Gold Coast Travelogue: Day 2

After procrastinating for quite sometime, here’s my Day 2 post of my Gold Coast Trip!


Looking back at this photo really made me miss the huge mirror at my apartment. I think we can comfortably fit another 2 more of OOTD shots. I was pretty afraid of the cold and tried my best to layer up. The Mum layered up too but her clothes were much thinner than mine. Luckily, the weather on the second day was cool and nice as the sun was up!


I love myself too much and lighting was awesome in the day so here’s a self shot!


Our first location of the day is to the Q1 tower which is of walking distance from The Moorings. The Q1 tower is the tallest building in the GC! We are heading for the Sky Point Observation Deck where we can get a 360 degrees view of beautiful GC! They also have this Sky Point Climb which is more for the adventurous.


Ahem. I risked the bad angle for this photo. 😛


This is the entrance where you can buy your tickets, go right in to take the elevator up to the Observation Deck. When you exit, it’s the same place except you will be passing by the souvenir shop before leaving.


Tickets are at AUD$29 per person and there’s no limit to how long you can stay up there.

hlview2 hlview1

This is more of the City/Hinterland side view.

sea view2 sea view1

And here’s the Coast line/Sea view. Which is totally magnificent. I love how endless the sea is.


看着一望无际的大海,心里一丝丝的悸动。怎么会有那么美丽的景色。明明就只是黄沙和蓝色大海而已。 Light Blue Sky, Deep Blue Sea and Pale Yellow Sand, I’m in love.


They always say the grass is greener at the other side. I say the sky is prettier at Surfers Paradise.

bythe beach

After viewing the coast line from the top of the tallest building, it’s time to hit the actual beach! Smooth yellow sand and the lovely sea!! How I hope it’s not winter when I was there. Have the weather been more forgiving, I would have went into the waters!


Wave watching can be quite therapeutic at such a beach with such a view.


What makes me more happy is seeing The Mum having her fun at the beach too. It’s cute seeing her acting like a kid trying to play with the water. Haha.


The Mum was game enough to attempt jump shots with me. Although she did not managed to really jump up in this shot. She did have some other shots but was quite unglam that she would kill me if I post it up on the blog.

me beach

I am standing on the Gold Coast! And if you noticed the wet part of the sand, I had to run away from the waves to avoid getting wet. The waves are really fast and huge!


Love this shot of The Mum! It’s all my favorite things in one photo! The sky, the sea, the beach and The Mum!


After the fun times at the beach, we headed to the streets. It’s not actually bustling with people, there’s crowd but everything is at a much slower pace.


We decided to grab some refreshments from McDonald and in such cold weather, our choice of drinks is pretty apt. My mum had a coke freeze, something you can’t find in Singapore!


I decided on McFlurry and I think this is some bubblegum flavored one. It’s AUD3.90, a little pricey for McFlurry I would say. But it’s enjoyable to enjoy an ice cream, sitting by the side and people watch.


We did some shopping and ended up at another Super Market chain which you can find in Australia, Coles. I must say the Super Market is the Mum’s favorite place to go no matter which country she is in.


After buying more groceries and more exploring of the shops that Surfers have to offer, this is what we chanced upon when we are making our way back to our apartment. The Dracula’s Haunted House. You can go in for the tour at AUD$25.


I initially planned to visit this but as I’m the only one interested so I dropped the idea. And it was a wise choice because I think I will run out screaming halfway through. Or maybe actually I did not want to step in even. Haha.

Day 2 was a day where we just stayed around the Surfers Paradise area. Every location is within walking distance so I did not take the bus at all. So I will recommend you to stay at the Surfers area if you’re going to Gold Coast. Buses to theme parks and shopping mall are easily available at Surfers too!

There’s about it for Day 2! Stay tune for Day 3 for a river cruise and the beachfront market!!


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