Jetsetting With Enavose Hydration Pack

The team at Enavose have kindly sent me one of their Jetsetter pack, which is the Enavose Hydration on the go pack right before my Tokyo trip last month.

Which is really a great help because I’ve one less thing to plan to pack since the Enavose Hydration Pack practically covers me for the Skincare portion. I’m someone who really hates packing and always wait till the very last minutes to pack. Plus, I’ve so many travel-sized skincare from various brands that it can be quite a headache.

enavose hydration jetsetter pack

With the Enavose Jetsetter Packs, you’re basically covered for your trips. Also, you get to choose from Hydration, Acne Combat or even the Sun Shield Pack for those going on a beach holiday! Just pick what you need and you’re ready to go!

Enavose Jetsetter: Hydration-On-The-Go

The Enavose Hydration Pack was indeed just right for my trip because the weather in Tokyo was surprisingly very drying although it was the rainy season.


My favourite product in the Enavose Hydration Pack is the Oceanic 24H Luxe Cream! I used it both day and night during my trip and it makes my skin moist and supple. Perfect prep before makeup and provides ample moisture to the skin for a night sleep under air-conditioning.


Another star product in the pack has got to be the Mineral Concentrate Refresh Mist! As the name suggests, it’s really refreshing and works really well to give the skin a perk me up! I’ve used it in the day after makeup to set my makeup and it doubles up as a toner at night after I remove my makeup and cleanse my face.


Loving the ingenious design of the mist where there’s an attached cap to cover the button so that you won’t accidentally press on it and spill any of the mist. Also, no worries about losing the cap!


Also included in the pack are the Alpine Edelweiss Foam Cleanser and the Probiotics Exfoliance Gommage. The cleaner is very gentle and refreshing and also, doesn’t dry out the skin. The Gommage is also perfect during a trip for that gentle exfoliation to remove the dirt on our face that we have accumulated on our day out in a foreign city. Trust me, I kind of feel that the air in Tokyo is slightly more polluted than that in Singapore. Maybe because they are a cosmopolitan urban city with a lot lesser greenery than we have in our garden city?

My Thoughts on the Enavose Jetsetter Hydration Pack?

I’ve finished using the mist during my 9 days trip but the pack includes 3 bottles of it! It’s small in size at 10ml but it’s also perfect for the handbag!

The Luxe cream is a current staple in my skincare regime as a night cream. I tend to have dryness around my cheeks but ever since using the luxe cream, it really did improve!

And I really recommend the Gommage for exfoliation, it’s so gentle that it can be used daily even!

For the price the Jetsetter packs are going for, I really think it’s a steal! Get it now before they revert back to usual pricing!

And I must say it’s thanks to Enavose that I can have nice and moist supple skin throughout my trip! And that means near perfect makeup for near perfect selfies! Hehe!


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Don’t say I never share good stuff with you all ah!



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