Facial At CELUVA The Luxe SkinSuite

Was invited down to CELUVA located on the 3rd floor of Scotts Square for a trial treatment some time back.


I would say it’s a good location as there’s hardly any crowd there, you’ll definitely feel comfortable doing your facial treatments there.

20121210-131607.jpgCELUVA is part of ESTHEVA Spa located at Raffles Hotel. ESTHEVA is one of the top luxury day spa in Singapore. CELUVA only uses 100% botanical products from Switzerland.


As per all facial treatments, we need to fill up information with regards to our skin and any allergies etc. What I really like is that the table is placed by the window where you could get a full view of the busy streets in orchard. I definitely felt more relaxed sipping tea and enjoying the view right before the treatment starts.

After a short consultation with the therapist, I will be doing a purifying facial involving extraction to detox the face. There was two masks used, first is a detox mask followed by a collagen mask.


A photo before the treatment starts! The facial room is pretty spacious with the bed placed at the center.

The Facial Experience:

The treatment started with a light massage before my beautician, Gemma start with cleansing. This is the first time that a beautician cleanse my face by starting with the eyes and face first before proceeding to the rest of the face. I thought it’s really thoughtful. So far the other facials I’ve tried just cleanse everything at one go.

A mild scrub was done after cleansing. It does not feel harsh on the skin yet I can feel my skin being ‘cleaned’ by the scrub.

Extraction was then performed while I’m put under the steamer which helps to open up my pores. Extraction took pretty long and it is painful which is expected. I actually mean it in a good way when I said that the extraction process take pretty long. I feel that my beautician is super thorough and she make sure that she extract all the gunk of my pores. Although a painful process, it’s pretty much worth it when I can feel my skin breathe.

After extraction, a toner was spritzed on my face to calm the skin down before applying the detox mask. The detox mask was put on for about 10 minutes before it was removed and then I had a facial massage before applying the collagen mask.

While having the mask on, I was also treated to a shoulder massage where sweet almond oil is being used and also a head massage.

My beautician applied an eye serum and essence for me which concluded the end of the treatment.


Here’s a shot that I’ve taken right after the facial. Although it’s not very clear, but you can see the redness from the extraction and that I looked more refreshed. Redness went down within a day for me.


This is taken 2 days after the facial with light make up on. I noticed that my skin is smoother for the application of makeup. Pores is definitely smaller and much cleaner too.

I would rate the service at CELUVA a 4.5/5 and a 4/5 for the facial treatment.

Definitely will consider going back for facials!

Here’s a list of their signature facials and prices.

C-Matrix© Essentiale

1 HOUR 30 MINUTES | $172 [ $184.04 ] gst

smooth, firm & tone complexion | nourish, refresh & hydrate | stimulate skin renewal | restore healthy glow

C-Matrix© Purifying

1 HOUR 30 MINUTES | $185 [ $197.95 ] gst

intensively detoxify | clear impurities | reduce blemishes refine pores | restore balance for radiant, fresh, clear skin

C-Matrix© Whitening

1 HOUR 30 MINUTES | $185 [ $197.95 ] gst

smooth, tone & lighten skin | diminish pigmentation & age spots |improve uniformity & texture for luminous skin

C-Matrix© Anti-Wrinkle

1 HOUR 30 MINUTES | $185 [ $197.95 ] gst

diminish fine lines & wrinkles | re-texturise skin to restore youthful firmness | aid cell renewal, revitalise mature skin

C-Matrix© De-Ager

1 HOUR 30 MINUTES | $195 [ $208.65 ] gst

visibly repair & energise skin | combat signs of aging | rebuild skin firmness & elasticity | deliver super hydration


You can refer to http://www.celuvasg.com for more treatments that they offered.


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