Trends that Never Die: Satchel

Vintage. I’m sure most of you love vintage in some manner.

For example vintage dresses, shoes etc. Those dresses from the 60s that have once turned old-fashioned have been given a new lease of life in the modern days.

Lomography, the film cameras from plastic to metal coming alive in this modern digital society. The last time I used a film camera was in Secondary 3! Haha! That’s 7 years ago where film cameras are slowly dying down and taken over by digital cameras. I remembered that I used to look at the films of old photographs as a kid and got fascinated by how those images are processed into prints. And I’m very glad that lomography came alone and make film cameras popular once more.

Today, I’m going to be talking about Satchels. Ever wondered when did the first satchel ever appear on this earth? Which era did it originated from? And how is it like now in the modern society?

Loculus is a Latin word literally meaning little place and was used in a number of senses including to indicate a satchel. Satchels were carried by Roman legionaries, as a part of their sarcina or luggage.

– Taken From Wikipedia

So the very first Satchel known as the Loculus was seen on Roman legionaries but it’s only till the 17th century that it started becoming popular and became a fashion accessory.

The classic satchel are usually made of brown leather as seen below. It’s also often associated as a school bag especially in the UK.

In literature, the satchel is often associated with the classic image of the English schoolboy: “And then the whining school-boy, with his satchel” is a phrase from Shakespeare’s monologue All the world’s a stage.

-Taken from Wikipedia

I was trying to find a picture of the satchel used in Harry Potter films but am only able to find one.

Seen on Draco Malfoy is a black leather satchel and next is a modern replica by The Cambridge Satchel Co. If I’m not wrong, Harry’s satchel is in canvas style though.

Other than Harry Potter, satchel are also seen in other famous movie, Indiana Jones. I would say that Satchel is a trend kept alive by it’s purpose as a book bag for students and also pop culture.

In the current context, when one mention leather satchels, most would immediately think of The Cambridge Satchel Co which started back in 2008. And no surprise, it was started as one of the founder wanted to find good quality satchel like those in Harry Potter movies for her children. Then one thing leads to another and it is now a popular brand in making leather satchels in the UK.

What make it so popular? Well I’m pretty sure if they stick to making the good old brown or black bags, they will still earn but not be as popular. Tell me who don’t love colors?

This is a pretty pastel rose satchel recently released by The Cambridge Satchel Co as limited edition with 3 other colors.

These are the florescent bags that they have came out with and got people getting crazy over. And I can understand it, look at the pretty colors!

And of course, there’s not only one single company producing these leather satchels. One other company that produces these satchels is Zatchels also from the UK. One very different things about Zatchels is that they offer a whole range of quirky designs from florals to polka dots! Definitely for those that are looking for that fashion forward look!

So we have The Cambridge Satchel Co that offers the good old satchel in solids colors or two tones. Zatchels that offers a whole wide range of designs. Which one do you like better? Or won’t it be even better if we could just decide your own colors for your own satchel? Maybe you like a two tone one but The Cam Co just did not have the combination you like. Or you like that unique Union Jack design but Zatchels only have it in that color? Or you just want your bag to be super colorful and have different colors for each part? Basically, the option to customize your own bags from the colors down to the size.

After much research on Google, I found The Leather Satchel Co which have been crafting Satchels, casing to handbags since the late 1960s. Best thing is they allow customization! Which is also know as the bespoke option where you can custom make a huge satchel of 20 inch if you need one that big.

This one below is not exactly the traditional satchel but one of the custom work done by The Leather Satchel Co.

Here’s a look at the various sizes of satchel that The Leather Satchel Co provides as a standard option. 

The Leather Satchel Co have up to 25 different colored leather for you to choose from for either a solid color satchel or two tones to a colorful one. Here’s some examples I took from their FB page.

Ain’t they pretty? I sure think they are!

Honestly speaking, I really like satchels. They are easy to carry and are such a classic piece to have. I personally own several messenger bags which is similar to the satchel and I love all of them. So when I learnt of the satchel, I knew I had to get one! But which? If I had not done my research, I would have gone ahead and order on from The Cambridge Satchel Co.

But after some googling and reading this post here, .

My heart wavered towards The Leather Satchel Co. Firstly, they have been around since the 1960s. Secondly, reviews online were good. Thirdly, they provide a 5 years warrenty! Lastly, customization. That’s it, I’m sold.

Plus, The Leather Satchel Co send free leather swatches to you so that you can look at the colors in real life before deciding your final order! How cool is that? Did I mentioned that the leather swatches are free worldwide? That’s really some good service! It totally solve the problem of you worrying that what you’re receiving might not be true to the color you seen on the computer screens.

And yes, I’ve emailed them for some samples of the colors I had in mind. I will definitely customize something that will be my signature bag. XD And of course, with FJF embossed on it.

Here’s the links to all the 3 companies that I’ve mentioned in this post.

You all can take a look and see where do you want to order from if you’re interested in getting a satchel. I highly recommend The Leather Satchel Co though I have not exactly purchase from them yet nor from others. It’s simply because I think that I’ve pretty good research skills.

But hey, if you are going to spend at least $200 over for a leather satchel, why don’t get a unique one? I mean yes you can have your name embossed on the satchel and then you go out meeting another person with the exact same brand satchel in the same colors just that the name embossed is different. Even for those limited edition bags that only have like 16 in the world, you will still have the same bag with 15 others.

So if you can get a customized and personalized satchel, why not?

I went ahead to request some swatch samples from The Leather Satchel Co. Read about it at the link below!!

Samples from The Leather Satchel Co.


P.S: I do not owe the rights of any photos in this post. Photos are taken from google and credited to their rightful owners. Photos of The Leather Satchel Co are taken from their FB and credited to them. 🙂

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  1. Cherring July 29, 2012 at 9:02 am #

    Satchels are sooooo pretty… 🙂

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    Brilliant, thank you, I will subscribe to you RSS now!


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