Raspberry Swirls by Salon De Choix

It’s another visit to Salon De Choix one week ago, and they never disappoints! I’m loving my new hair color which I named the raspberry swirls. :p

My previous visit was before I head to GC and after two months, my previous red hair have faded away and my bleached blonde ends surfaced again. But I must say its pretty nice too. Also I’ve out grown my bangs. Bangs are cute but high maintenance, and I’m pretty lazy I’ve to admit.


I’ve got a new stylist Ricky to take care of my tresses. After a short discussion and some suggestions from him, he immediately get down to getting the colors on. I just mentioned that I wanted to keep the red tones and Ricky suggested red as highlights and a dark mauve base that will have purple tones to it under sunlight. As for my bleached ends, we decided on a bright violet that will compliment the highlight and base.


This is actually my first time getting highlights so I’m pretty amused during the process. My stylist and his assistant Ivy have to pick out the right amount of hair from each layer then add on the color. Quite a lot of work I must say! I said I was amused cause of the foils. Haha.


Look at the amount of foil in my hair! Haha. They colored my ends first, then highlights and lastly the base color.


It’s a must have to follow up with a treatment after a color job. If not no matter how mice the colors are, it won’t look good. This time round, I’ve Moroccan hair oil added to my hair treatment mask.


This is my hair after treatment and washing! You can try to spy the colors! Most exciting part during a new dye job is the drying process!


And check out my new hair color!! So pretty right?! I also got a cut to re shape my hair with some layers and switched my fringe from bangs to side.


Here’s the colors under sunlight! I posted this on Instagram and got pretty good comments! Hee.


Highlight of the hair is the violet ends!! Too pretty I can’t believe it’s my hair! Haha!


Many thanks to Ricky for the awesome color! Do look for him if you want a similar style to mine!


I could not resist but to change into a different outfit when I’m home and take photos of the new hair!


My current favorite photo. The hair color makes my skin fairer as its of a darker tone. Plus it’s not too loud and gave me a sophisticated feel. 🙂


Need a new hair color? Get it done at Salon De Chiox located at Winsland House(5 min away from Somerset Mrt)! Quote my name ‘Joyce’ for 15% off all regular hair services!


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