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SBA2011: Nano 139 Facial with Adonis

I’m here to share with you all on my second facial experience with Adonis last Monday.

In fact, I was scheduled to have the Chakra Body Treatment but the consultant recommend to go through this detox facial after checking up on my skin condition. She said that since I just did the Sparkle Peel Facial awhile ago, my skin condition is most suitable to go through this detox facial which is named the Nano 139 facial to repair and replenish the moist in my skin.

Brighten up your skin with this cocktail of 139 different minerals and enzymes. This special concoction is designed to help repair, activate, and provide energy to skin cells, leaving your skin with a healthy, natural glow.

– Taken from Adonis Beauty‘s Website


Standard procedures of Adonis~ I was served tea while waiting to start my facial.

And of course a foot bath before heading in the facial room for my treatment.

At the start of the facial, the beautician cleanse my face and apply a Soft Peeling Gel which is different from that which was used during the Sparkle Peel treatment. The one used in the Sparkle Peel was water soluble whereas the one used in this treatment, we can feel the dead skin being rubbed out. After that, she applied Comedone on my face which will help in the removal of blackheads. I was put under the Cool Mist while letting the Comedone work on my skin.

After that, my beautician push in this machine. First, she used the “Scrabber” which is a blade to “scrap” through my skin to remove the impurities in my clogged pores. After this step, she showed me the water used and it’s cloudy and has the impurities that was removed from my skin.

Next, she asked me to hold on to this metal ion rod which has two ends. The other end she use it to roll and massage my face. Of course, she applied a serum before using the metal ion rod to massage the serum into my face. This is to allow the serum to be fully absorbed into the skin cells through the usage of ion energy.

The serum smells like vinegar to me and this is because the serum consists of organic enzymes. I find it ok as it’s better for them to use something natural that don’t really smell good rather then something that smell good as they added extra things that are not needed in the concoction.

After the serum was worked into my skin, the beautician applied a clay mask on my face and left me to rest for 20 minutes while the mask hardens. She then removes the mask and applied toner and moisturizer on my face.

Here’s a pic of me right after the facial. My skin feels more supple and I definitely felt more refreshed.

I was told that similar to the Sparkle Peel, I would experience slight purging of blackheads and acne as the way this facial works is to purge the impurities from within the skin.

This facial is recommended for people with blemished skin as it works from deep within the skin to clear out the impurities. Even people with normal complexion can do this facial to detox the skin.

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Singapore Blog Awards 2011 – Adonis Best Beauty Blog Finalist

Hi everyone!

Here’s some good news to share with all of you! I’m one of the finalists in Singapore Blog Awards 2011 in the ADONIS Best Beauty Blog category along with 9 other beautiful ladies!

I was super excited when SBA2011 have included a beauty blog category this time round and super happy to know that I actually am one of the finalists! To me it’s a very big deal as being able to make it into the top 10 is a big recognition for my blog! My beauty blog to me is like my child, I put in loads of effort and time in it and is very proud of it. Hence, I’m really happy that the team behind SBA deem my blog worthy to be one of the top 10.

Ok, so we had a briefing over at ADONIS at Vivocity recently on what we are to expect during the period of the competition.

The briefing was held at the ADONIS @Vivocity outlet.

Do you know that the name ADONIS was originated from a male Greek God which represents beauty and youth?


The kind people of ADONIS provided us with refreshments, different types of tea that are good for our health plus some pastries! XD


How can a post goes without my face! LOL!


So we went through the briefing and did an interview with the OMY.SG crew, after that we also did some analyses to check on our skin condition and also our inner health. Over at ADONIS, they not only care for your beauty on the outer, but also your inner health. Beauty come from within, and ADONIS aims to help all women with that.

I actually did brought my camera along but was too engrossed with all the tests and such that I forgot to take photos! So there won’t be visuals to accompany my thoughts on the tests.

Skin Analysis

I did my skin analysis first and as expected, inflammation, redness and very clustered up nose with loads of blackheads! But luckily, no other problems showed up other then those that I know I have. 😛

Irislogy Test

This is an interesting test. The consultant will take a photo of your iris with a device and it will be magnified to about 30X bigger so that they can look at the patterns of the iris and from there, they will be able to know about your inner health.

Just when the consultant was taking a photo of my iris, she comment that I must have sleeping problems. Apparently the pupil of our eyes should only be like 1/3 the size of the outer ring but mine was like half the size. The consultant also mentioned that I have bowel problems and some slight liver problems too. She also said that my body is currently full of toxic that other problems could not be spotted. Hence she recommended me to start with detoxification first as it’s the biggest problem I have.

Live Blood Analysis

For this live blood analysis, the consultant will prick your pinky with a device to obtain a small drop of blood which she will observe under the microscope with the image being projected on a LCD screen.

For my case, I have too much protein in my system and apparently too much protein will become acidic and it’s not good for the joints. I’m also lacking in calcium which might lead to osteoporosis if I do not start to have a regular intake of diary products for calcium. The consultant also observe that my white blood cells are smaller then my red blood cells and it means that my immunity is lower then normal. This is because a healthy white blood cell should be bigger then the red blood cells. Also my red blood cells are clustered together and its not good too as the blood cells should be singular. Surprisingly, the fatty acids in my blood is only a little bit! I expect it to be clustered as I have quite an unhealthy diet. ><

To sum up, I have a lot of toxic in my body and I am sadly very unhealthy. >< Both consultant advice that I should first detox my body so that my body is able to absorb other nutrients.


This is the Aloe Pine Pollen that ADONIS carries which is meant for detox. According to the box, I should take 2 capsules every time before I sleep. However, the consultant who did the blood analysis for me recommend that I start with 3 instead as 2 might not be enough. I guess my body is really filled with toxic. ><


Other then the Aloe Pine Pollen, they have other products to cater for other needs too! For example the Nano Calcium to replenish calcium in our body and Nano Collagen to supply our body with ample collagen. They also have a product for partial slimming!


Over at ADONIS, they not only provide facial services, but also body treatments to manicure etc. Also, they used only 100% natural ingredients in the essences and serums that they used in their procedures.

To be honest, I have never done any facials before and I do not know what to expect for my first treatment with ADONIS. However, I am put at ease knowing that they only use natural ingredients in their procedures and also the atmosphere at ADONIS really is quite soothing.

I am very excited to be part of this and will be going through 3 treatments with ADONIS in the weeks to come. I can’t wait to share my experiences with ADONIS with all of you!


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Disclaimer: All opinions stated were my truth and honest thoughts. I’m not compensated in any monetary form for this post.