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The Cushion Foundation Craze [Plus Local Beauty Bloggers’ Fav]

Hailing from the land of K-Pop, it’s not surprising to see the Cushion Foundation getting so much popularity from all over the world. From BB Creams to CC Creams and now Cushion, almost everything that is of Korean Origin will be popular eventually. This Korean craze is not dying anytime soon.

Cushions have been around since 2011 with the very first Cushion from IOPE. And I would say it’s made famous outside of Korea by Laneige. Now, it’s 2016 and there are many brands with a Cushion range with many variants. Even western brands like YSL, Bobbi Brown, Dior and Lancome came out with their own Cushion Foundation. And one interesting fact to note, the Cushions released by these western brands are made Asia-Exclusive.

Not only foundation, we can find Cushion Blusher, Cushion Eyeliner, Cushion Primer out there in the market too nowadays! It’s the era of the Cushions!

Why Is It So Well Received?

  • Compact
  • Convenient
  • Travel-Friendly
  • Easy to Apply
  • Good for Touch Ups
  • Decent Coverage/Oil Control

Basically, the Cushion Foundation is super easy to use and yet able to provide what a women requires of a base product. No more worries about leaking foundation, that it will break if you drop it, no need for extra brushes etc! The puff that comes with these cushion foundations are worth a mention too! These puff helps to achieve a even coverage quickly with minimal product. If I must say, the puff is what makes these cushions special.

A piece of advice though, do replace or wash those puffs regularly as you do not want bacteria to build up over time! I always make it a note to buy extra puffs even if each refill comes with a new one!

Cushion Fun Fact

Amore Pacific is the brain behind the Cushion technology. Which means the refills of the cushions under any brands that is under Amore Pacific is of the same specification. And I know that Etude which is under Amore Pacific have a pretty range of Cushion cases. Which also means, you can mix and match your favourite formula with your favourite casing as long as they are under Amore Pacific!

Buying the refills is so much cheaper than buying the case + refill each time. 🙂

Local Beauty Bloggers Favourite Cushion Foundation!

Let’s check out which Cushions are the current favourite’s of our local Beauty Bloggers!

Carrie Sim||IG:@carriesim

CarrieLancome Cushion foundation

(Image Provided By Carrie)

My current go to cushion compact is the Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Compact which I love because the texture and consistency of the foundation is runnier and dispenses more easily from the sponge. It also still retains a rather good balance of dewiness without becoming too “shiny”. It’s a subtle, natural glow.

lancome cushion foundation carrie

(Image Provided By Carrie)

Recently, Lancome also just launched another version of this cushion compact, the Lancôme Blanc Expert Cushion Compact High Coverage SPF50+ / PA +++ which offers a slightly matte finish but much higher coverage! The best part is there’s 9 shades suitable for Asian skin tones. Previously I was using P-02 which was slightly lighter than my skin tone, now I have a perfect match – O-03.

Claire Audrey Lim|Blog:|IG:@claireaudreylim

claire cushion foundation copy

(Image Provided By Claire)

I waited very long before I decided to get the Laneige BB Cushion [Pore Control], I never understand what the hype was about until I tried it myself. I’ve been avoiding foundation and some bb creams because they are always very thick and caused me to have breakouts, on the other hand compact powder just couldn’t give me the coverage that I want.

I was looking for a product that can cover my pores, brighten up my face, feels light yet could last throughout the day. And Laneige Pore Control fulfils all my needs! The most exciting part is that I just need one layer and I could look nice the whole day!

Mia Foo|Blog:|IG:@mianne86

mia cushion foundation

(Image Provided By Mia)

My favourite used to be Laneige Pore Control BB Cushion, but has since been taken over by the Doraemon limited edition of A’pieu Air-Fit BB Cushion. The main reason is It is extremely inexpensive (it’s selling at only about $17 to $19++ SGD online) and worked well enough for my oily/combination skin. I like how it gives a very natural, somewhat matte and somewhat dewy finish that doesn’t look too heavy on my skin. Oil control wasn’t fantastic, but still pretty decent and my face remains relatively shine-free for up to half a day. For the price and all the cuteness, there’s really nothing to dislike about this product!

Cynthia Loh||IG:@slowbrogal

cynthia cushion foundation

(Image Provided By Cynthia)

My all-time-favorite BB Cushion!😍😍

I recently got the Limited Edition Verite UV Multi Cushion LX Wonder Story and I have to say I love it! 💕💕 Besides the beautiful packaging, the bb cushion itself is amazing!👍

This bb cushion is known as one of the best coverage and oil control bb cushion out there in the market. It gives me a very natural semi-matte look without looking greyish or oxidized! (Look at the pic!)

Coverage is medium to full and the oil control is superb!! 😙😙 Very suitable for summer or countries which are as hot as SG! 🌞 It lasted on me about 6 hours (without primer or loose powder) before it starts fading. ❤ ❤ I can’t tell you how much I love this bb cushion!!

Verite is a brand under Amorepacific and as everyone know, Amorepacific cushions are quite good. To be honest, I find this brand is pretty underrated because there’s no artists’ endorsement.😐 But well, I am so glad that I found this after watching the review from one of the Korean YouTuber.

Joyce Forensia||IG:@joyceforensia  (Yours Truly [^-^])

magic cushion foundation lotd

I’ve used quite a number of Cushion Foundations and my all time favourite was the Etude House Any Cushion which I’ve been using since it was released!

However, recently I’m reaching out a lot for my recently bought Missha Magic Cushions as I like the finish, the coverage and the lasting power. (Not forgetting the cute Line Packaging!) As someone with rather sensitive skin and currently suffering from a bout of breakouts, I need something that can cover up the blemishes and yet provides the dewy finish. Available in 2 variants, Magic Cushion and Magic Cushion Moisture, the original Magic Cushion fits my needs for coverage but I find that I prefer the dewy and brighter finish of the Magic Cushion Moisture. So I used the Moisture version as an all over base and the Original Version to pat on areas where I require more coverage. And did I mention it’s super value for money? The Line Missha Magic Cushion can be purchased online with 2 refills at around $25-$30.

Are you a fan of Cushion Foundation? If so, which is your favourite? Share with me in the comments below! 🙂



Etude House Any Cushion

I’ve mentioned about the Etude House Any Cushion previously in my January Favorites post and finally I got the time to snap some photos for a proper review.

Etude BB cushion1

I purchased my Any Cushion from Gmarket hence it is white in color which is the Korean version as compared to the pink version available in Singapore.

bb cushion2

Similar to the many BB cushions out there in the market, the product itself is stored in a sponge at the bottom compartment and the puff is separated by a flap.

cushion puff

Personally I feel that the puff is the star of the product itself. With this puff, you press onto the sponge to get the product on and pat it onto the skin. By doing so, there won’t be excess product per application which means you apply just the right amount. Patting on the product with this puff also evenly spreads out the product, giving you a smooth even finish. I am pretty sure I can get the same effect with any other BB creams using this puff.


One thing I don’t really like about the cushion system is that it can get quite messy. And after using it for quite some time, you will realized that it’s quite hard to get the cream out of the sponge. I thought perhaps it is finishing hence, I changed the refill. Out of curiosity, I took out the sponge and found that there’s still quite a bit of product left. Through this cushion system, I think there’s too much product wastage as it will be too troublesome to get the remaining cream by removing the sponge etc.

No doubt it’s a convenient product, especially for travels.


Here’s a before and after photo of me wearing the Any Cushion. It has great coverage and can last pretty long. Oil control is decent.

On my lips is the Etude Vivid Pop Stick with Clio Lipnicure layered on top. Review of the Lipnicure will be out soon. 🙂

Overall I rate the Any Cushion a 3.5/5. It would be better if the product itself is designed to better minimize wastage of the product. I hope this review is useful!



L’Oreal White Perfect Pearl Brush On Whitening Foundation

How do you usually apply your liquid foundation?

Fingers? Sponges? Brushes?

I believe many of you out there uses fingers to apply liquid foundation right? I do sometimes too as it’s the quickest and hassle free method.

Sponges is quite hassle free too, quick and you can just throw the sponge away after use. But sponges absorb way too much product sometimes and it’s a little wasteful.

Brushes gives the best finishes but it’s quite hassle to take out the brush to apply the foundation.

That is why we have foundation which comes with brushes! Just pump out the foundation and apply straight!

L’Oreal introduced their new White Perfect Pearl Brush On Whitening Foundation and I love it! I used their White Perfect Pearl foundation before and I really like it but seldom reach out for it as I’m lazy to use additional brush/sponge to apply. So this new foundation by L’Oreal is just perfect for me. I find myself reaching out for this more compared to my other foundations now.


Received the foundation in a nice blue box with mailer of the same color theme.


L’Oreal’s new foundation in a long tube form.

It has SPF 17 PA+++! Me love foundation with sun protection.

It’s available in 4 shades and I got mine in G2. The shade is just right for me, the L’Oreal people are awesome for getting my shade right from just my photos I presumed. 😛


It also has skincare properties to help brighten up our skin!


The brush is so soft and smooth! I think I will still keep it and use even after I finish using the foundation.


Easy application. Just pump and then brush on. XD

I realized the time I took for my base is a lot shorter when using this foundation.


LOTD using the foundation.

I like how it brightens and even up my skin.

Coverage is good as it manages to cover up most of my imperfection.

I will give it a 4.5/5 rating!


The whole of White Perfect Pearl range.

The Brush On Whitening Foundation is retailing at $32.90. XD