L’Oreal White Perfect Pearl Brush On Whitening Foundation

How do you usually apply your liquid foundation?

Fingers? Sponges? Brushes?

I believe many of you out there uses fingers to apply liquid foundation right? I do sometimes too as it’s the quickest and hassle free method.

Sponges is quite hassle free too, quick and you can just throw the sponge away after use. But sponges absorb way too much product sometimes and it’s a little wasteful.

Brushes gives the best finishes but it’s quite hassle to take out the brush to apply the foundation.

That is why we have foundation which comes with brushes! Just pump out the foundation and apply straight!

L’Oreal introduced their new White Perfect Pearl Brush On Whitening Foundation and I love it! I used their White Perfect Pearl foundation before and I really like it but seldom reach out for it as I’m lazy to use additional brush/sponge to apply. So this new foundation by L’Oreal is just perfect for me. I find myself reaching out for this more compared to my other foundations now.


Received the foundation in a nice blue box with mailer of the same color theme.


L’Oreal’s new foundation in a long tube form.

It has SPF 17 PA+++! Me love foundation with sun protection.

It’s available in 4 shades and I got mine in G2. The shade is just right for me, the L’Oreal people are awesome for getting my shade right from just my photos I presumed. 😛


It also has skincare properties to help brighten up our skin!


The brush is so soft and smooth! I think I will still keep it and use even after I finish using the foundation.


Easy application. Just pump and then brush on. XD

I realized the time I took for my base is a lot shorter when using this foundation.


LOTD using the foundation.

I like how it brightens and even up my skin.

Coverage is good as it manages to cover up most of my imperfection.

I will give it a 4.5/5 rating!


The whole of White Perfect Pearl range.

The Brush On Whitening Foundation is retailing at $32.90. XD

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