Glow In The Dark Hair With Artistry

Glow In The Dark Hair Trend – First In Singapore

I’m sure many of you have seen on FB timeline, instagram on the latest hair trend – Glow in the Dark Hair! And I’m glad to share that Artistry Hair Professional is the first in Singapore that brought in the special hair dyes that create the Glow In the Dark effect!

My previous hair colour was nearly 3 months ago, so Elein decided it’s time for a new coat of colour and we will be using the new Glow In the Dark Hair dyes on my tresses! Super excited!

before glow in the dark hair

Before & After

You know, the hair dye process is almost the same each time so let’s go straight into the Before & After Photos! Unruly faded hair with outgrown roots, and viola, nice treated hair that is so smooth and fresh coats of colours!

BNA Glow IN the Dark Hair

Green on one side, blue on the other with pink mixture!
glow in the dark hair side

Happygirl90 with her newly coloured hair! The colours this time round is bright! And I’m loving it! I love being different! Haha. And the fact that I’m one of the first who got to try out the Glow In The Dark Hair Colours!

glow in the dark hair joyce

Check out the various colours on my head! Only 3 dyes was applied, green, blue and pink but due to my previous colours, I’ve purple and different shades of blue too! Too Pretty already!! Elein really have magic hands! Hehe!

glow in the dark hair braid

Here’s a little close up on the glow in the dark effect under UV light. Sorry for the “noisy” photo as it’s taken under minimal light with the iPhone.

glow in the dark hair cu

Interested to try out the Glow In The Dark Hair Trend? Look for Elein at Artistry Hair Professional at International Plaza and quote my name ‘Joyce’ to get 10%-30% off depending on the hair services that you are doing. Making an appointment before heading down is recommended!

Artistry Hair Professional

Address : 10 Anson road #03-32 International plaza Tanjong Pagar. (Right above the MRT) 

Tel: 62219255

Mon-Fri: 10.30-8.30pm 

Sat : 10.30-7pm 

Sun: Close



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5 Responses to Glow In The Dark Hair With Artistry

  1. Emma Wang May 20, 2016 at 3:25 am #

    Nice, love the glow in the dark. But I’m not sure to have my hair colored, because it may ruin my scalp. I’m undergoing hair loss treatment now due to excessive styling of my hair.

    • Forensia May 20, 2016 at 7:55 pm #

      Do it ombré style so it won’t touch the scalp! Colouring the hair is ok as long as you do regular treatments! 🙂

  2. scared by your look June 6, 2016 at 11:37 am #

    scary forensia, you keep spamming your photo in instagram or everywhere yet still look so scary.
    precisely, you look like “bride of chucky”! haha
    google the image if u are not sure
    you think ur eyes are big and chio? u always like to enlarge and think chio is it?
    damn scary!! i thought u are the scary doll from bride of chucky!!!
    my friends said that too…don’t believe? just google!!

    PS: not surprisingly, with ur low instagram followers your OOTD has been…less than appetizing.
    ur SQ dayre friend, not mentioning name…hinted to us 😛

    • Forensia June 6, 2016 at 12:04 pm #

      Hi there, sorry if you are scared by the way I look.
      But everyone have individual taste. So thanks for your feedback and comment.


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