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Latest Revolution by Biotherm: Fresh Skincare

Skin Ergetic, is the first type of serum with the fresh skincare technology to erase signs of fatigue before they turns into signs of ageing.

Fresh Skincare Technology, what is it? It is a technology that enables last minute activation to optimize the effectiveness of the active ingredients.

One of the active ingredients used in this product is Sulforaphane which is found in Broccoli which is an ultra effective anti-oxidant. However this active ingredient is unstable when added to a skincare formula.

Biotherm came out with a solution which is to isolate the Sulforaphane in a capsule in the form of an ultra concentrated powder which can be activated at the last minute right before the first application. This is the Fresh Skincare technology, it enables the active ingredient to remain stable for three months.

Which also means, once you opened your bottle of Skin Ergetic, be sure to finished it up within three months. Three months is also the ideal shelf life of skincare once we opened them up.


Let me show you how to activate the Skin Ergetic when you first use it!

When you open the box, you will find the bottle of  serum and a foil packet. Inside the foil packets contains a capsule which contains the Sulforaphane in a concentrated powder form.


Here’s how the capsule cap looks like. You just have to take out the dropper cap and replace it with this capsule.


Then press down on the button of the cap to release the powder into the serum.


Remove the capsule cap and you will see that all the powder have been released into the bottle.


Notice the powder at the surface of the serum? Now you have to cap back the dropper cap and then shake the bottle to thoroughly mix the powder and the serum together.


The powder will not affect the color of the serum and hence the serum should remain white and being mixed.


Write the date on the bottle so that you will be reminded to finish it within three months.


Other then Broccoli, Skin Ergetic also contains other natural ingredients like Soy extract , AHA from Lemon and Sugar Cane and Botanical Cells from Apples.

All these ingredients creates a very refreshing fruity scent. It’s very pleasant and you can be assured that it’s the natural fragrance from the natural ingredients used and not artificial.


The serum is of a gel like texture, spread very smoothly and not oily at all. It’s absorbed into the skin quickly leaving the skin supple. Skin texture is improved almost immediately after application.


If you are looking for that particular skincare that can help improve your complexion to become more radiant and have better skin texture, Skin Ergetic is something you should try. Plus it’s made of natural ingredients and it’s suitable for sensitive skin.


Skin Ergetic is already out in the market, go try it for yourselves. XD

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