Gold Coast Travelogue: Day 1

Here’s my Day 1 post on Gold Coast!

Arrived at the GC Airport around 8.50 AM Gold Coast time. Took about 30 minutes to pass through the customs. There’s nothing much to do at the airport except for getting your Go-Cards for travelling around the coast. From the airport, hop on bus 702 to get to the heart of Surfers Paradise, if you’re staying in that area. 😛


Made the mum post with this cute Koala standee.


Here’s my OOTD for day 1! One thing to note, as I was there during the early winter season, it can be super cold and the above outfit is not enough to protect me from the cold. Especially when it rained plus the cold wind blowing, you will need thicker clothes!

We relaxed in our apartment for awhile before washing up and head out to explore the area!

Read all about the apartment I stayed here : Moorings On Cavill 


In Singapore, we have pigeons flying around. In GC, they have these big birds around the park. I’m not so sure what birds these are. They also have seagulls all around!


The last meal we had was at Changi Airport before our 8 hours long flight. Hence, the first place we are headed to was to fill up our empty tummies. We decided on Helm Bistro Bar by the river on recommendation from our host at the Moorings.


We were there when they just opened at around 11 am plus. It’s a nice place with a bar at the entrance and the bistro area right in.


Sitting just next to the river. Too bad it’s raining but then the view has another sort of feel to it.

GC day1-1

Another selca of me! Haha, Gold Coast weather was pretty good to my skin. That’s why must take more self shots!


Check out their cute menu!


Ordered Cider cause I remembered Angie drinking a lot of it when she was in Sydney, so it must be nice.

gc day1-2

I’m sorry, I had to take a selca with the cider! But hey, it’s really very nice and refreshing! I prefer the Strawberry and Kiwi one as compared to the Mango and PassionFruit one. 


In case you were complaining that there’s too much of me, here’s a photo of the Mum. 😛



We ordered a Meatlovers Pizza and a Fish and Chips to share. The portions are pretty big that it is enough to fill the stomach of three persons. I must emphasis that the fish are really fresh!


Hard Rock cafe was just nearby but sadly we did not managed to visit it while we were there. But at least I passed by. Heh.


Randomly took a shot with the mum on the streets of Surfers Paradise.


Another one with the Mum and her friend. We proceeded to Woolworths, the local supermarket after to buy some groceries etc for our 3 day stay. There’s two Woolworths around, one at Circle on Cavill and the other at Centro Surfers Paradise.

We went to the one at Centro and I also bought a prepaid card at the Vodafone store there for AUD 30. It’s the cheapest option available and is definitely more then enough for my 3 days stay. I think I only used up half of the 500MB that comes with the card, and there’s still credits to be tapped on after the 500MB is used up! I still have the card with me, so if you’re heading to Australia within this year, I can pass it to you!

There’s quite a number of places with WIFI available but limited, so I would recommend getting a prepaid if you want to be connected on the go like me!


Basically Day 1 was just exploring the area around us. We were at Cavill Ave in Surfers and there’s loads of stuff around. Although most places in Australia closes at around 4-5pm, the shops and malls in surfers operates till between 8-10 pm,which is very convenient.


I chanced upon this huge Hello Kitty at this Japanese gift shop and I cannot miss taking a photo with it. The shop staff gladly allowed me to do so too. 😛

One thing I noted is that there’s quite a number of Japanese staying and working there.


We wanted to go to the beachfront market on our first day which is Friday as they only operates on Wednesday, Friday and Sundays. However, weather was quite bad that night and it was cancelled. I count myself lucky to have gotten the prepaid card as I only knew it was cancelled through their FB. Stay tuned to my Day 3 though, as we managed to visit it on Sunday!

Nevertheless, it was quite an experience walking by the coast on a rainy, windy cold night! And look at that huge group of sea gulls on the beach! The sound of the waves is definitely therapeutic too!


Alright! I’m ending day 1 with another shot of me! I’m doing what I always do when overseas and sees a Baskin Robbins. It’s really quite fun to eat ice cream on a cold rainy windy day and at only 14 degrees. The only good thing is that the ice cream don’t melt. Haha.

The day actually ended with supper at the apartment. 😛

Stay tuned to Day 2 cause that was when I went to the beach!


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