Good Hair Days Made Easy with Artistry

Everyday is a good hair day

Yes! Ever since I started going to Artistry Hair Singapore! Everyday is a good hair day for me! Even on my lazy days when I can’t be arsed to use the hair conditioner.

As you can see from my social media feed, I kind of change my hair colour ever so often and the colours I go for requires me to bleach. How can bleaching my hair be good in the long run right?

Not when you leave your hair to an awesome hair stylist like Elein, who genuinely cares for the health of your beloved tresses.

Spending on treatments is worth every cent!

I’m not kidding! When I’m not colouring my hair, I make sure to visit Elein for the regular monthly Mucota ABC three step treatment to nourish my hair and keeping it in good condition! And every half a year, I’ll be doing the DYNA treatment for an intensive nourishment that will leave my hair silky smooth for months!

good hair day

It’s better to spend on treatments rather than hair oils, hair masks etc. Those might be cheaper at first look but it all adds up and not forgetting you have to do it yourself! Why not pamper yourself once in awhile and ensure that your hair is healthy?

I’m gonna keep up my regular treatments as Elein is planning a full head bleach after the festive seasons. I am super excited as so far I only bleached highlight style and not the full head! I can’t wait to get my unicorn hair for 2017!!! Since I’m reaching 30 soon in a couple of years, this is probably the best time for me to experiment with various hair colours! Should I go full rainbow or just stick with my cool colours? I can’t decided!! (>~<)

Current Promotion:

Special promo price of $108 for Mucota ABC treatment with purchase of any chemical service! (Eg. Touching up colour for hair roots.)

Also, quote my name for 10 -30 % off all hair services!


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