Hello 2023

It’s been awhile since I’ve wrote a more personal piece on the blog. Life have been pretty much a roller coaster ride since Covid happened.

I don’t think I’ll delve into details on what have happened but maybe just update and keep myself in check on where I am in life right now.


I’ve finally transited out to a new job in a new industry and brand new environment after 6 years. And wow, 6 years is the longest I’ve stayed in the same job. To be fair it’s 3 years each before and after acquisition so it felt like 6 years in two companies but basically in the same role.

It was a risky move to be changing environments when there’s a downturn of the economy, especially in the tech industry. However, I feel like you know when it’s time to switch things up in your career. Especially when you’re not someone just seeking for decent comfortable environment to just go through the routine day to day. No fault for those that feel that way though. Everyone just have different things that they want to pursue in terms of career.

Personally I felt like it’s time to move on from my role. And to take up a more challenging role that I’ve chanced upon in a startup environment. I guess I was pretty lucky in my job search to be honest. And of course my own resume and the experience that I’ve cumulated over the years. I guess the first thing a marketer have to do well is to be able to market oneself.

It’s been a month in at the new stint. And while it is challenging as I’ve expected as it’s what I signed up for, it’s fun and fulfilling.

Family and Friends

Those who follow my socials will know that there are several health scares in my household the past years, including myself. For now all is good, no extra health scares for now.

I think I’m really blessed in the friends department. To be fair, people come and go but those who stayed are the blessings. I’m not even ashamed to say that some of my new friends I’ve met, are from shopping on IG live. And from snatching the same things. Haha But that just means we have the same taste and like the same things.

Physical and Mental Health

I’ve signed up for gym membership in early 2022 after I fully recovered from my operation. And it’s has become a routine in my life now, making sure to at least head out to the gym at least 3 times a week. It’s really good for both my physical and mental health.

I’ve also picked up a new hobby which is crochet. That is really a stress reliever when you just don’t want to think about anything else.


My plan of buying a house of my own when I hit 35 remains. Haters gonna say shit on why I’m single. But when I reflect on my life, I’m utterly blessed in all aspects of my life other than this relationship sector. If that’s the sacrifice I have to take, I’ll take it. Simply cause I know at this point in time, I don’t need no men to support me. Im pretty sure I don’t want kids also. If this person that comes along don’t value add to my life, then please move along and don’t disturb my peace. I did try to be honest. But I guess I’m a toxic men magnet. Lol

That’s all for this post. Maybe the next time I’ll do a 2023 wrap up. Hahaha. But I’ll try to update the blog more.

Till next time!

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