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SkinCare By Nouri Face & Body Concepts

I’ve been trying out skin care products by Nouri Face & Body Concepts for about 3 weeks plus and so far, I’m pleased with what I’ve used.


Here’s a little info about Nouri. Founded by Valerie De Costa who has 15 years of experience in the beauty industry, Nouri aims to provide customers with customized treatments at a competitive price. Over at Nouri, there’s no fixed packages and instead Nouri will tweak the treatments based on the needs of the customers.


Nature Essence is one of the brands available at Nouri and I’m currently using the Anti-Inflammatory Blue Gel as I’m currently going through the IPL Facial treatment which I will be talking more about in another post. This highly effective Blue Gel helps to eliminate bacteria from acne and open wounds on the face. It’s also helps to calms the skin down after IPL. It’s unavoidable to experience redness after an IPL treatment and this Blue Gel helps to sooth the skin and reduces the redness effectively within a day. If you’re doing IPL treatments be it on the face or for hair removal, this is a highly recommended after care product.


Nouri also came up with their very own in-house products which are locally manufactured with different formulations to suit different age groups.

So far, I’ve tried two different types of cleansers and toners from the Nouri brand. I find the cleansers very effective yet mild on sensitive skin like mine. Toner wise, I’ve tried the Algae toner which consists of active ingredients which works well for young skin like mine. However, due to the active ingredients, it does sting a little upon application. Which is why I prefer the rose variant which is much milder.


My favorite product from the Nouri Range will have to be the Cleansing Milk. Using it as a Make up remover, it worked extremely well in stripping off the Make up yet leaving the skin smooth and supple. I will usually double cleanse using this cleansing milk at night and I can just skip the cleansing gel. I’m extremely pleased with this cleansing milk and I can easily add this onto my Holy Grail list.

Nouri is planning for for a big sale on their Skin Care products soon. It’s a great opportunity to grab these great products at a great discounts! Don’t miss it! Stay tune to https://www.facebook.com/nourifacebodyconcepts for more information on the sale!


Review: Hada Labo Perfect Gel

I’m back with a new skincare review!!
Today, I’ll be reviewing the 3 in 1 Intense Hydration Perfect Gel by Hada Labo.


3 in 1 here refers to essence, moisturizer and sleeping mask in one! Pretty neat huh?


Consisting of Collagen, Ceramide and 3 types of Hyaluronic Acid, the Perfect Gel aims to replenish and deeply hydrates the skin. It’s also pH balanced, free of fragrances, mineral oil and alcohol which makes it suitable for sensitive skin.


The texture of the gel seems thick but it melts into a watery texture upon application to the skin. Absorption of the product is pretty quick and skin is left looking firm and supple.
Yet, there’s a slight sticky feel left after.


As one of the function of the Perfect Gel is a sleeping mask, I was also sent this adorable eye cover. To use the gel as a mask, don’t be afraid to apply on more product than usual. You might feel its a little too thick but you will love the smooth and supple skin you get after washing it off the next day.

But for those who have oily skin like me, I will recommend to just use the gel and skip your other products if you were to use it as a mask if not, it might be too rich.

I rate this a 4/5!




New In Town: Nip+Fab Body Fixes

Was invited to a private launch of the hot UK brand, Nip+Fab at Naumi Hotel last week. To be honest, I have not heard of the brand previously but I’m so glad I was invited to this event! Simply cause I love every single product they have already!

Nip+Fab have two ranges, the Body Fixes and the Skin Fixes. Currently, only the Body Fixes are launched and can be found in Watson’s exclusively. Did I tell you that there’s a special launch offer of $5 off the best selling products(Tummy, Bust & Cellulite)? And that all the products are below $30? Great products at affordable prices! Awesome, that’s all I’ve to say. 😛

Here’s the founder of Nip+Fab. We were also shown a video of her introducing her favorite product from the Nip+Fab line. Two of them are the Tummy Fix and Bust Fix.

Here’s the whole range of Body Fixes available in Singapore. From the Tummy Fix, Cellulite Fix, Bust Fix, Dry Leg Fix and Dry Hand Fix. They have a Multi Fix Oil which is an all purpose oil for the skin.

Currently I’m using the Tummy Fix, Cellulite Fix and the Multi Fix Oil. All of them made my skin feels super smooth! And I notice slight lightening of scars on my legs after using the Multi Fix Oil for a few days. Shall wait for 6 weeks to see if the Tummy Fix have effect on me! 😛

They also did showcase the Skin Fixes which may be launched in October. They do have a very interesting range of Skin Fixes! Super excited and can’t wait for them to launch!

Shall end with a photo with fellow SBA finalists, Erica and Juliana.

And yes, Nip+Fab is already launched in stores so go grab them now! XD I’ve a feeling I’ll go grab a few back ups of the Multi Fix Oil and Tummy Fixes myself. Hee.

Check out the links below for updates on Nip+Fab in SG!





WishTrend: Skin & Lab

Hi all! Some of you might remember that I’ve once did a collaboration with Wishtrend on a blind test project some time back.

Wishtrend is now sponsoring Korean skincare and cosmetics monthly to a group of bloggers and I’m one of them. Let’s cut the story short and check out what they have sent me this month!

Skin & Lab products!

I’ve received a full sized C Plus Brightening Vitamin Cream which is one of the top 3 best sellers in the Skin & Lab range on Wishtrend.com. As the name suggest, it’s a Vitamin C cream that helps to improve skin tone and brightening.

I’ve also received samples of various vitamin creams in the Skin & Lab range of products. How does Skin & Lab products work you might wonder.

There’s Vitamin A for firming, B for acne, C for brightening, E for moisture and K for redness. You can mix and match the vitamin cream and apply them according to your skin condition. For example, using B and K together when targeting acne. B to help treats the acne and K to reduce the redness left or caused by acne. As our skin condition changes from time to time, there’s never one product that will work for us forever. With Skin & Lab range of vitamin cream, we can target different problems by using a different combination mixed on our own.

Skin & Lab products ranges from USD 10.99 to USD 25.99. The full set of vitamin cream cost USD 63 which is very worth as each individual tube cost USD14.99 to 15.99.

Wishtrend is offering a USD5 discount to all newly registered account. So take this chance to make use of the discount and happy shopping! Discount code below!

Quite excited on what will I receive next month! Can’t wait!



My Skin Diary: Prescription Medicines

I’m quite a healthy baby from young. Hardly went to the doctors for fever, flu or anything. But my acne was so serious till one point that my mum can’t stand it and brought me to the doctors. That was back in 2007. My acne problems started after I ended my ‘O’ levels in 2006.

So I went to the doctors and was give a lotion plus antibiotics. My acne was cured, got back clear skin but it only lasted for a few months. Acne started appearing again. At first it was minor then I started internship and stress adds on the the mess on my face. So it was back to the doctors and I was given Accutane. I was on it for four months and it did help clear the mess.

And the cycle continues! >< It was only until recently that the acne clears up only with occasional 2 or 3 zits popping out which I can handle.


Here’s some of the medicines that I still have and still using when my acne comes up. First box is a gel for acne, 2nd box is a topical antibiotic, given to me to replace my oral antibiotics. Third box is actually a cream for scars.


This is Nimengen, another brand of Accutane. It’s actually called Isotreitinion, similar to Vitamin A. This is the medicine that causes me side effects like dry lips, night blindness etc. It’s also can cause birth defects and the effects of the medicine stays in the bloodstream for about half a year or so even after stopping.

I would say that these medicines helps in clearing up the skin to a certain extend. But it does not kill the roots of the problem. It stops the bacteria from surfacing up to the skin surface.

If you have a very serious case of acne till the extend that it hurts, I would definitely recommend you to go to the doctors. Once it tone down the acne, complement it with a good skincare routine. Our diet and sleeping habits does affect too, and I will touch on that in another post.

For those who are curious about the price of the medicines, Isotreitinion pills can cost up to $2 -3 per pill and you will normally have to take it for at least 4 months which equals to one treatment. That will amount up to about $300 for just the pills itself not counting consultation. Gels, creams, lotions given ranges from $20 to $40. It depends on your condition to see what the doctor prescribe you with.

Hope this helps!