Outdoor Shoot with Praeimpact Studios

Hi all!! Here to blog about a shoot I did with Praeimpact Studios way back in June! Was super busy hence only blogging it now! ><

I did an outdoor shoot with them and I really like the results of the photos. I would say this set of photos is something different for me. Simply because I smiled a lot in this shoot which is super unlike me. If you surf through the photos on my blog, you will realized that I hardly smile. 😛

I like how the team at Praeimpact Studios works. The whole process starts with a consultation before the shoot, followed by the shoot then the selection of photos. It’s like Pre-Production –> Production –> Post Production process. 😛 Which is good as they will understand from you what kind of photos you wanted so as to try their best to deliver. Unlike studios where you just book a timing, then go there shoot and done.

Ok, on to the photos now. 😛 These are my favorites out of all! I received 8 photos sponsored, bought 8 photos and got 2 complimentary which means 18 photos in total.

This is one of my favorite profile shot, which is currently my desktop wallpaper and up on my photo wall. 😛

You can see teeth in the photo below! Super rare I tell you! I seldom smile, and even if I do you can never see the teeth as it’s a tight smile like the one above.

Here’s a photo of me pretending to look at leaves. 😛 Turns out super nice and dreamy!

My current twitter background photo below. Seriously you can hardly see me be so “soft/feminine”

This shot below is more like me. Act emo but still very different cause it’s so girly. 😛

My next favorite profile shot which is my current twitter DP! Super dreamy! Skin looks nice. Was a good makeup day thankfully. 😛 

I actually wanted to use this set of photos for a new look for my blog but I’m still trying to find someone to help me with the layout. So, no new layout anytime soon. ><
Below are the rates of the Photography Services by Praeimpact Studios! The shoot I did will be the first one shown. They have different kind of services, be it a individual shoot like what I did, to studio, events and even graduation shoot!

And here’s a Special promotion:10% discount for all readers of myfatpocket.com/forensia. (Just mention my name “Joyce”!)

Felt like taking photos for a special occasion? Or you just want a set of professionally taken photos for yourself? Now you know where to go! Check out Praeimpact Studios for more information!


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