Sentosa with the Cousins*

Times like this are meant to be recorded down and kept as precious memories. It’s only with them, will there be all the unglam and crazy moments. Being in my most natural self, in front of these people whom I loved. XD Can you imagined that we all knew each other through blogging? Blogging brought us together, and us being genuine with each other is what kept us tight.



Trying to take a group shot in water!


With the girls! Yes, VVeijie is counted as a girl cause he’s my sista.

Lying on the beach.
VVeijie and me swam all the way to the other side. So we literally ran back from the bridge to join in this photo. 大変た!

We kind of had a “ritual” of throwing everyone in the sea. First victim was Yz, followed by Andy and then it was me, KX, Conan and then Jiaqi. And that was me being thrown in the the water. >~< This was caught on film if I’m not wrong.

Typical scene where some looked on when one is being thrown into the sea and the rest walking back up from the sea. LOL.

Another group photo! With everyone in!

You can’t stay in a position like that safe. That makes you the target. Lol. Water is still ok, but when sand is involved. Disastrous.

Me caught on film, nomming away.

And this time is the girls caught on film while being photographed. Love candids as such.

Lastly, another candid of me caught on film while laughing and testing out my water gun in a crab form.

Our day did not end there. We continued all the way till dark, trying out Running Man games. After heading out of Sentosa, dinner at KFC plus a mini surprise for Birthday girl Limei. Then it was finding a spot to settle down for some heart to heart talk. I reach home at around 4 plus 5 in the morning. Tiring but a day well spent with the awesome Cousins*.

Photo Credits to Conan and JingLong.


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