Christmas Staycation at Capri By Fraser

Since Studio M in 2010, it had became a tradition for us ( cousins*) to have a staycation every year to celebrate Christmas.

This year, our 4th year, we had our Staycation at Capri By Fraser. One of the main reasons we decided on this hotel is because they have a kitchenette that we could use to cook our own meals.

Let me show you some photos of the room first.

Here’s the main area, the bed and lounge. There’s actually a separator thing you can put down at night to border off the sleeping area which is pretty cool!

The not so well equipped Kitchenette but sufficient for us. It will be great if they have a toaster oven.

Here’s the toilet which has two doors. One leading into the bedroom and the other leading to the wardrobe which links to the doorway and kitchen. The toilet is very spacious, which is comparable to the MBS one.

The kitchen was mainly utilize by me. We bought loads of food like seaweed chicken, nuggets etc. We also have spaghetti with two choice of sauce. Two packets of spaghetti is too much for even 12 people. So you know how much not to cook if you’re cooking for a party.

Check out our Christmas dinner! We also had roast chicken, ham and ribs that are already cooked.

Always take photo before eating. But to be honest, by the time all the food is cooked, most of the food are already cold. But still taste good! 🙂

This year, we decided to do a Secret Santa for our gift exchange and we took turns to hide our presents in the room. It was hectic when we all go around searching for our gifts. But it was super fun too! Counsin*, let’s do thing every year!

Us with our gifts! Jiaqi is my Secret Santa, thanks for the hand creams! 🙂

After that is dessert time! I ordered a cake from Temptations as a Christmas present to the rest. And I even *ahem* designed the cake myself. Which explains the spelling error. I didn’t realized it when I send in the draft! LOL! Totally joke of the day. But I’m glad everyone like the cake. 🙂

This year, Jing Long thought of a game, Blind Mice which is something like catching. Just that the catcher had to be blindfolded. I tell you, it’s was super fun that we were playing till 1.30am. LOL.

Next morning, couple of us decided to wake up early and utilize the hotel facilities since we have late check out at 2 pm instead of the usual 12 pm. Even though it was freezing cold, we still went for a dip in the pool! I think we spent 40 minutes in the pool then went for shower before we head back up to the room to prepare breakfast.

So for breakfast, I took over the stove again. Cooked the scrambled eggs, fried the chicken franks and Hash browns.

Taken from my instagram (@forest330). That is some awesome breakfast we managed to whip up! And kudos to Jing Long for the nice plating!

The lighting is the morning was awesome so it’s camwhore time! Just going to post two photos here! Haha.

4th Christmas Staycation success! Where shall we go next year?

Happy Boxing Day!


*Photo Credits to ANdyStorm!*

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