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Hourglass Cosmetics Haul

Hourglass In Sephora Singapore!

hourglass haul

Hourglass Cosmetics is finally available in Sephora locally! Do note that it’s currently only available at the ION and Ngee Ann City outlets.

Hourglass is pretty much well known for it’s primer, and highlighters. Being a makeup fanatic and MUA, I know I need to check it out and get a couple of items myself.

hourglass haul review

I’ve got the Ambient Lighting Palette for $97 for 3 different shades. I feel that it’s pretty worth it as the size is pretty reasonable. You can’t really finish up a pan of highlighter even if you use it daily as you really only need a little each time. So I highly recommend this palette for those who want to try out Hourglass Cosmetics. The full sized highlighter is about $78 if I’m not wrong? I’ve also got two of the ambient lighting blushers which I quite like after swatching. The blushers are going at $59 each and swatch pretty smoothly. There are 6 shades available locally.

hourglass ambientpalette

Here’s a closer look at the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette. My favourite shade out of the 3 will be Incandescent Light which swatch really smooth and I love the nice glow. Great for fair skin tones! Dim Light has a slightly peachy tone which will give a soft,natural glow on most skin tones. Radiant Light is slightly darker, more like a bronzer than a highlight. This is a really versatile palette suitable for most skin tones. Can’t wait to start using it!

hourglass blush swatch

I’ve got two of the Ambient Lighting Blush in Incandescent Electra and Mood Exposure.

Incandescent Electra is a pretty soft peachy coral shade with a sheen. Now that I look at it, it kinds of reminds me of NARS Orgasm but with a smoother shimmer.

Mood Exposure is one of those brown toned blusher that will look great on all skin tones. I got these blushers during the 20% Sephora sale and I noticed that the pinky shades got OOS very quickly while there’s loads of Mood Exposure left. I think most people are unsure about using a brown toned blusher but it can look really nice for most neutral looks. And giving you that natural looking flush!

One similar shade to Mood Exposure is Exposed from Tarte. Mood Exposure is more neutral while Exposed has more pink tones.

Both the highlighters and blushers are very soft and smooth upon swatching. Will give an update after using these on the face!



The Cushion Foundation Craze [Plus Local Beauty Bloggers’ Fav]

Hailing from the land of K-Pop, it’s not surprising to see the Cushion Foundation getting so much popularity from all over the world. From BB Creams to CC Creams and now Cushion, almost everything that is of Korean Origin will be popular eventually. This Korean craze is not dying anytime soon.

Cushions have been around since 2011 with the very first Cushion from IOPE. And I would say it’s made famous outside of Korea by Laneige. Now, it’s 2016 and there are many brands with a Cushion range with many variants. Even western brands like YSL, Bobbi Brown, Dior and Lancome came out with their own Cushion Foundation. And one interesting fact to note, the Cushions released by these western brands are made Asia-Exclusive.

Not only foundation, we can find Cushion Blusher, Cushion Eyeliner, Cushion Primer out there in the market too nowadays! It’s the era of the Cushions!

Why Is It So Well Received?

  • Compact
  • Convenient
  • Travel-Friendly
  • Easy to Apply
  • Good for Touch Ups
  • Decent Coverage/Oil Control

Basically, the Cushion Foundation is super easy to use and yet able to provide what a women requires of a base product. No more worries about leaking foundation, that it will break if you drop it, no need for extra brushes etc! The puff that comes with these cushion foundations are worth a mention too! These puff helps to achieve a even coverage quickly with minimal product. If I must say, the puff is what makes these cushions special.

A piece of advice though, do replace or wash those puffs regularly as you do not want bacteria to build up over time! I always make it a note to buy extra puffs even if each refill comes with a new one!

Cushion Fun Fact

Amore Pacific is the brain behind the Cushion technology. Which means the refills of the cushions under any brands that is under Amore Pacific is of the same specification. And I know that Etude which is under Amore Pacific have a pretty range of Cushion cases. Which also means, you can mix and match your favourite formula with your favourite casing as long as they are under Amore Pacific!

Buying the refills is so much cheaper than buying the case + refill each time. 🙂

Local Beauty Bloggers Favourite Cushion Foundation!

Let’s check out which Cushions are the current favourite’s of our local Beauty Bloggers!

Carrie Sim||IG:@carriesim

CarrieLancome Cushion foundation

(Image Provided By Carrie)

My current go to cushion compact is the Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Compact which I love because the texture and consistency of the foundation is runnier and dispenses more easily from the sponge. It also still retains a rather good balance of dewiness without becoming too “shiny”. It’s a subtle, natural glow.

lancome cushion foundation carrie

(Image Provided By Carrie)

Recently, Lancome also just launched another version of this cushion compact, the Lancôme Blanc Expert Cushion Compact High Coverage SPF50+ / PA +++ which offers a slightly matte finish but much higher coverage! The best part is there’s 9 shades suitable for Asian skin tones. Previously I was using P-02 which was slightly lighter than my skin tone, now I have a perfect match – O-03.

Claire Audrey Lim|Blog:|IG:@claireaudreylim

claire cushion foundation copy

(Image Provided By Claire)

I waited very long before I decided to get the Laneige BB Cushion [Pore Control], I never understand what the hype was about until I tried it myself. I’ve been avoiding foundation and some bb creams because they are always very thick and caused me to have breakouts, on the other hand compact powder just couldn’t give me the coverage that I want.

I was looking for a product that can cover my pores, brighten up my face, feels light yet could last throughout the day. And Laneige Pore Control fulfils all my needs! The most exciting part is that I just need one layer and I could look nice the whole day!

Mia Foo|Blog:|IG:@mianne86

mia cushion foundation

(Image Provided By Mia)

My favourite used to be Laneige Pore Control BB Cushion, but has since been taken over by the Doraemon limited edition of A’pieu Air-Fit BB Cushion. The main reason is It is extremely inexpensive (it’s selling at only about $17 to $19++ SGD online) and worked well enough for my oily/combination skin. I like how it gives a very natural, somewhat matte and somewhat dewy finish that doesn’t look too heavy on my skin. Oil control wasn’t fantastic, but still pretty decent and my face remains relatively shine-free for up to half a day. For the price and all the cuteness, there’s really nothing to dislike about this product!

Cynthia Loh||IG:@slowbrogal

cynthia cushion foundation

(Image Provided By Cynthia)

My all-time-favorite BB Cushion!😍😍

I recently got the Limited Edition Verite UV Multi Cushion LX Wonder Story and I have to say I love it! 💕💕 Besides the beautiful packaging, the bb cushion itself is amazing!👍

This bb cushion is known as one of the best coverage and oil control bb cushion out there in the market. It gives me a very natural semi-matte look without looking greyish or oxidized! (Look at the pic!)

Coverage is medium to full and the oil control is superb!! 😙😙 Very suitable for summer or countries which are as hot as SG! 🌞 It lasted on me about 6 hours (without primer or loose powder) before it starts fading. ❤ ❤ I can’t tell you how much I love this bb cushion!!

Verite is a brand under Amorepacific and as everyone know, Amorepacific cushions are quite good. To be honest, I find this brand is pretty underrated because there’s no artists’ endorsement.😐 But well, I am so glad that I found this after watching the review from one of the Korean YouTuber.

Joyce Forensia||IG:@joyceforensia  (Yours Truly [^-^])

magic cushion foundation lotd

I’ve used quite a number of Cushion Foundations and my all time favourite was the Etude House Any Cushion which I’ve been using since it was released!

However, recently I’m reaching out a lot for my recently bought Missha Magic Cushions as I like the finish, the coverage and the lasting power. (Not forgetting the cute Line Packaging!) As someone with rather sensitive skin and currently suffering from a bout of breakouts, I need something that can cover up the blemishes and yet provides the dewy finish. Available in 2 variants, Magic Cushion and Magic Cushion Moisture, the original Magic Cushion fits my needs for coverage but I find that I prefer the dewy and brighter finish of the Magic Cushion Moisture. So I used the Moisture version as an all over base and the Original Version to pat on areas where I require more coverage. And did I mention it’s super value for money? The Line Missha Magic Cushion can be purchased online with 2 refills at around $25-$30.

Are you a fan of Cushion Foundation? If so, which is your favourite? Share with me in the comments below! 🙂



Osaka Beauty Buys: Ladurée Face Color Rose 

Les Merveilleuses Ladurée Face Color Rose


I’m finally blogging about the Ladurée Face Color Rose blush that I’ve bought when in Japan. Yes, you heard me right. It’s a blush and not the Ladurée macaroons. 😉

I’ve been lemming after this ever since I set my eyes on it. Minus the pretty packaging, the product itself is ingenious! Blush in the form of rose petals? I’m sold.

What’s better, the pigmentation is pretty good and it smells like legit roses!

Ladurée Face Color RoseI got this set at 10,000 yen before tax. The case and petals are sold separately. But just nice they were selling it in a set when I was there. Just the petals itself is about 7000 yen.

Ladurée Face Color Rose caseLook at the casing! It’s so pretty and made of very sturdy material!

Ladurée Face Color Rose petalsAvailable in 3 shades, I got 02 which is a nice coral shade with red tones.

Ladurée Face Color Rose Close UpI must admit, this is pretty hard to arrange but the petals are not as fragile as it seems. The rose petals are actually paper coated with the blush powder.

Ladurée Face Color Rose swatchHere’s a swatch of the Ladurée Face Color Rose Blush in 02. Like I said, a nice coral with reddish tones.

Ladurée Face Color Rose refill

So is the Ladurée Face Color Rose blush a must have item and it it worth its price tag? I would say this is a good to have product and not a must have.  But it’s worth every single cent definitely!

I’ll probably get their normal compact blush the next time which is as pretty and have a wider range of colors!  One is good enough, and you must at least have one! You can always reuse the case when you and if you do finish using the blush. Hehe. I won’t recommend getting it from anywhere else other than Japan as the prices are a lot higher in place like Hong Kong and Taiwan where it’s available at the SOGO Departmental store.

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Jill Stuart Blush


Osaka Beauty Buys: Jill Stuart Blush

Hello Everyone!
Starting 2016 off with a beauty post, this is a beauty oriented blog afterall. 😉 Showcasing my very first Jill Stuart Blush here!

When I first started makeup, Japanese makeup always appeal to me with their quality products and pretty packaging. Though I prefer brands like say Urban Decay for their pigmented eyeshadow etc, Japanese brands still holds a special place with the gorgeous packaging and subtle but pretty colors! Sadly, not all products are easily available in Singapore. And I really very much prefer physical makeup shopping.

So when I was finally in Japan, I knew I had to get at least something from Jill Stuart and Laduree(that’s for another post).

jill stuart blush

I limited myself to just one item as we all know these brands ain’t exactly cheap. I got this Jill Stuart Blsuh at 4200yen if I recall correctly. Not the most expensive but still. What if I don’t like it? I can always get more the next Japan trip.Hahah. With a huge makeup stash and limited space, we have to be sensible although I would very much want to buy everything off the shelves.

jill stuart packaing

Check out the packaging!!! So princess-like and so gorgeous! Love how it came along with a travel blush brush. Making it perfect for travel!

jill stuart blush

I got the mixed blush compact in Milk Strawberry. Love every single color in the pact and how it mixed together to give a sweet pink shade! Swatch below!

jill stuart blush brush

A closer look at the blush. Bristles are soft though I find it a little too fluffy. I prefer denser brushes for blush.


Here’s a swatch after mixing the colors. It’s a nice soft milky pink with slight satin like shimmer. Would be lovely for sweet daily looks.


Close up! Loving the colors! I could probably use them separately if I want too but I guess I’ll just use it together because I love the outcome of the mixture.

Will I want to get more? Yes, I definitely would be picking up more shades the next time I visit a country where Jill Stuart is available. Best to buy in Japan since it will definitely be cheaper there. Haha.

Did I also mentioned that it’s actually very light? It’s a travel friendly product since it came with a brush too!

Till the next post!

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Osaka Beauty Buys: Seatree Art Cosmetics

Seatree Art Cosmetics


Seatree Art cosmetics

I’ve stumbled upon Seatree Art cosmetics as I was searching for the washroom at EST mall after my meal at Koyoshi before I go on to look for my mother and her friends.

I was attracted by the pretty packaging that comes in all sort of designs. Upon further inspection, I realized that for each product they have, there’s at least 4 different designs available for the packaging.

A little research on Google shows that Seatree Art Cosmetics originate from Korea and they only have two outlets in Japan. One being in EST mall in Osaka and the other Sapporo. Each Seatree Art product comes with a choice of packaging so one can choose the packaging that they preferred.

I couldn’t help but picked up a few products due to the pretty packaging choices and also the affordable price point.

Seatree Art hand cream

The first item that I’ve picked up is this super cute tub of hand cream with Little Twin Star as the design. There’s Hello Kitty too but I didn’t quite like that packaging. This hand cream is in the scent of ザクロ which is Pomegranate. I can’t really remember the exact price but this should be around 620 yen. There a total of 4 scents to choose from and each scent has 4 different packaging for you to choose from. Hand cream is made in Korea.

Seatree Art uv powder

I also got this UV Loose Powder in Light as there’s a promotion going on. The powder plus a trio eyeshadow color is at a set price of 2000 yen if I remember correctly. The normal price per item is about 1300~1500 yen or so. The powder comes in two variants, one with UV and one without. Both variants have 3 shades available. Powder is made in Korea.

Seatree Art trio shadow

This is the eyeshadow trip that I’ve got. They did not specify but it does looks like a baked mineral eyeshadow to me. Back of packaging states that it’s made in Italy.

Seatree Art trio eyeshadow

Here’s a swatch of the eyeshadow trio. Color payoff is decent and has that pearly finish. If I remember correctly, there’s a total of 5 color choices for the trios.

Seatree Art cube eyeshadow

One last item I picked up is also an eyeshadow. This caught my eye as its termed as a cube eyeshadow that comes with 9 shades. And it’s only about 1100~1300 yen. There’s several shades available but I picked this as I like the variety of colors and the pastel tones. The other variants are more towards different tones and shades of one color.

Seatree Art cube eyeshadow

Here’s the swatch for the cube shadow. The color payoff ain’t as good. I would say the trio has better payoff. But it’s decent and gives a nice sheen of color on the lids. A check on the packaging and it’s made in P.R.O.C. I do like it and for the price which is probably about SGD$15 or so, it’s pretty worth it. But I probably won’t recommend it if you are someone who prefers more vibrant shadows with better payoff. The trio though slightly more expensive, will be a better choice.

Seatree Art Cosmetics have many other products available too other than those I’ve bought. I’ve seen steam cream, makeup base, blushers etc and more. I really like their concept to allow consumers to choose their preferred packaging.

Worth checking it out if you happen to pass by an outlet.

I have a couple more posts on my Osaka Beauty Buys so stay tuned!