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Dealing with Skin Allergy

Skin allergy, it just happened with no warning. Or maybe there was, just that I didn’t give much notice.

It started with an itch, followed by the redness and the rashes. Then it started peeling and the red marks that remain during the healing process makes you look like you’re having a horrible infection.

skin allergy rashes

When the rashes became prominent

I made the mistake by scratching. But the itch was so overwhelming that I can’t help it.

Itching is something common when you have sensitive skin, little did I know that the itch this time meant something different. I tried to stop myself from scratching by putting ice to ease the itch or hitting my skin instead to inflict pain so as to overpower the itch.

But the itch is not the worse.

The raw red rashes that protruded from your skin to drying up and tightening of the skin that makes it felt like sandpaper. It looks like something you get from an infection but it’s just your skin being allergic.

Then comes the peeling, bits of skin rubbing off your skin. And when you try to peel off that piece of skin dangling, you might end up peeling off skin that are not totally detached and end up with a small tear.


No matter how bad the skin looks, do not panic. It won’t help but will just make you feel more miserable.

Stop all sort of skin care and go back to the very basics. Cleanse, tone and moisturize. For me, I stick to just cleansing, non-alcohol toner to soothe the skin and ointment for the affected areas.

Identify the reason for your allergy. Have you use something new in your routine? Did you feel itch before the huge reaction when you use a certain product? Sometimes allergic reaction don’t act up immediately.

Having sensitive skin, my skin itch occasionally when using certain products that are not suitable or when my skin just happens to be at a weak stage. But itching happens rarely.

Identify the reason behind the skin allergy

I identified the culprit behind my skin allergy after realizing that I’ve been itching every now and then ever since I started using it. And I’m very disappointed because I liked the product and the results it gives. The product in question here is the MKUP Real Complexion Cream. I’ve really liked the product and been wanting to write a review before the reaction. I’ve been using it for almost everyday since I’ve purchased it in the beginning of May

Thanks to the help of a fellow beauty blogger friend who experience skin allergies often, I came to understand why is the cream the cause of my allergy.

Apparently, some of the ingredients inside are too harsh for the skin. Think fruits acids, tranexamic acid(similar to a skin bleaching agent), arbutin which induces peeling. These are some good ingredients, and they also have rosewater, calendula etc which are good for sensitive skin. Sadly the ratio for the harsh and strong ingredients are on the high side, which can make the skin over-sensitive from prolonged use.

I’m not one that read the ingredients list thoroughly, I’ll just take note of the main ingredients instead. But I guess from now on, it’s better to research properly for my skin’s sake. I never had such a bad reaction before but I guess once is enough. I’m not an expert but I thought I knew enough to choose products for myself. Skin allergy is scary both physically and emotionally. I’m lying if I say I don’t feel depressing with these red rashes on my face.

I must say that I could have prevent this huge reaction from happening if I give more notice to the mild itch that occurred since I started on the product. But sometimes you just don’t think it’s the product but maybe it’s the dust or your pillow etc etc.

Keep track of your routine

I guess I will also start to take note of the products I use and the date I started on them. And will try not to introduce too many new products into my routine at one go. I’ve also just throw out a stash of products and samples that are nearing expiry that I’ve kept for a while.

I still have a range of skincare products pending review which I’ve yet to start using. At least it’s a brand I trust. You can’t really go wrong with Japanese brands. But I guess it will be the last skincare brand which I will be reviewing for sometime now as I don’t want to traumatize my skin further after it healed.

After peeling

Here’s hoping that my skin will fully recover soon so I can start wearing makeup again. The only good thing is that I’ve extra 20 minutes of sleep everyday since I can’t wear makeup while my skin is healing. You could wear makeup to cover up the rashes, but I rather not aggravate it as the skin is ultra-sensitive at this stage. 

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Jetsetting With Enavose Hydration Pack

The team at Enavose have kindly sent me one of their Jetsetter pack, which is the Enavose Hydration on the go pack right before my Tokyo trip last month.

Which is really a great help because I’ve one less thing to plan to pack since the Enavose Hydration Pack practically covers me for the Skincare portion. I’m someone who really hates packing and always wait till the very last minutes to pack. Plus, I’ve so many travel-sized skincare from various brands that it can be quite a headache.

enavose hydration jetsetter pack

With the Enavose Jetsetter Packs, you’re basically covered for your trips. Also, you get to choose from Hydration, Acne Combat or even the Sun Shield Pack for those going on a beach holiday! Just pick what you need and you’re ready to go!

Enavose Jetsetter: Hydration-On-The-Go

The Enavose Hydration Pack was indeed just right for my trip because the weather in Tokyo was surprisingly very drying although it was the rainy season.


My favourite product in the Enavose Hydration Pack is the Oceanic 24H Luxe Cream! I used it both day and night during my trip and it makes my skin moist and supple. Perfect prep before makeup and provides ample moisture to the skin for a night sleep under air-conditioning.


Another star product in the pack has got to be the Mineral Concentrate Refresh Mist! As the name suggests, it’s really refreshing and works really well to give the skin a perk me up! I’ve used it in the day after makeup to set my makeup and it doubles up as a toner at night after I remove my makeup and cleanse my face.


Loving the ingenious design of the mist where there’s an attached cap to cover the button so that you won’t accidentally press on it and spill any of the mist. Also, no worries about losing the cap!


Also included in the pack are the Alpine Edelweiss Foam Cleanser and the Probiotics Exfoliance Gommage. The cleaner is very gentle and refreshing and also, doesn’t dry out the skin. The Gommage is also perfect during a trip for that gentle exfoliation to remove the dirt on our face that we have accumulated on our day out in a foreign city. Trust me, I kind of feel that the air in Tokyo is slightly more polluted than that in Singapore. Maybe because they are a cosmopolitan urban city with a lot lesser greenery than we have in our garden city?

My Thoughts on the Enavose Jetsetter Hydration Pack?

I’ve finished using the mist during my 9 days trip but the pack includes 3 bottles of it! It’s small in size at 10ml but it’s also perfect for the handbag!

The Luxe cream is a current staple in my skincare regime as a night cream. I tend to have dryness around my cheeks but ever since using the luxe cream, it really did improve!

And I really recommend the Gommage for exfoliation, it’s so gentle that it can be used daily even!

For the price the Jetsetter packs are going for, I really think it’s a steal! Get it now before they revert back to usual pricing!

And I must say it’s thanks to Enavose that I can have nice and moist supple skin throughout my trip! And that means near perfect makeup for near perfect selfies! Hehe!


Also, shop at Enavose Online Store today and receive 10% storewide with my promo code “ENVJOYCE”!

Plus, get to redeem a Free Beauty Kit worth $62.50 today! The kit includes the Exfoliance Gommage mentioned above and also a Youth Force Concentrate!

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Did I mention that there’s no purchase required? You just simply have to sign up and Enavose will mail the kit to you! Sounds awesome? Yes!

Don’t say I never share good stuff with you all ah!



maNara Hot Cleansing Gel Review

manara hot cleansing gel

I’ve received the maNara Hot Cleansing Gel from the kind folks at Best Buy World to try out about a month ago.

The maNara Hot Cleansing Gel is the No 1 product in pore cleansing and as we all know, all No 1 products from Japan is of quality.

So why is it called a Hot Cleansing Gel?

Used with dry hands on dry skin, the maNara Hot Cleansing Gel gives a warm thermal effects as you rub the gel on to the skin gently. This warming effect is gentle and helps to open up our pores and cleanse it. It’s very similar to having our face steamed during a facial before extraction. Just that this is way gentler on the skin.

Made with 100% natural essential oils, this cleansing gel calms the skin and it’s refreshing grapefruit scent acts as a perk up during the cleansing process.

maNara Hot Cleansing Gel Benefits

  • Removes Blackheads
  • 7 in 1 (Makeup remover + Cleanser + Booster + Serum + Pore Care + Exfoliating + Thermal Care)
  • 2 in 1 Makeup Remover and Cleanser
  • 91.4% of Beauty Essence Ingredients


manara hot cleansing gel-close-up

This is the amount of product recommended for each use, about 6 cm. One tube at 200g is able to last for 2 months.

Efficiency As A Makeup Remover

It removes the base makeup well and leaves no residue. But it’s rather weak at removing eye makeup, especially waterproof products. So it is recommended to use a separate eye makeup remover to remove the eye make.

Efficiency As A SkinCare

After 1 month of usage, I do notice that the blackheads on my nose is slightly lesser and they do come up a lot easier as compared to before using maNara. I only use this at night to remove my makeup and as it’s double up as a cleanser, I don’t have to double cleanse. It leaves my skin supple and moisturized too. I also like how gentle it is on the skin as a double cleanser.

I would rate this product a 4/5 stars.

maNara Hot Cleansing Gel is available for purchase online on BestBuy World at $61.

For those interested, maNara and other beauty brands from Japan will be available at a Beauty Patisserie Pop-Up Store from today onwards! Do drop by and take a look if you happen to pass by!

Beauty Patisserie pop-up store

Date: 11 to 24 April

Venue: Takashimaya level B2 (outside Cold Storage)


Sephora Haul February 2016

It has been a long time since I last did a haul post. Or rather, it has been a long time since I last went beauty shopping.

I got interested in the Foreo Luna recently as I’m tired of switching up products to try heal up my acne prone skin. Back when I was using my Clarisonic Mia, my skin was pretty clear but now it’s too harsh for my sensitive skin. And it’s rather troublesome to have to replace the brush heads every couple of months.

I did a quick research and read that the Foreo Luna is much gentler and the new version 2 have got one specifically for sensitive skin.

Sephora haul Foreo The Foreo Luna 2 is going at $299 and they are giving away complementary cleansers by their brand with every purchase of the Luna 2. I doubt I’ll be using those though.

Am currently in a daily masking routine so I picked up a couple of new masks to try. The Sephora Lotus Mask, wanted to get the Rose one but it was OOS. This is going at $16 for 5 pieces which is pretty expensive for paper mask. I’ve also got the Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Gel Mask as I’ve read good reviews on the brand. Plus this was on the Sephora’s favorite shelf. Pretty expensive at $83 for 150ml tub. Let’s hope it works well.

How can I not get makeup on a beauty shopping trip? Have been seeing mentions of Burberry lipsticks so I decided to check it out. These Lip & Cheek Bloom Blushing Color caught my eyes instead as I’m a huge fan of 2 in 1 products. Got two shades in Poppy and Purple Tulip after swatching. Will be reviewing these in a separate post after using them. This is retailing at $47 each.

This caught my eye while I was queing up to pay for my purchases. Sephora is smart to make us queue along the product shelves. I did a quick google and decided to get it after reading one review that it works. This is called The Original MakeUp Eraser which is a cloth that can remove your makeup with just water. Can’t wait to try it out for myself. This is $30.

So that sums up my haul at Sephora! Let me know if you want me to review the other items I got and I will do up a post after using them.


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FrozenAge Singapore : Verglas 冰

FrozenAge Singapore

Frozenage singaporeI first heard of FrozenAge Singapore a couple of weeks back and got introduced to their premium skincare line, Verglas 冰 for anti-aging. As someone who’s constantly on the look out for good skincare products, I was intrigued as although Verglas is formulated in the USA, it’s a local brand.

Dasmond Koh Frozenage

One interesting fact about FrozenAge Singapore is that it is founded by Dasmond Koh, our local celebrity. After learning about the technology used in Verglas, I was sold and decided to invest in the Skincare Set. Will be writing a review after using the products and see it if can help to freeze our age as it claims.

FrozenAge Singapore Dasmond Koh

Update Wee, managed to grabbed a photo with Dasmond Koh while I was at their office to collect the EGA Collagen Drink which I’ve also ordered. More on that in another post!

FrozenAge Singapore Verglas Skincare Set

One of the main ingredients used in Verglas is Marine Embryonic Stem Cells that will help in cell and tissue regeneration. Papaya and Pineapple enzymes and also licorice extract are the other key components which helps in anti-inflammation and exfoliating and conditioning the skin. Another reason I decided to get this is because my skin is super sensitive and can get inflamed pretty easily. Anything that is anti-inflammation is a plus point to me.

Frozenage verglas

Verglas 冰 does not have the fancy packaging that I love. Instead, the packaging is very minimalist and clean. One thing I love is that all the products comes with a pump which makes it so much more convenient and you can control the amount of product use. After using many different kinds of packaging, I prefer those with pumps as it’s so much more hygienic and the content in the bottle won’t get contaminated.

Frozenage verglas refreshing cleanser

The star product of the whole line to me is the Verglas Refreshing Cleasner. It has this Encapsulation Technology that will trap the dirt in the cleansing process so the dirt won’t get back into the skin. This is actually pretty interesting and new to me, but from what I heard it’s not exactly a new technology.

Verglas Refreshing Cleanser Demo

I decided to do a quick demo of the cleanser to showcase the encapsulation technology of the cleanser. When I first saw the demonstration, they used a marker but I feel that the properties of a marker and the actual make up that we use are different. Personally I wanted to justify my purchase also. Haha. I piled on concealer, waterproof mascara, liquid liner and two lipsticks that stains my lips on the back of my hand. And indeed it works pretty well! I probably won’t use this to remove my makeup but I think this cleanser can definitely help me to trap any left over traces of makeup that my removal did not manage to remove.

This encapsulation technology is pretty cool right? I’ve just started using the set, so stay tuned to my review soon!

If you’re interested, drop me a line at my email at or LINE me at Joyce.Forensia as Verglas is not available at retailers yet. 🙂

Alternatively, you can contact Jerry from FrozenAge Singapore.

Jerry Chua
Mobile: 9831 4134 (SMS Only)

Remember to quote “Joyce” when contacting him. 🙂

Till the next update!



Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I purchased the products on my own and everything stated are my honest opinions.