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Phuket Day 3

If you have not read Day 1 and Day 2, go read first before coming back to this Day 3 post!

This is a pretty short post, but every trip needs an ending. ­čśŤ

Day 3 started out wet. It was raining pretty heavily when we woke up and it was depressing. So after breakfast and working out for some of them. We decided to make use of the time and spam photos in our suite room.

 I have no idea what we were doing. Random actions just came out. Haha. 

 Different levels of posing. The super crazy ones, the act yi ge ones and the keep calm and pose ones.

Melissa, Jac and Silver really bring life to the photos with their random poses.

 More! Haha!

┬áDaphne: “What is this!!”
Ju: ” Aiya, No eyes see.”
Melissa: ” Check out my nice ass.”

Ju and me decided to join in the randomness. Carris, Daphne and Cheryl was just giving us that look. LOL.

We chilled and snacked and washed up till the rain stops and it’s time for us to check out. Left our luggages at the hotel and hop on a Tuk Tuk to Patong for last minute shopping, early dinner and massages!

IMG_3763My camera was frosty hence the fog. Not as crazy as at night at this Tuk Tuk have no surround system. 

What the sea/beach looks like after a huge rain.


Still very pretty in my opinion.

IMG_3773We split ways as some wanted to shop and some including me wants to get a massage. I opted for a leg and head massage. For 550 Baht, I think it very worth it as I enjoyed it. My masseur was a kind thai lady who even comb my hair like a mother would do after the massage. Very sweet of her!
2013-05-12 16.03.30

There was a whole stretch of massage salons at Patong, but we settled for this quickly as they provided free Wi-Fi. How typical of us social media addicts. Enjoying my massage here!

2013-05-12 16.03.20

Here’s a random photo of me with my new buy in the living room of our suite room.

2013-05-12 15.05.28

I did not buy much during this trip. Just a cap, a dress and two singlets. One tip to shopping in Phuket, if the shop owner refuses to give you the price you want (have to be reasonable la) walk away. Usually they will call you back and give you the price you wanted.

2013-05-11 23.41.31

We returned to our hotel to collect our luggage after dinner at No. 6 again. Then from Kamala, we took the mini van to the airport. Kamala is actually nearer to the airport compared to Patong if you’re wondering. This time round, we managed to get the ride back to airport at only 1000 Baht. And then, it’s home sweet home.

Ending this post of a photo of the instant memories with the girls in Phuket. <3

2013-05-13 02.05.41

I really enjoyed this trip loads. Thanks Carrie, Cheryl, Daphne, Jacqueline, Juann, Melissa and Silver for the great time!! Looking forward to our next trip together!!

Group Photos credits to: Cheryl Tay



Phuket Day 1

Sometimes, you just have to be spontaneous.

Which is how this trip come about. A random rave about a new resort in Batam, schedule of 8 people matched, good deals from the airline and BAM! Tickets booked, hotel booked!


We took a 3pm flight through Jetstar. Most of the girls took half day leave but I took a full day since my house is more accessible to the airport as compared to my office. Singapore to Phuket takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes or so.

This was taken at Phuket Airport, waiting for everyone to have a toilet break before finding our way to our hotel. We took a mini van as there’s 8 of us. Remember to follow the pricing stated on the board near the counter. We were quoted 1300 baht at the first counter when the board stated 1100 baht. Went to another counter and got the price we wanted. Funny thing is that the first counter panic and offered 1000 baht instead. Too bad, we all made our way to the second counter who gave us the price we wanted.


Our┬áaccommodation was at Swissotel Phuket at Kamala Beach. Kamala beach is a more quiet place that is away from the buzz at Patong. So if you’re just looking at a quiet retreat, Kamala is a good choice. But for more hype, more┬áaccessibility, Patong is the place to be at.

2013-05-10 18.08.03One thing that excites me while walking to our rooms is this cat above. So cute!! You all know I love cats. I was really very happy to see this little boy.

2013-05-11 06.23.37

Not one but two! This little one came to the front of our room at my bidding on the 2nd day morning which we were having breakfast just outside the room. But of course, if you are afraid of cats, no worries as they are super gentle.

We decided to just chill on the first day. So we venture out to the beach and went searching for a place for dinner. Not forgetting some snaps along the way!


Greeted by the beautiful sunset when we reached the beach. Nice beach, nice sunset. Awesome.

Settled for a random restaurant by the beach for dinner. It wasn’t the best choice but we were all hungry. Good thing was that they had free Wi-Fi. Everyone went busy on their phones while waiting for the food which took quite sometime. We suspect they had Wi-Fi to prevent people from complaining and rushing the food.

2013-05-10 18.51.36

It was pretty serene to dine by a view like this. You don’t get to dine by a view this everyday with awesome companions.

After dinner, we went back to the hotel and some of us decided to take a dip in the pool! It was quite late and I think the pool was closed but no one stops us so… ­čśŤ Thanks to Jacqueline for all the nice pool and underwater shots!

Silly things we do underwater. Haha.

Totally unglam shot. Haha, but it’s not often you take underwater shots so just post la. Haha.

2013-05-10 18.37.07

Ending this post with another Sunset By The Beach photo. It’s different from the one above ok!

Stay tune to Day 2 adventures with the girls where we go Island Hopping and to Patong!

Photo with watermark credits to Cheryl Tay.

Underwater, Pool photos credits to Jacqueline Wong.



Genting Travelogue Sneak Preview

Hi all! I’m sure many of you knew that I went on a sponsored trip by Resorts World Genting and OMY.SG to Genting for a 3D2N trip along with 4 other lovely bloggers and all our mummies. So this post will be a sneak preview of what happened over this 3D2N trip and there will be a few more posts and a video coming up!

And like I mentioned, without OMY.SG and Resorts World Genting, this trip will not happen and all the wonderful memories will not exist. So thanks loads!! XD

Bloggers who went on the trip are :

Miyo – http://www.miyomomo.com/

Melissa – http://melicacy.com/

Shine – http://www.shinekoh.com/

Grace – http://gracevion.blogspot.com/

and yours truly me! XD

See this colorful building? It’s the most colorful building other than the theme park in Genting. Yes, it’s the First World Hotel and we are staying at Tower 2 Lv 27, World Club rooms which is the higher end rooms in First World. I love the hotel room, it’s totally awesome! Wait for my other posts for a detailed hotel room tour! ­čśŤ

Our first meal in Genting was at Ming Reng Restaurant that specialized in XingJiang cuisine. Lamb is the specialty here!

Day 1 was pretty much free and easy and we had our dinner at Genting Palace Restaurant. I would say it’s the best meal I had in Genting!

We wake up as early as 7 plus to have breakfast at Coffee Terrace! Buffet Breakfast and I must say it’s a wide spread of food! It’s one of my most scrumptious breakfast ever as I┬áoccasionally┬áskip breakfast. ­čśŤ

How can we miss out the Theme Park when we are at Genting! I tried a few rides, tried to pull my mum on some but failed. ><

Then it was lunch at Hainan Express located at the Theme Park Hotel for local delicacies.

What can be more relaxing than a spa massage after a whole morning at the theme park? We had the whole place to ourselves!

Dinner at Happy Valley Seafood where we did not only have seafood. ­čśŤ

Sam Hui’s Concert to end the say with! I would say our mums enjoyed it more than us since he’s more in their era as compared to us! ­čśŤ We bloggers took a photo with him though! We have to wait for it to be sent to us as we are not allowed to use our own cameras.

Our last meal in Genting, at the World Club Lounge located at Lv 28 of First World Hotel. Buffet Breakfast with an awesome view of Genting. Life couldn’t get better than this.

How could we not visit The Visitors’ Galleria to learn about the history of Genting! More in the upcoming posts!

“How I miss the cooling weather in Genting!”

Stay tune to more upcoming posts and video on my Genting Travelogue!