Going Red with Salon De Choix

Just before I head to the GC, I went to Salon De Choix to get a new coat of color for my hair.

Looking at my hair, of course I need a new color before heading for my holiday! 😛


After much consideration, I’ve decided to go red with a tinge of violet hue! Check out the red dye that is going to go on my hair!


Before starting the hair dyeing process, my stylist uses this Scalp Protection Mask on my scalp as it tends to get sensitive.


Massaging it into the scalp before applying the hair dye. This can be added on for just $10!


Check out the redness of the dye after application! It is really intense!


Standard SOP after coloring, Hair treatment time!! My monthly dosage of hair mask infused with Mythic Oil to make the hair silky smooth!


Can you see the hues of red with violet tones? Indeed this is a darker color for the hair but it’s so pretty!! Makes me look fairer too!


Here’s how it looks after being blown dry. It’s a lovely shade of red brown with violet hues. Also if you noticed the ends are of different tones as it was bleached there. So I kind of got a two tone red.


More brown on the top but more red at the ends.


I am loving how it shows different hues at different angles. The red is really gorgeous, and I think I will be sticking to this color for awhile.


Due to the previous bleached end, I get to have a two tone red. The red at the ends have now faded to a lighter red after a couple of washes but still as pretty!



I definitely will want to go under the sun more with this hair color. Simply because the color looks amazing under sunlight! Check this out!!


This is also a hair color that I wanted last time but never really managed to achieve.


Do check out Salon De Choix’s FB page for more information and promotions and like them too!

Call 6836 2959 to make your appointments!

Quoting my name ‘Joyce‘ entitles you to a 15% discount on all regular hair service! :)

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