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20120715-015846.jpgWent for a consultation at Privé with Dr Karen Soh on Saturday morning to determine the procedures that I’ll be doing for my face makeover! I would say it’s best to have a rough idea of what you want when doing fillers/botox. Do you want a sharper nose, smaller jaw etc? It’s easier that way and Dr Soh will advice you if it’s suitable for you etc.


By looking at my photo, I’m pretty sure you guys know that I wanted to do something about that flat nose bridge. So I told Dr Soh I wanted fillers for the nose and perhaps botox to slim down the cheeks cause I’ve a puffy face. I also asked for her recommendation and she suggested cheek fillers as my cheek area right above the cheek bone is quite flat.

To be honest, I did not actually realized my cheek area is flat. In a way, sometimes the areas we think need alteration are fine but those we think is fine might need some enhancement. Which is why it’s good to seek professional advice. But of course, beauty is subjective.


I’m actually quite happy after the consultation as Dr Soh commented that I’ve high cheekbones, strong chin and relatively nice jawline. Hee!

And so I’m going to do my procedures very soon and I can’t wait for my new look! Plus it’s my very first aesthetic fillers procedure! (I’m scared of needles though. >;<;) So excited! Hee! Stay tune to my update on my new look! XD

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