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White Label Premium Placenta’s Elastic White Skin BB Cream Review

I received the White Label BB Cream for review from BeautyDirect just after CNY and I have been using it since.


The White Label BB cream comes with skincare benefits with the presence of the Premium Placenta contents which helps to keep the skin nourished and moisturised. It also comes with an SPF of 25 PA ++.

It comes in a small 30g tube which can last you for a very long time. I must also say that it is very affordable at $14.90.


The colour of this BB Cream is towards the yellow tone but when applied to the face, it will blend into the skin and brightens up and evens the skin tone.

Coverage of this BB Cream is light to medium.

The texture of this cream is a little thick and I also find that it dries up pretty fast when applied. Hence, I actually find myself to prefer applying this with a stippling brush instead of using my fingers as I do with other BB creams. I find that using a brush enable me to spread the product faster and more evenly on the skin.

The lasting power of this BB Cream is quite decent when set with a powder. I would say it last a good 6 hours.

It’s great for sensitive skin as my current thin skin did not react to it.

I find myself reaching out for this BB cream very often as it give a nice glowy natural finish and feels really light on the skin!

I rate this a 4.5/5! Would be full stars if the coverage and durability can be a little higher. But I will definitely purchase this when I’m done with it as I think it’s really good for daily use!

The White Label range is available on http://beautydirect.com.sg/ and at Plaza @ Cosme, Guardian, BHG and John Little.

I hope this review is useful!



Review: Klairs Illuminating Supple BB Cream

Hi all!

I’m back with a beauty product review!!

I was sent the Klairs Illumination Supple BB Cream from WishTrend 2 months back and have since used it enough for a proper review!

This BB Cream comes in a 40ml slim tube which makes it easy to carry around! It also have SPF 40 PA ++ which is not too bad.


Here’s a swatch of the BB Cream on black surface. It is of a light tone, and is suitable for most skin tones as it’s of a neutral tone.


A swatch against the back of my hand. The texture of this BB cream is rather light yet still creamy. It blended in well and coverage is pretty good as it can cover up my redness.


I blended it out thickly then thinly towards the left of the hand. A light layer give you that dewy look and if you need more coverage, just add on a bit more product and blend.


Here’s me wearing the BB cream with just loose powder and a little blush. No filter on this photo, taken under natural light. It covers up my redness pretty well and even the skin tone well. Does not appear too pale as this BB cream blends with your skin color.

Coverage: 4/5
Texture: 3.5/5
Oil Control: 2.5/5

Overall Rating: 3.5/5.

This BB cream is pretty much in my favor in terms of coverage and texture as it feels really light on the skin. But oil control wise, it only lasted about 2-3 hours before I oiled up in my T-zone. So you might want to avoid this if you have oily combination skin like mine.

I would recommend it for those with Dry to Normal skin types. I have tried this on someone with dry skin and it looks really good.

The Klairs BB Cream is available for purchase here: http://www.wishtrend.com/bb-cc-cream/584–klairs-illuminating-supple-blemish-cream.html#

Do also like WishTrend SG FB for more information and promotions! https://www.facebook.com/wishtrend.sg



Maybelline Event at Covelli

Attended Maybelline’s event on the 25th Feb at Covelli located at Orchard Central. So happy to see so many familiar faces there! It’s like a mini gathering for us beauty bloggers! XD


Main highlight of the event would be these soon to be launch products! The BB cream is already launch where as the Jelly Blush and Magnum Ultracomb mascara will be launch in April!


Here’s the Jelly Blush!


The texture is really nice and it’s really bouncy! Best applied using fingers!


This is in shade 04 if i’m not wrong. Pigmentation is buildable!


There’s a mini fashion show by Love.Bonito too! If you look closely, the models only had make up on half of their faces! Shows the wonders of makeup!


Pretty models in pretty clothing.


The venue of the event is perfect for the show.


This is the second show where the models came out with full face make up.


Posing for the camera!


Of course, lunch served while we are catching up with one another!


We were all given a goodie bag each!


Includes all the new products! There’s also the new master liner white launching in April for the waterline to create the wide eye effect!


Got the BB cream in shade 02, which might be too dark for me. >;<;


Got the blushers in 02 and 04!

Will be reviewing the products in due time! Wait for my product reviews!


And now spam photos taken with fellow beauty bloggers!

With Rusty!




Group pic with fellow table mates!






With lovely Roseanne and Sarah!!


With Joanna!

Gorgeous Bride to be, Clara!




Group pic with the rest, Verlyn, Xinyi, Yijing, Valerie and Tiphanie!!


Product reviews will be up soon!

Stay tune!




Review: Skin 79 Vital Orange BB Cream

I’ve received the latest addition to the Skin79 BB Cream family from the kind people from StarAsia.

It’s the new Vital Orange BB Cream with the highest spf of SPF 50 PA+++, providing you with the highest level of protection from the harmful UV rays.



Here’s a swatch of the BB cream. Color is unlike the VIP Gold one which is more to the greyish side. The Vital Orange BB cream is more yellow toned which is perfect for us with the yellow under tones.


Here’s a half face photo with the bb cream applied to the left side of the face. I feel that it evens out redness quite well and coverage is quite good.


Here’s after setting with powder. Looks pretty good no?

Here’s my ratings on the Vital Orange BB cream:

Coverage: 4/5

Blendability: 3.5/5

Oil control: 3/5

Color: 4/5

Staying power: 3.5/5

Overall: 3.75/5

I would recommend this BB cream to those who needs coverage and those with normal or more towards dry skin. For oily combi skin like me will just have to blot more often as the oil control for this BB cream is pretty average. But I would say this BB cream is a win in terms of coverage and color.

Hope this is helpful!





Skin 79 Lovely Girl BB Cream

New Release from Skin 79!

Lovely Girl BB Cream!


Received the Lovely Girl BB Cream in a lovely colorful box. XD


In it includes the new Lovely Girl BB cream plus a shimmer puff in a lovely sweet packaging.


Loving the retro pink packaging.


Star of the post: Lovely Girl BB Cream.

In it’s simple sweet pink packaging.


Description list of the BB cream.

It aims to provide moisture to the skin, soothes redness and irritation. Good for sensitive skin.


Color of the BB Cream is slightly to the grey side.


Texture of the BB cream is actually creamy yet light.


It evens out skin tone and brightens up the skin.

This is only spread out, not blended into the skin properly yet.


Coverage: I would say coverage is light to medium. It does even out the skin tone but flaws are not fully covered.

Staying Power: Staying power for this BB cream is relatively good. I would say it last for a good 6 to 7 hours.

Oil Control: Thumbs up for this BB cream on oil control part. My face stays matte throughout the day with only minimum shine near the end of the day.

Overall Rating: I would rate this BB cream a 3.5 out of 5. It’s worth a 4 but I am not really a fan of the scent of this BB cream though. It has a slight plastic smell to it. I won’t recommend this to someone who needs coverage but would definitely recommend this to someone who needs oil control. It is definitely suitable for sensitive skin. XD


Exclusively available at Watsons @ $21.90.