Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Camera Launch

I’ve recently attended the Be Creative Launch by Samsung. Where they officially launch the Note 2 and the Galaxy Camera and also the ATIV Smart PC.

Olivia Ong and Desmond Tan were revealed to be the Note 2 and Galaxy Camera Creative Ambassador respectively.

The all new Galaxy Note 2 comes in a 5.5″ HD screen, slightly slimmer and longer than the Note. Better battery life and LTE which means 4G coverage. It has functions like Air View which allows you to browse through folders without actually entering. What I was most impressed is the Easy Clip function that allows users to crop any photo from anywhere and paste it on to S-Note or other applications.

And we have the Galaxy Camera which runs on Android, allowing you to edit the photos on the camera itself and uploading it almost immediately after capturing the images. How cool is that?

We were also introduced to the ATIV Smart PC which can double up as tablets simply by just removing the detachable keyboard! Super convenient! The ATIV smart PCs fully supports Windows 8.

Olivia Ong also sang a song live and I was blown away by her voice. Her voice is pretty much awesome!

A group photo of the management from Samsung and the Creative Ambassadors!

Here’s a closer look at the Note 2. It’s actually very light and I love the stylus or rather the S-Pen. I’m 80% sure that I’m getting the Note 2 when my mobile plan ends and I’m hoping that they will release a pink Note 2 by then. 😛

Here’s a photo with the TinyBikeGirl and Rusty~

And I’m ending the post with a photo taken with Desmond Tan. (I’ve no idea why my face looks bloated here. ><) Follow him on instagram @thedesmondtan for photo updates taken by the Galaxy Camera!

That’s all!

Visit Samsung Singapore’s FB for more information.


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