SBA2011: 7 Heaven Chakra Body Massage

My last treatment with Adonis is a body treatment which is the 7 Heaven Chakra Body Massage. This is a massage for relaxation and will aid you to have a good night’s sleep. Using only pure essential oils in the treatment, it put one at ease and enable us to benefit from the goodness of the oils.

Theses are all the oils used in the treatments and there are 7 types of essential oils used for the 7 different parts of our body starting from the womb area to the head.

These essential oils are meant to be used for the face massage. However due to my face condition, I have to skip the facial massage as it will only aggravate my acne.

The different oils for various area. Before starting the massage proper, I have to breathe in the scent of the oils first following the steps shown by my beautician. This step actually help to put me at ease and by inhaling the scent of the oils, it will aid the absorption of the oil better when it’s used during the massage.

I do not have anymore pictures for the treatment as it’s quite an intimate process due to the fact that it’s a full body massage. Hence, below will be my description of the process of the treatment. I must say the back massage is really nice as I often experience backaches and stuff so it’s just what I needed.

Then I turned around and my beautician massaged the front part of my legs first before moving on to the abdomen area. It’s quite weird being massage in the abdomen area but I got used to it quickly. After that, it’s a shoulder massage followed by a head massage.

This massage is actually more gentle then other massages as it’s meant mainly for relaxation and  also to allow the body to absorb the essential oils. Each of the essential oils used have benefits for our body and I must say that the oils smell really nice.

I nearly fell asleep during the treatment but I did not as I think I’m not used to a body massage as it’s my first time and do not know what to expect.. However, I’m sure that I will be able to fall asleep without worries if there’s a next time. 😛

Indeed, I did have a good night sleep after the massage and I felt that it got rid of the fatigue that I have due to late sleeping hours.

I strongly recommend this massage to those who’s under stress, lack of sleep etc as it does really help you to have a good night sleep and also put you at ease, while relaxing those tight muscles.


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