Ztylus Case and Revolver Lens Review 

Got my hands on a set of Ztylus two weeks back and after playing it for awhile, it’s time for a review!

Ztylus is a camera case that allows users to put on attachments. What’s available is the Revolver Lens Attachment that comes with 4 lens and also a LED Ring Light attachment(not featured in this post). I got the set with the classic black and silver with the lens attachment to try out.

Here’s how it looks like with the lens attached to the case. The case is very sturdy and yet still remains slim. Although I must say that the whole get up with the attachment and all do add on some weight and some might find it a little bulky. ( For girls especially, shouldn’t be a problem for guys.)

ztylus back

When you’re not using the lens, the Ztylus case comes with a removable disc in place which comes with a sturdy metal clip stand. This is pretty handy for people like me who like to watch shows on my phone while having my meals. I really like how simple and stylish the whole design of the case is. It makes my phone look like some old school camera which is pretty cool.

ztylus stand

A side view of the lens. Simply line the wordings with the white dot so the lens will flip out and fits over the iPhone camera nicely. There’s actually only three lens as the wide angle lens is attached to the macro lens as a magnetic attachment.

zytlus lens attachment cu

A closer look at how it looks like when the lens is flipped out. This pink lens is the Circular Polarizer lens which is very useful in getting rid of the glare and reflections in the photos. And it’s quite fun to be rotating the lens to get the exact effect you want.

ztylus withlensflipped

I love the fish eye lens most as it adds in the fun factor to taking photos with the phone.

ztylus fisheye mode



So enough about the aesthetic side of the Ztylus and here’s some photo I’ve took on my iPhone with the Ztylus lens attachment!

My favorite would be the macro lens and the fish eye lens. Here’s a sample of my clumpy eyelashes taken with the macro lens. Do take note that you have to go in as close as 2cm or lesser for it to focus. I would say the macro effect is pretty awesome for a lens made for the phone. You can hardly get this effect on a normal or even semi pro camera.(Unless you buy a separate macro lens. :P)

ztylus macro effect

Fish eye effect on the napping neighborhood cat! Love this effect! And also note the vibrant colors!

ztylus fish eye cat

As I mentioned, the polarizer lens helps to reduce reflection and glare. Here are some examples.

IMG_1822.JPG IMG_1823.JPG

For better comparison of the lens, I’ve taken 5 photos of the same subject. The first being taken with the iPhone camera and the rest with the Ztylus lens.

iphone camera

ztylus fish eye cup

ztylus polarizer

ztylus wide angle

ztylus macro cup

One thing for sure is that photos taken with the Ztylus lens are more rich in colors which I like. And it’s pretty handy and easy to inter-change between lens by simply turning the attachment to the lens you want. Definitely a must have for iPhone photography enthusiasts!

You can buy the Ztylus Case and Lens Kit at:


109 North Bridge Road #02-14 & #02-38/41
Funan Digitalife Mall
Singapore 179097
6338 5905 / 6338 7466 



FJF’s Film Adventure

Film cameras have slowly make their comeback these years and lomography is huge these days.

I had my fair share of fun with the toy cameras and after nearly 2 years, I finally got my 2 rolls of films developed.

First roll of film is taken by the Superheadz Wide and Slim 35mm film camera. This camera works best in daylight. The beauty in this camera lies in the vignette effect on the corners of the photos.

Rainy day at Robertson Quay

View from my Window

Selca. 2011 Cousins* Annual Picnic

With Don, my bitching partner.

Kite flying at the Barrage.


The second roll of film is taken by the Diana F Mini. This is a square format/half frame camera that works on the 35mm films. This camera is a little tricky and I made the mistake of mixing up my half frames and square frames. But some of the outcomes are really nice.

Double Exposure.
Walking down the lanes.

Vintage Bicycles.

Double, Triple Exposures?

I really like this shot though I can’t decide whether its a double or triple exposure shot. Plus it got a little cut off and a bit of the previous frame.

Snapping down moments in a camera.

Girl on the bench.

I’ve stopped at 2 rolls as I’ve gotten out of the novelty. But after developing these films, I think I want to buy more films to play with my cameras once more. The beauty behind film photography is that you’ll never know the outcome till you developed the photos.

Let’s hope, this is just the beginning of my film adventure.



Outdoor Shoot with Praeimpact Studios

Hi all!! Here to blog about a shoot I did with Praeimpact Studios way back in June! Was super busy hence only blogging it now! ><

I did an outdoor shoot with them and I really like the results of the photos. I would say this set of photos is something different for me. Simply because I smiled a lot in this shoot which is super unlike me. If you surf through the photos on my blog, you will realized that I hardly smile. 😛

I like how the team at Praeimpact Studios works. The whole process starts with a consultation before the shoot, followed by the shoot then the selection of photos. It’s like Pre-Production –> Production –> Post Production process. 😛 Which is good as they will understand from you what kind of photos you wanted so as to try their best to deliver. Unlike studios where you just book a timing, then go there shoot and done.

Ok, on to the photos now. 😛 These are my favorites out of all! I received 8 photos sponsored, bought 8 photos and got 2 complimentary which means 18 photos in total.

This is one of my favorite profile shot, which is currently my desktop wallpaper and up on my photo wall. 😛

You can see teeth in the photo below! Super rare I tell you! I seldom smile, and even if I do you can never see the teeth as it’s a tight smile like the one above.

Here’s a photo of me pretending to look at leaves. 😛 Turns out super nice and dreamy!

My current twitter background photo below. Seriously you can hardly see me be so “soft/feminine”

This shot below is more like me. Act emo but still very different cause it’s so girly. 😛

My next favorite profile shot which is my current twitter DP! Super dreamy! Skin looks nice. Was a good makeup day thankfully. 😛 

I actually wanted to use this set of photos for a new look for my blog but I’m still trying to find someone to help me with the layout. So, no new layout anytime soon. ><
Below are the rates of the Photography Services by Praeimpact Studios! The shoot I did will be the first one shown. They have different kind of services, be it a individual shoot like what I did, to studio, events and even graduation shoot!

And here’s a Special promotion:10% discount for all readers of (Just mention my name “Joyce”!)

Felt like taking photos for a special occasion? Or you just want a set of professionally taken photos for yourself? Now you know where to go! Check out Praeimpact Studios for more information!



21st Bday Shoot – Dark Concept

Here’s my favorite shots from the Dark Concept!

Photography by:

Make Up by:
080-2 copy

“What are you looking at?”

113-2 copy

This is my favorite shot of all! XD

116-2 copy

Hair all over, super messy but the shot turned out damn nice! LOL!


I’m dangerous.

086-2 copy

“You got a problem?”

087-2 copy

Love the overall feel of this shot. Love my legs! LOL!
Wearing the 6 inches heels really paid off. ><

081-2 copy

I don’t know how to describe this shot, it’s have a lil sad feel though. ><


My legs look super long and slim here! 😛


That’s all! Tell me which shot you love most! Hee!! XD

<3 Forensia~


21st Bday Shoot – Light Concept

Did a photo shoot prior to my 21st birthday. I had 2 concepts for my shoot and I’m going to showcase some of my favorite shots from the Light Concept in the post. XD

Photography by:


031-2 copy

Love this shot cause I look slim! LOL!

039-2 copy

Aren’t my eyes big and lovely? 😛


This is a photo that ain’t that great at first sight but the more you look at it, the nicer it became. XD

015-3 copy

Wind in the hair~

044-2 copy

I can’t believe that I can give off such an innocent look! LOL!

027-2 copy

Close up~ XD Love the effect.

011-2 copy

This is like my favorite shot for this concept! Now my iPhone screen! XD

The next one will be the Dark Concept.

Look out for it cause it’s really very different. Well, my current blog banner is a photo from the Dark Concept. XD

<3 Forensia~