Special Effects Make Up Certified 

As many of you know, I’ve graduated from Make Up Forever  Academy nearly three months back from their Beauty and Fashion course.

As a make up artist, I feel that I should be able to do special effects and I have a strong interest in that area too. So I sign up immediately once I know the dates of the Special Effects Masterclass at Make Up Forever.

I just completed the two day Masterclass and I’m happy to say I can now create a zombie. Haha.

Another certificate to add on to my portfolio. I feel that it’s important to constantly add on new skills and keep learning. Regardless in Make Up, languages or any thing else.

Some of the effects learnt. There’s different types of burns, cuts and wounds. I must say, it’s pretty fun to play with blood. Fake blood of course. And the fake pus is not as disgusting as the real thing. Lol.

I guess my forte will be in creating cuts. I’m pretty proud of this cut I did on first try. I even managed to convinced a few people that it’s actually a real cut. It is only going to get more realistic from now one. 🙂

There is a lot more to Special Effects than just creating the wound. Each bruise and wound have to be logical for it to be realistic. A lot of research have to be done for a realistic look. It is challenging but definitely a fun thing to do for me! Definitely looking forward to Halloween this year when I can put my newly learned skills to good use. 🙂

And if you’re interested to get some special effects make up done for Halloween in October or any theme parties, email me at Joyce.forensia@gmail.com for my availability and rates!


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