs or youtube videos as they are not available in Singapore, or the fact that the shipping fees from oversea sites is pretty hefty. Now that SkyCart is bringing in all these products, I can foresee myself buying a lot from them, plus their prices are very reasonable! If I’m not wrong, they are the first in Singapore to provide curated beauty products from Korean! Other than the common brands like Etude House, Skin Food etc, expect to find brands like IOPE, Banila & Co, 3CE and more! (I think this service is available only on the SkyCart App at the moment!

Also, if you notice the bottom section with the ‘buy for you’ tags, those are the best selling items on Taobao that are hand-picked by the SkyCart team! What’s best? You don’t have to pay the Taobao shipping fee for these curated items!


skycart app side

  • Top up SkyPay on the go! (Via Card or Paypal)
  • Buy For You : Shop on Taobao on the go and let SkyCart do the buying for you! All through the SkyCart App with their grabbing function!
  • Track your order on the go!

skycart app ui

Loving the order tracking interface! Clean and clear cut! There’s even a SkyChat option to check on your parcel status!

skycart app haul

Here’s my loots from using the SkyCart App! I shop mainly from their Korean Beauty Products selection! Going crazy over the selection which is huge! Happy to find Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask that I saw all over Youtube! And also picked up other interesting masks that have pretty good reviews online. Oh, did I mentioned that there’s Free Delivery for orders that are over $75? Definitely very easy to qualify with so much to buy!

Happy Shopping On The Go with SkyCart App!



Office Buddy By Tee-Saurus

A Better & Lesponsiber Workplace

office buddy tee saurus

Working in an office environment can be pretty stressful at times and you need a little something to spice up your office life to lighten up things sometimes.

Introducing Office Buddy Sketchpad(Singlish Version) from Tee-Saurus!

office buddy back

Office Buddy is basically a table top pad with 10 relatable quotes in Singlish and a decent amount of blank pages for you to either use as a note pad or add in your own unique quotes.

Ever since I started using the Office Buddy in the office, I get colleagues asking me about it and we all laughed about it as it’s really funny and yet relatable. One of my colleagues pointed out that it might be more male oriented with “Leservist” and “Smoke Break” etc. Which is true but there’s always the blank pages that we can utilized and come out with our own quotes.

It will also be more fun if everyone in the office owns their very own Office Buddy, I guess I need to look into that. Wait for the next festive and get them their own!

My Commonly Flipped Office Buddy Pages:

office buddy busy

Very Beesy – I need to get things settled, don’t find me.

office buddy lunch

Out For Lunch – I need to eat. Haha. For a long day at work, lunch break is really quite precious and the only time you can take a breather from work. It’s a little annoying when you keep getting calls during lunch hour. So, a friendly reminder to ask people to be patient and wait for you to be back from lunch. buddy quotes

Meeting – Self Explanatory. But to be fair, not all meetings are tekan sessions. Haha.

!@#&%*^$ – Used when I’m not in the best of mood and requires 100% focus on what I’m working on.

office buddy sketchpad

Yet to think of new quotes for my office buddy sketchpad. Any ideas?

Overall, I felt that the Office Buddy is really a novelty and useful item to have in the office! Plus, it’s not that expensive!

Get your very own Office Buddy at Tee-Saurus!