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Singapore Blog Awards 2011 @ Shanghai Dolly

This year Blog Awards is held at Shanghai Dolly! I’m very excited to attend the awards as it’s my first time attending SBA ever since it started few years back! Not only it’s my first time attending SBA, but I’m attending as a finalist too! Hee~

Here’s a photo taken while I’m cabbing there~ Simple classic look to fit the theme. Theme of the day was to dress as a historical character. Can you guess who I’m portraying as ?

A better photo to show my look~ It took me quite a while to do my hair! If you know me, I am not a person who will style my hair. Normally it’s just let down or pony tail. For this look, I bun up my hair and added a mini tiara~ I used lots of wax to keep the hair down and quite a no of pins to secure the bun!

(Credits to JingLong)

Shanghai Dolly! Where SBA2011 is held!

History gets social? Have you ever wondered what will happened if they have social media in the past? XD

(Credits to JingLong)

Small booklets with all the names and URLs of finalists in all the categories! I’m inside too! XD

Finger food are provided! It’s topped up once empty so everyone gets to eat! XD

(Credits to JingLong)

Cake Cutting by GOH to commence the start of SBA2011~ XD

(Credits to JingLong)

Performance includes a skit on what if historical characters have twitter, facebook or even blogs! It’s quite humorous.

(Credits to JingLong)

Here’s a full length photo of myself~ I’m actually portraying Audrey Hepburn~ I think I am quite successful. 😛

(Credits to JingLong)

Photos with the bloggers~ Clara made her own dress! Seriously, she’s multi talented!

Photo with YongWei. He had to give that kind of look. 0.o. LOL~ As expected of him.

With Kelly, fellow finalist for beauty blog category~

With MoonBerry~ Winner for Best Beauty Blog! She did a great job!

I love her gloves!

With LIANG PO PO! Haha, I meant Mint! Best Dressed Female of the day! XD

(Credits to JingLong)

With Darren~ The material of his top is very interesting. LOL.

(Credits to JingLong)

With the twins! I’m digging Jayley’s new hairdo! Looks so edgy as per ANTM’s term. Hayley looking sweet and gorgeous as usual~ xD

(Credits to JingLong)

With Yutaki! Look good as usual!!

(Credits to JingLong)

With Eric! Winner of Best Social Media Integrated Blog Category and Best Dressed Male! His hair color is awesome! I love love the shade of blue!!!

Check out JingLong’s FB Page for more SBA2011 photos! XD


It was great to be involved in SBA2011 as a finalist and although I did not win or anything, it’s a great experience for me. I meant I got to enjoy the various treatments by Adonis who really took great care of all ten of us finalists. Plus, it’s really an honor to me even though I’m just a finalist. Cause it already meant so much to me as a beauty blogger. Really thankful to the team of SBA and OMY.SG for giving me such a wonderful experience!

Once again, congratulations to all winners of SBA2011! For the rest of the finalists, I think that in fact we are all winners too!

Hopefully I will have the chance to be part of SBA next year too, in one of the main categories! 😛

Thanks for reading!

<3, Forest.Joyce.Forensia.


SBA2011: Adonis Greek Thank You Party

Was invited down to Adonis @ NEX for a Thank You Party organize by Adonis for all of the finalists for the beauty blog category. XD The theme for the party is “Greek” and everyone was dress up and all were gorgeous! XD

Here’s Sara being interviewed by the OMY.SG team! XD

Kozo Enzyme, a health drink that Adonis carries. This drink is specially mix for the event. It’s quite sweet and I think it will taste better chilled. 😛

Of course must show my face right? Haha~ XD

Toasting with the health drink! This marks the end of the “competition” and now it’s just waiting for the results! XD

Now to show you the gorgeous ladies! Here’s the sisters! They actually look like twins with the similar dressing! 😛

With lovely Sara~

With Kelly! I’m envious of her complexion!!

Lovely Vivian~ She’s the elder sister~

And here’s Valerie, the younger sister~

With Juann~ Fellow MFP Blogger~ XD

With Clara dear~~ She won the best dress of the day! I did not get a picture of her headpiece but she used real dries roses and leaves and it’s really pretty!!

Group photo of us beautiful ladies! Shoppers who passed by Adonis kept looking inside, wondering what’s going on! Haha~ It’s also great to be able to interact with all the ladies during the party and we did have fun! XD

Another group photo! The next time that all ten of us will gather together will be on 23 July, SBA results night~ XD

I will be doing up another post to conclude my “SBA2011: Adonis Best Beauty Blog” journey soon! XD

Meanwhile you can read all about it here!


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SBA2011: 7 Heaven Chakra Body Massage

My last treatment with Adonis is a body treatment which is the 7 Heaven Chakra Body Massage. This is a massage for relaxation and will aid you to have a good night’s sleep. Using only pure essential oils in the treatment, it put one at ease and enable us to benefit from the goodness of the oils.

Theses are all the oils used in the treatments and there are 7 types of essential oils used for the 7 different parts of our body starting from the womb area to the head.

These essential oils are meant to be used for the face massage. However due to my face condition, I have to skip the facial massage as it will only aggravate my acne.

The different oils for various area. Before starting the massage proper, I have to breathe in the scent of the oils first following the steps shown by my beautician. This step actually help to put me at ease and by inhaling the scent of the oils, it will aid the absorption of the oil better when it’s used during the massage.

I do not have anymore pictures for the treatment as it’s quite an intimate process due to the fact that it’s a full body massage. Hence, below will be my description of the process of the treatment. I must say the back massage is really nice as I often experience backaches and stuff so it’s just what I needed.

Then I turned around and my beautician massaged the front part of my legs first before moving on to the abdomen area. It’s quite weird being massage in the abdomen area but I got used to it quickly. After that, it’s a shoulder massage followed by a head massage.

This massage is actually more gentle then other massages as it’s meant mainly for relaxation and  also to allow the body to absorb the essential oils. Each of the essential oils used have benefits for our body and I must say that the oils smell really nice.

I nearly fell asleep during the treatment but I did not as I think I’m not used to a body massage as it’s my first time and do not know what to expect.. However, I’m sure that I will be able to fall asleep without worries if there’s a next time. 😛

Indeed, I did have a good night sleep after the massage and I felt that it got rid of the fatigue that I have due to late sleeping hours.

I strongly recommend this massage to those who’s under stress, lack of sleep etc as it does really help you to have a good night sleep and also put you at ease, while relaxing those tight muscles.


Check out the links below to learn more about the treatments and products that Adonis provides! XD




SBA2011: Sparkle Peel Facial With Adonis

I went for my first treatment with Adonis last Thursday and I was really excited as it’s my very first facial! The facial that I experience was the Sparkle Peel also known as the Flora Peel previously. I would say that I am very happy with the whole experience and really enjoyed the whole process!

Let me bring you through my first facial experience! XD

So I decided to take a photo of my bare face before I head to the facial. >< Look at all the redness, bumps etc. Haiz…… The skin is a bit tired due to late nights too. >< Oh well…

I was asked to soak my feet in warm water with essential oils added in while they prepare the room for the facial. It’s really nice and relaxing. XD

I was lead into the facial room, where the lights are dim, aromas of the essential oils and light relaxing music. The whole atmosphere just put one at ease.

At the start of the facial, the beautician cleanse my face first before proceeding to apply a peel which actually exfoliates and remove dead skin from the face. Next, she pull in a machine to “steam” my face. It’s not really steam as it’s actually cold. It’s meant to close up our pores. XD

After the “steaming”, I was given a trim for my eyebrows followed by a facial massage that focus on the acupoints of the face. The beautician then push in the Symphony machine as seen in the above photo. It’s actually like a massage using electro-waves from a electronic massager but on the face. I have a massage machine at home which includes those gel pads to be used on different points on our body. This is similar except that it’s for the face. There is a choice of Symphony Beats for different effects. The beautician will adjust it accordingly to your needs. In a course, the beats are not constant or rather the “pattern” of the beats will change after 1 or 2 minutes. This is actually good as it targets all the acupoints on the face.

I was given a Hot Eye Mask while doing the Symphony beats  too. The mask will heat up as time passes but the feeling is super refreshing in a way. It kind of awaken my tired eyes. 😛

I was given a shoulder massage and it was good. My shoulders were very tight so I asked the beautician to go on strong and it’s really good. My shoulders feels so much more relaxed after the massage.

After that, the beautician applied the flora essence peel to my face in two layers. She applied the first layer and fan it dry before applying the 2nd layer. When she was applying the peel, I can smell the distinctive herbal smell but it’s expected since the peel consists of 100% flora essence. It stings a little when the peel is being applied but the feeling subsided when it’s fan dried.

Here’s a photo taken right after the facial. I actually have the peel on my face as I have to leave it on for 8 hours for it to take on its full effect.

This Sparkle Peel facial involves no extraction at all. Instead, the peel will cause some breakouts which is normal as it’s purging the acne and all out from beneath the skin. My face started to peel mildly, 2 days after the facial. Now it’s around 6 days since the facial and there’s still some slight peeling but the skin feels relatively smooth. XD

Here’s the instruction given to me from the beautician. I was also given a balancing cream to apply. Was also advice to apply sunblock both day and night as the skin is quite vulnerable while it’s peeling.

I received a follow up call from Adonis on Monday where they asked about the condition of the skin and also reminding me to put on sunblock and to mask and moisturize more to smoothen the process of the peeling.

Here’s another photo of my bare skin. My skin appears “whiter” cause of the lighting. But you can definitely see that my skin ain’t that dull and tired anymore. Also the redness is not that clustered up anymore. I just need to wait for the bumps that are purged out to clear away. XD

Can’t wait for my next treatment with Adonis! XD

Do check out Adonis Beauty for more information of their signature facials and treatments. XD Do check out Adonis’ FB page for some tips too!



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