KLenspop Ellen Panda Series

I’m back with another review of KLenspop lenses! This time round I received the KLenspop Ellen Panda Series lenses in Blue and Violet. Before I go into the actual review of the lenses, here’s a look at their updated packaging! It’s like Pop Art and so much vibrant to look at!

klenspop ellen panda series

KLenspop Ellen Panda Series in Blue and Violet

klenspop ellen panda series

KLenspop Ellen Panda Series Lenses

Diameter: 14 mm
Graphic Diameter: 13.7 mm
Power: 0.00 – 0.500
Comfort Level: 8 out of 10

The Ellen Panda lenses can last up to 6 months. It is not drying and enhances the eyes without a super thick outer ring making it looks more natural and at the same time providing a pop of color to your eyes. But as with all the yearly lenses, I would recommend wear up to 3 months max. I personally felt that lenses kind of lost their freshness after the 3 months mark no matter how long you soak in the saline solution. Best to change monthly even if these are yearly lenses. I normally wear my lenses for around 2 months, alternating 2 pairs at the same time so one pair gets to soak and clean properly while I wear the other.

klenspop ellen panda series blue

This is how the Ellen Panda Blue looks on me. The blue is very vibrant and it will be better if I wore eye make up and it’s not that natural looking but still very pretty! I like how the bright blue color brighten up my face.  Still can be wore with minimal make up but I think I will make sure to at least have mascara and liner on when wearing this pair the next time.

klenspop ellen panda series violet

Here’s how the Ellen Panda Violet looks. I prefer the violet as it is much more natural looking without eye make up. Slightly different lightening as above but it does not affect the effect of the lenses. I find that gray and violet lenses generally looks pretty natural on me.

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