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Red Highlights With Artistry Hair

Artistry Hair Professional – Getting Highlights Done So my roots have grown out quite a bit and I know it’s time that I should have a fresh coat of color for my hair at Artistry Hair. However, I’m quite bored with a single hair color and quite missed my crazy ombre hair color days. After […]

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Dyna Perm and Treatment at Artistry

I’m back at Artistry Hair Professional for another round of pampering session for the hair! It have been two months since I did the Signature Hair Treatment at Artistry and my hair is still in pretty good condition. To be fair, I did not wash my hair before heading to Artistry hence my before photo […]

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Hair Diary: Gone Black

It was roughly 6 years ago when I first dyed my hair. Even then, my hair was a very dark sort of brown and not jet black to start with. (It could also be due to chlorine as I swam often last time.) I have been through many shades of brown, bleached my hair, gone […]

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