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August Peranakan BellaBox

Bellabox have came out with a special Peranakan themed box this August!! Check out the pretty box! So pretty right?


Now on to the contents of the box!


1. Dermedex Anti Acne Challenge Pack
2. Harnn Hand Cream
3. Swiss Rituel Fruity Protective Lip Balm in Grape
4. Wotnot Facial Wipes
6. ModelCo Cheek & Lip Tint
7. Candy Doll Liquid & Powder Foundation

One box, taking care of you from inside out. BellaBox never failed to surprise me!

Head to www.bellabox.sg to subscribe now at $19.90 per month!!



Vanity Trove 3!


My 3rd Vanity Trove that I’ve hand picked myself!!

It’s definitely fun and exciting to be picking out your very own samples every time!!


The Essential shampoo was a bonus item as per my previous trove. Now lets get on to the samples I’ve picked!

1. DrGL Collagen Essence
2. Jorubi Aloe Vera Gel
3. Origins Plantscription Anti-Aging Cream
4. Biore Aqua Rich Whitening Cream
5. Bifesta Cleansing Lotion Moist
6. Blumarine Bellissima ETD 30ml

Let me know if you want any items to be reviewed and I’ll get it up as soon as I can!

Check out http://vanitytrove.com for more!



Kiehl’s Try Before You Buy!


Kiehl’s have come up with the ‘Try Before You Buy’ campaign this August to create awareness of their usual practice of giving out samples for consumers to try before committing themselves to the full sized bottles.


1) Redeem your 5-minute consultation and 5 free samples from this link: http://goo.gl/GIvBr0
2) Flash the confirmation page at any Kiehl’s store to receive a 5-minute consultation by a Kiehl’s Customer Representative (KCR)
3) The KCR will determine your skin needs and answers any queries you may have.
4) Enjoy 5 free samples most appropriate to your needs

It’s always great to be able to try to see if you like the product and if it suits you before getting it.
The kind people from Kiehl’s have also sent me a small bagful of samples for me to try!

There’s actually a lot of samples in the small bag and I’ve samples for all sorts of uses and for the hair even!


Pretty excited to try these out and see if I can decide which shall be my first full size products from Kiehl’s. Been hearing so much good stuff about the brand but haven got the chance. Even my mum know that Kiehl’s is a very good skincare brand!


Go get your free consultation and samples now! Don’t say I never share ah! Link is above!



Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Lotion

I was a fan of the Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion and is super excited to try out their Arbutin Whitening Lotion! Having tried the Whitening Milk which I love from the same range, I have pretty much high expectations for the Lotion!

The Arbutin Whitening Lotion now comes with the new Nano forumula which makes it better!

Just like the Hydrating Lotion, it’s a light liquid which you only need one drop for the whole face. Just one drop to achieve moist and brighter skin!

Perhaps I’m pretty fair to start with, I don’t really see the whitening effects on me but I would give a thumbs up for it’s moisturizing factor.

What I love about it is that it’s fragrance and alcohol free which makes it great for sensitive skin like mine!

I’ll definitely recommend the Hada Labo range of Lotions depending on your needs! For me, my personal preference would be the hydrating one!

Visit https://www.facebook.com/hadalabosg for more and also to redeem samples of the Arbutin Whitening Lotion now!



Vanity Trove – Watson’s Limited Edition

I love to come out of the room to find parcels that I’m not expecting of the living room table. And indeed a beauty surprise when I saw that it’s a Vanity Trove on the table.

Pulled out the drawer to find a whole lot of samples plus one full sized BB Cream in the trove which is nicely laid with decorative grass.

And I mean it when I said a whole lot. All the samples of products that can be found in Watsons. If I’m not wrong this is the trove that you can get by spending min $60 for members and $80 for non-members at Watsons. And I am told that it’s already sold out, so thanks Vanity Trove for sending me this trove!

As there are way too many products for me to take photos one by one, I decided to just do a short video! Enjoy watching! No you won’t see my face in the video cause I’m too lazy to change out of my Pjs.