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I might not look like one but I’m a huge bookworm! I loved reading a lot and I pride myself as a speed reader. Sadly, I’m ashamed to say that I read a lot lesser these days as I can’t seem to find time to drop by the library or the book store.

There’s always E-Books but I’m the traditional kind of person who prefers to flip through pages. And I love the smell of books. Hahaha.

As an avid online shopper, I was pleasantly surprised to know that Times Publishing has an Online book store. NoQ Store Asia has up to 14 million titles at very attractive prices. And they actually offer free delivery within Singapore with a minimum order of $25 which is pretty easy to hit.



I was given a $40 voucher to get some books and I managed to get 5 books! I did topped up extra $1 plus though. There are books that are as low as $3 plus to the more expensive titles.

Have never read a Nicholas Sparks title so I thought I should get one and check out what’s the hype. Cecelia Ahern is one of my favourite authors and the other 3 books are random purchases which I think would be interesting.



Other than fiction titles, they have many other books under many other categories. From children books to self help books to travel guides. There are even reviews and ratings from other readers to help you gauge if the book is worth the buy.

Check out NoQ Store now to start online shopping for books now!

Discount Code: Enter “FORENSIA” at checkout to enjoy an exclusive 15% discount!

Happy reading!


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