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Intime Organique: Organic Feminine Care

Intime Organique: Choosing only the best for our delicate areas

intime organique

We all know that our intimate areas are more delicate as compare to the rest of our body. We pay extra attention to our face and so we should not neglect our intimate areas too!

Using normal body soap is not enough as the pH level around our skin is different from our intimate areas. So it’s important to be using sometime gentle to maintain a healthy pH balance to keep those harmful bacteria away.

There is a variety of feminine care out there so what’s so special about Intime Organique?

As the name suggests, Intime Organique is an organic feminine care range. The products contain zero chemicals, no parabens, no mineral oils, no artificial silicone, colours nor fragrance. The products are made in Japan and Italy using only the highest quality natural ingredients.

The 3 Step Intimate Care Routine by Intime Organique

Feminine care is not just about washing our intimate areas with a dedicated feminine wash anymore. Here’s a 3 step care routine recommended by Intime Organique.

Step 1: Intimate Feminine Wash 

A pH balanced cleanser for our intimate area. It helps to prevent dryness, redness and other infections and also keeping a healthy vaginal pH balance. The main ingredients are rosemary, lavender, orange and lemon.

This is very easy to lather up and is very gentle on the skin. The citrusy floral scent gives you a soothing feeling.

Step 2: Intimate Rose Lubricant 

A moisturising lubricant infused with Damask rose essence which helps to soften the skin. It also reduces dryness and prevents abrasions. Its main ingredients are Rose, calendula and aloe vera.

The lubricant absorbs into the skin quickly and leaves your skin soft and fresh.

Step 3: Intimate Whitening Cream 

This is my favourite product of out the 3. It helps to brighten and moisturise the skin and can be used on other areas on top of our intimate area. I like to use it on my inner thighs and underarms as those areas are prone to darkening due to daily friction.

After using the whitening cream for a month, I do notice that my skin brightens up a little. It also helps to reduce abrasion since the skin is left soft and smooth after the application of the cream.

The main ingredients are orange, olive oil and sunflower seed oil.

Intime Organique BodyCare

Other than intimate care, Intime Organique also carries a range of body care products which includes a Sensual Massage Oil which is rich in vitamins A, B, C and E that helps to release tension and calms the mind.

My favourite would be the Breast Care Cream as I often massage my breasts and this cream improves my breast massage session from its therapeutic aroma. It helps to keep the skin around my bust area soft and moisturised and also helps to firm the skin.

Last but not least, there’s also a Hip & Leg Care cream to help reduces swelling in the hips and legs area. Best to use at night after a long day out.

Overall Thoughts

I really enjoyed using Intime Organique products as I felt that it helps to make me feel better about myself. My periods are irregular these days due to hormonal issues and sometimes it can cause problems like excessive discharges which also leads to unwanted odour. After using the intimate care products from Intime, I really feel fresh down south all day and my problems are minimised.

My periods are irregular these days due to hormonal issues and sometimes it can cause problems like excessive discharges which also leads to unwanted odours. After using the intimate care products from Intime, I really feel fresh down south all day and my problems are minimised.

I love the fact that they used mainly organic ingredients like fruits and floral extracts which give the products a very soothing aroma. It is definitely aromatherapy on top of intimate and body care. Not only it helps to improve our skin texture, keeping our intimate areas fresh, it also helps to sooth the mind.

I highly recommend you to start a proper feminine hygiene routine if you haven yet done so.

Intime Organique:

The price range of Intime Organique products ranges from $32 to $89. It’s currently only available at their online store.




Osaka Beauty Buys: Seatree Art Cosmetics

Seatree Art Cosmetics


Seatree Art cosmetics

I’ve stumbled upon Seatree Art cosmetics as I was searching for the washroom at EST mall after my meal at Koyoshi before I go on to look for my mother and her friends.

I was attracted by the pretty packaging that comes in all sort of designs. Upon further inspection, I realized that for each product they have, there’s at least 4 different designs available for the packaging.

A little research on Google shows that Seatree Art Cosmetics originate from Korea and they only have two outlets in Japan. One being in EST mall in Osaka and the other Sapporo. Each Seatree Art product comes with a choice of packaging so one can choose the packaging that they preferred.

I couldn’t help but picked up a few products due to the pretty packaging choices and also the affordable price point.

Seatree Art hand cream

The first item that I’ve picked up is this super cute tub of hand cream with Little Twin Star as the design. There’s Hello Kitty too but I didn’t quite like that packaging. This hand cream is in the scent of ザクロ which is Pomegranate. I can’t really remember the exact price but this should be around 620 yen. There a total of 4 scents to choose from and each scent has 4 different packaging for you to choose from. Hand cream is made in Korea.

Seatree Art uv powder

I also got this UV Loose Powder in Light as there’s a promotion going on. The powder plus a trio eyeshadow color is at a set price of 2000 yen if I remember correctly. The normal price per item is about 1300~1500 yen or so. The powder comes in two variants, one with UV and one without. Both variants have 3 shades available. Powder is made in Korea.

Seatree Art trio shadow

This is the eyeshadow trip that I’ve got. They did not specify but it does looks like a baked mineral eyeshadow to me. Back of packaging states that it’s made in Italy.

Seatree Art trio eyeshadow

Here’s a swatch of the eyeshadow trio. Color payoff is decent and has that pearly finish. If I remember correctly, there’s a total of 5 color choices for the trios.

Seatree Art cube eyeshadow

One last item I picked up is also an eyeshadow. This caught my eye as its termed as a cube eyeshadow that comes with 9 shades. And it’s only about 1100~1300 yen. There’s several shades available but I picked this as I like the variety of colors and the pastel tones. The other variants are more towards different tones and shades of one color.

Seatree Art cube eyeshadow

Here’s the swatch for the cube shadow. The color payoff ain’t as good. I would say the trio has better payoff. But it’s decent and gives a nice sheen of color on the lids. A check on the packaging and it’s made in P.R.O.C. I do like it and for the price which is probably about SGD$15 or so, it’s pretty worth it. But I probably won’t recommend it if you are someone who prefers more vibrant shadows with better payoff. The trio though slightly more expensive, will be a better choice.

Seatree Art Cosmetics have many other products available too other than those I’ve bought. I’ve seen steam cream, makeup base, blushers etc and more. I really like their concept to allow consumers to choose their preferred packaging.

Worth checking it out if you happen to pass by an outlet.

I have a couple more posts on my Osaka Beauty Buys so stay tuned!



IPL Underarms Hair Removal by Nouri

When I was at a young age and facing puberty, I was taught to pluck and shave my underarms. Little did I know it was a wrong move and I was left to face the consequences when I’m much older.

It is a little sad at times when you have to avoid wearing those nice sleeveless dresses so as to hide those ugly pits. And when you do wear sleeveless due to the hot weather in Singapore, you have to be careful not to raise your arms. I tend to get self conscious when wearing sleeveless simply because of my unsightly pits.

Hair is one issue, but the pits are of a darker tone and does not look good at all. I get ingrown hair from shaving, open pores from plucking. Basically, it’s really bad and here’s a photo to show you how bad it is.


This was taken 2 days after shaving which is why the hair are not obvious but you still can see the dark and thick growth. The skin is darker by at least 3 tones as compared to the rest of my skin. This is just bad.

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) is the norm these days and it’s not difficult to get it treated. Yet, I’m skeptical about the usual hair removal salons as I read that I can only go for a session every 4-6 weeks. For my case, I need to get those unsightly pits treated as soon as possible.

I’m lucky and blessed to meet Valerie from Nouri. She took one look at my pits, told me straight away that it’s very bad and asked me to stop all shaving and plucking. She said that she will treat my underarms for me and assured me that I’ll have effective results.

Valerie recommended me to do the IPL on my underarms once a week and the sessions can be spaced out when my underarms get better.


The IPL treatments are fast and fuss free. Each session takes about 15-20 minutes and you’re done! The treatments includes cleansing, application of gel, IPL shots, cleansing again and application of the Anti Inflammatory Gel which will soothes the skin after IPL treatments. As for the pain factor, it is very minimal and during the treatment, Valerie will make sure you feel comfortable and at ease.


Here’s a photo of my underarms after 4 sessions of IPL. The skin tone is lighten by a lot and hair growth is very minimal now. I’m very confident that with a few more sessions, it will look better than it is now. And like Valerie mentioned, I have seen effective results from the treatments.


Here’s a before and after photo of my underarms. The photos are taken in different lighting with my phone which is why one is brighter. I must say that I’m very happy with the results so far and I can wear my sleeveless clothes with more confidence now!

Currently Nouri is running an awesome! 10 sessions of IPL for only $299! For less then $30 per session, this is definitely worth it! And if you must know, the usual price for each Underarms IPL session is $120. Valerie will let you know how many sessions you need to see results as each individual have different conditions and hair growth.

I would recommend you to contact Valerie via SMS/Whatsapp at 91994189 to know more!

Fiona 299 ipl sunshine

With 15 years of experience, Valerie is certified in the trade of beauty. Rest assured that you are in good hands when you’re at Nouri!


Let us all achieve a more beautiful us over at Nouri!




I’ve received a hamper from Anatomicals sometime back and let me show you what they have to offer! Anatomicals is a Britain bathroom essential brand. What’s so special about Anatomicals you might ask? It’s one of the funkiest and fun brand out there!

Anatomicals have 10 products at the moment for sale in Singapore. They can be found at Totally Hot Stuff at Bugis+, and Sasa outlets!

They have two Lip Balms with one minty flavored one and the other for dry lips! Both of them have individual fragrances!

Body lotion, Body scrub and Hand cream. All that is needed to pamper your body. I am pretty sure you’ve noticed by now, the interesting copy on the packaging.

Anatomicals have 5 different body cleanser with different scent! From the usual fruity and floral scents, there’s coffee scent and a spicy scent!

Definitely something for everyone! And it’s fun reading the descriptions on the bottle!

Here’s the price list for the items:

Body Cleanser – $8.95

Body Lotion / Body Scrub – $6.50

Hand Cream – $5.50

Lip Balm – $4.50

Super affordable!

Check out more at:



New In Town: Nip+Fab Body Fixes

Was invited to a private launch of the hot UK brand, Nip+Fab at Naumi Hotel last week. To be honest, I have not heard of the brand previously but I’m so glad I was invited to this event! Simply cause I love every single product they have already!

Nip+Fab have two ranges, the Body Fixes and the Skin Fixes. Currently, only the Body Fixes are launched and can be found in Watson’s exclusively. Did I tell you that there’s a special launch offer of $5 off the best selling products(Tummy, Bust & Cellulite)? And that all the products are below $30? Great products at affordable prices! Awesome, that’s all I’ve to say. 😛

Here’s the founder of Nip+Fab. We were also shown a video of her introducing her favorite product from the Nip+Fab line. Two of them are the Tummy Fix and Bust Fix.

Here’s the whole range of Body Fixes available in Singapore. From the Tummy Fix, Cellulite Fix, Bust Fix, Dry Leg Fix and Dry Hand Fix. They have a Multi Fix Oil which is an all purpose oil for the skin.

Currently I’m using the Tummy Fix, Cellulite Fix and the Multi Fix Oil. All of them made my skin feels super smooth! And I notice slight lightening of scars on my legs after using the Multi Fix Oil for a few days. Shall wait for 6 weeks to see if the Tummy Fix have effect on me! 😛

They also did showcase the Skin Fixes which may be launched in October. They do have a very interesting range of Skin Fixes! Super excited and can’t wait for them to launch!

Shall end with a photo with fellow SBA finalists, Erica and Juliana.

And yes, Nip+Fab is already launched in stores so go grab them now! XD I’ve a feeling I’ll go grab a few back ups of the Multi Fix Oil and Tummy Fixes myself. Hee.

Check out the links below for updates on Nip+Fab in SG!