M.A.C used to be my favorite brand of counter makeup. It’s the first mid range cosmetics that I’ve indulged in the past and a brand that I’ve followed through collection by collection. I got distracted by many other brands that I’ve not stepped into a M.A.C counter for the longest time. And to be honest, collections are getting repetitive and boring that I stopped following the brand.

Recently, the brand have been popping up on my instagram from fellow beauty bloggers that I’ve decided to check out a M.A.C counter myself. Ended up leaving with two matte lipsticks. I kind of wished I’ve kept my M.A.C empties for Back to M.A.C though.

M.A.C lipsticks are now retailing at $30 from the $28 that I’m used to. (This shows how long I’ve not shopped at M.A.C) The price is actually reasonable as compared to $45-$50 a pop for counter brands like YSL, Chanel etc and just a little more expensive from drugstore brands like L’Oreal or Bourjois at mid $20 range.


So I’ve picked out two very bright colors as I’m at the phase where bold lips is the choice for me. I lacked a really bright orange and pink in my stash so I got Lady Danger(Dark Orange) and Candy Yum Yum(Neon Pink). If I’m not wrong, Candy Yum Yum is a limited edition turned permanent color. Both are of Matte formulas.


Lady Danger is a bright dark orange with more red tones in it.
Candy Yum Yum is a bright neon pink with blue undertones.

The texture of the Matte lipsticks are very creamy and they glides on smoothly on the lips. Lipbalm is still recommended for those with dry lips before application as M.A.C lipsticks are usually a little drying.


Here’s swatches on the hand in bright room lighting. One thing I note after wiping the swatches off my hand is that Candy Yum Yum stains. I tried it on straight after purchase last night and it stains my lips too. Best to be removed using eyes and lip makeup remover or you can use a soft tooth brush to brush the lips gently to remove the stain like I did.


Lip Swatches under bright spot lighting. The color payoff is great and if you don’t want the colors to be so bold, just apply with a lighter hand. Or you can choose to blot off excess color with a tissue.

I’m wearing Candy Yum Yum again today and so far it lasted a good 7 hours with eating and drinking in between.

Definitely a 4.5/5 rating for these lipsticks.

I think I’m rekindling my love for M.A.C.

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