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Haul: Penhaligon’s Juniper Sling 

I first learnt about Penhaligon’s from Carrie’s post on The Cambelles and she was writing about Juniper Sling. I was intrigued by the brand and the way she described the scent so I went to sniff out the scent and really liked it. However, as a fragrance hogger whom doesn’t really use my scents everyday, I cannot validate spending so much on a perfume which I might not use at all.

Fast forward to two years later, I sort of cultivated a habit of using my scents daily which means my fragrances are finally put to good use. I realized that the sweet fruity scents that I used to love a lot doesn’t really appeal to me so much now.

I would say it’s by chance, that I decided to walk into Penhaligon’s a few days ago. And by luck, Juniper Sling is actually on a 50% sale and comes with its matching shower gel in a gorgeous vintage tin.

I didn’t exactly jumped into the purchase but instead took a tour in the shop and gave other scents a sniff. There was a couple floral scents which I like but doesn’t smells like something that will suit me as a person. Maybe it is just me but I feel that the fragrance that one wears represents the character of the person. And at the end of the day, I find that the Gin&Tonic inspired scent really sits well with me. I like how refreshing and unique the scent. Its a little spicy with just a tinge of sweetness.

I’ve been wearing it for 4 days straight now and I really love how the fragrance smells like on me. It is just nice and not too overwhelming.

Perharps the only bad thing about this is the longevity as it is after all, an EDT. I am quite ok with it and I find spraying the scent on the hair and clothes kind of help prolong the longevity.

I think I might have found my signature scent for now.

Do you have any signature scent that you feel best represent you? Share with me!



Jan 2015 Beauty Haul

I realized that it have been quite awhile since I blogged about my beauty hauls. I used to do that a lot and I kind of really miss doing it. So for 2015, I’m going to be blogging about my beauty haul every month. Stay tune to find out what are the beauty products that I picked up from the counters! This is by no means no good to my pocket but I’m really excited!

VS bombshell pink dia

First up is Fragrance! I’ve not purchased any new fragrance for the longest time as I have not been using my fragrances. Now, I try to use a different fragrance weekly to give some love to all my fragrances. Which gave me an excuse to shop for a new fragrance. Haha. I actually wanted to buy the Scandalous scent from Victoria Secrets as it is my kind of scent. Sweet, with a little muskiness to it. But on the day when I actually went down to the store to purchase, the sales assistant let me try their limited edition scent and I got hooked. So I ended up buying the VS Bombshell Pink Diamond. I’m a sucker for all things limited edition and I really like the scent too. It’s quite different from my usual scent but I think it’s a refreshing change. The top notes are of Pink Grapefruit and Passion Flower which makes it a very fruity and refreshing scent. I love how the bottle is so bling and pink and cute! I got this at $109 for the 50ml bottle and it is only available in the 50ml bottle as it is after all, limited edition.


I saw on MakeupStash’s instagram that Hakuhodo have a permanent counter at Takashimaya so I went over to take a look as I am thinking to get a lip brush. I ended up getting three brushes from them, a lip brush, brow brush and a gel liner brush. These brushes are from their more affordable range. If I’m not wrong the brushes I got are of horse hair and synthetic mixture. I could not recall and can’t find the exact match on the site. I spent a total of $95 for these three brushes. I don’t have the individual prices as they do not have tags on them. But I’m pretty sure the lip brush is $39.

chanel spring la roma

I also went to check out Chanel’s Spring Collection as I was attracted by the Camelia prints blush. Sadly the blush was out of stock but I was told by the BA that it was nothing special and the prints will go off after a few uses. I ended up getting the La Romanesque lipstick which is a lovely bright fuchsia pink. And this is my first Chanel LipStick! Chanel lipsticks are going at $46 a piece by the way. Can’t wait to do a look with this lip color and just nice my skin is finally healing from the purging process from the skincare I’m currently on.

And that’s it for my beauty haul for January! Can’t wait to shop for the next beauty haul. I’m currently eyeing some liners and waiting for the new lip products from Shu Uemura. Not sure if I’ll get anything but it all have to wait till I’m at the counter to do some swatching! But one thing for sure is that I’ll definitely be buying a lot more makeup this year, so stay tune!