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WishTrend Blind Test: Toner

Hi everyone!

I’m sure most of you have read my post on the Blind Test Project that I have started on! If not, you can read it over here!

So I have tested out the various toners and am going to share my thoughts on the toners today!

Before I go into talking about my thoughts on the toners. Let me just give you a short introduction on Wish Trend!

Wish Trend is a Korean company that delivers the trendy culture from Korea to the world. Trendy culture referring to the latest beauty trends, fashion trends and even entertainment. On Wish Trend, you can find the lasted products from Korea and you can order these products easily on their website.

Wish Trend started the Blind Test Project aiming to provide consumers with unbiased information and results so as to let them be able to make their decisions based on objective facts.

We are provided with totally zero knowledge on the products that we received other then what the products is. Hence, we are only able to review them based on the products itself with no means of manipulation on the results.


Of course, we are given a checklist so that we can review the products on a set of criteria and  rate them accordingly.


So moving on, below are my thoughts on all 5 toners! XD

Toner A has a very mild fragrance and it’s watery in texture. It’s quite cooling when being applied to the face and skin feels supple after it’s absorbed. This is a very gentle toner which has a good hydrating level and I think it’s suitable for all skin types and even sensitive skin.


Toner B has a cinnamon like scent and is of a milky lotion texture. Skin feels very smooth and supple after it’s being absorbed and I observed a very slight brigtening effect after application. It’s very moisturizing and I think it’s suitable for most skin types.


Toner C has a very strong alcohol like scent but it will turn into a minty scent after awhile. After application, there’s a cooling sensation and can feel that skin is more fresh and not so oily. I think that this toner would be more suitable for oily but not combination skin as I felt that it’s a little be drying. I feel that this toner tighens up the pores a little too.


Toner D has a mild floral fragrance and is watery in texture. Skin feels smooth after application but moisture level is average. Texture of the toner is very light when applied. I think that this toner is suitable for normal to combination skin types.


Toner E has a light fruity fragrance and has a lotion like texture. Toner E feels very smooth during application and is absorbed quickly into the skin, leaving the skin supple. Moisture level is above average. It also have a slight brigtening effect. I think that this is suitable for normal to dry skin types.


Personally, I like Toner A and B. A for it’s light texture and B for it’s high moisture factor. Toner E provides a very nice texture, application wise and texture of skin after application and has a good moisture level which is why I think it will be good for dry skin types.  These 3 are my preferences out of the 5. C is good for oil control but I personally felt that it’s a little drying and the scent is really strong. D feels like a normal toner with a nice texture.

That basically sums up my thoughts of the 5 different toners. I’m still waiting for Wish Trend to release the results on this blind test, can’t wait to find out what the 5 toners are exactly. Will be sharing it with all of you once I get hold of the results! XD


<3, Forensia


Blind Testing by WishTrend

Hi everyone!!

Just going to share with you all a very interesting project that I’m starting on, initiated by WishTrend. Blind testing! If you are unsure of what’s blind testing, basically it’s to test various products without any knowledge of it’s brand, labels etc.

As many of you know, I am a sucker for packaging. Most of the time I buy products cause of the packaging. So if it works that’s good, if it doesn’t, count on my luck. Lol!

A blind test would enable me to properly review a product based on it’s function by itself and will not be biased cause of packaging or branding. Only after I submit my reviews of the various products, then I will get to know the brand etc.

So are you excited? Cause I am! I just received my first batch of products to test on! They are toners and wow, I did not know that toners comes in so many variance of colors.


Here’s the package I received from WishTrend, a Korean company whom invited me and several other SG beauty blogger to embark on this Blind Test project.


In the package, there’s the products, a results form and a personal message from WishTrend.


5 different toners for me to try out! Look at them, they are all in different colors!

Super excited to start testing them out! Stay tune to the test results!!! XD