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Review: Etude House Vivid Pop Stick

I’ve purchased these Vivid Pop Stick from Etude House some time back when they were having 40% store wide. These are actually in matte formula and I got the four darker brighter shades out of the colors available. I skipped the nudes and light pink and corals as I’m currently in a bright lip phase. Plus I think those colors will be a little chalky looking in matte formula.


These looks more crayon like due to the matte formula and I must say, what you see is what you get. And I love how easily I can draw my lips with these crayons lip sticks.


Here’s a swatch to show how pigmented and vivid these colors are.


And here’s a lip swatch. One thing I’ve noticed about these is that they can be a little drying and get into the lines of your lips after sometime. So it’s best to prep the lips with a balm first. And I must say they look a lot brighter in real life.


I also must say that the staying power of the vivid pop sticks are mediocre. They stay if you don’t eat or drink for up to 3-4 hours but if you do, they will be gone in no time. But if you don’t mind touching up since these are easier to bring along and apply, it should not be an issue.

Overall, I rate this a 3.5/5. But I must say I love the color payoff!

The vivid pop sticks are retailing at $14.90 if I’m not wrong.

Hope this helps.



Review: Vichy Normaderm

Met with the lovely ladies from Vichy Singapore sometime back and was gifted with this pretty metal box which consists of some of the star products from the Normaderm range.



I’m not a stranger to the Normaderm range having used them previously when I was suffering from a severe case of acne. Those who have read my blog from the beginning, will know how bad my skin was last time. Through my constant trials of products, the Vichy Normaderm products is a range that actually helps to control my acne. For those with sensitive, acne prone skin, I would recommend you to try out the Normaderm range, since I’ve tried and tested out myself that it works. 🙂



Before I go on talking about the products, let me share with you some myths that the the Vichy ladies shared with me that I relate to.

If you ask me, whether I prefer oily or dry skin, I would say I’m actually prefer oily skin. We all need that little sebum to get that nice glow on our face. What is the real culprit behind excess sebum and breakouts then? Simple, dehydrated skin and clogged pores, and bacteria too. As long as we hydrates our skin and deep cleanse our skin regularly, we should be able to avoid oily looks and breakouts.



When I was having bad skin conditions, my mum always tells me not to put on makeup as it will make things worse. She also nags at me for using too much stuff. Makeup will only make our skin worse if we did not remove it thoroughly. And you are probably just using the wrong products if your skin condition is not improving despite following a strict regime. We have to know and identify our skin conditions to use the correct products. If you don’t know how, Vichy usually have friendly consultants at their counters so you can just approach them and ask!



Pimple creams are spot treatments. They treat what is on the surface of the skin. For blemish prone skin, it’s important to keep the skin clean and the pores unclogged and free from bacteria. I had clear skin for awhile after which I got complacent and slack of my skincare, blemishes start to appear again. So it’s important to have a basic cleanse, tone, moisturize regime. But I must say pimple creams are handy for the occasional breakouts.



Why do I need a toner? What does it do? I’m sure you all have asked these questions once and so did I. Guess what, nowadays if I’m super lazy at night, toner is the only thing I use. For me, the toner helps not only to remove any excess makeup that I did not managed to remove, it also helps to freshen up my skin, tighten up my pores and hydrates my skin. Of course it depends on what toner you use, I currently use two toners in my regime. Put your toner in a spray bottle, and you get a handy facial mist which you can use to freshen up the skin on the go!



Deep Cleansing Purifying Gel

A gel cleanser is more suitable for sensitive skin like mine. I love this gel cleanser as I can whip it up to a creamy foam to clean away the impurities hidden in my pores. I also love how supple my skin feels after using this without any tight feeling.



Imperfection Prone Skin Lotion

Like I mentioned earlier, I love toners, especially this one by Vichy as it’s alcohol free. They have two variants, one with alcohol and one without. I like this alcohol free one as it hydrates my skin and helps to reduce the redness of my cheeks. For those whose skin can’t take alcohol, this is the toner to use!



Tri-Active Moisturizer

One of my favorite moisturizers out there after trying so many. This is one moisturizer that I will not hesitate to repurchase. Quick absorption into the skin and does not feel sticky at all. It sorts of have a matte finish to it and the texture is super light! This is a great day moisturizer which also corrects skin imperfections. For me, redness is greatly reduced after using this moisturizer.


It has a very light gel like texture which the skin absorbs really quick.




This is a relatively new product introduced by Vichy just some months back. I finally got a chance to use it due to a pretty bad breakout. It managed to dry up those yellow pus filled blemishes within a 2-3 days period. When I first used it, I used it before my moisturizer and it was ok. After being advice by the ladies at Vichy, I used it after moisturizer and I find that it works better. Do take note to only apply to blemishes only as it can be a little drying.


One thing I like about Vichy, is that they constantly work on improving their formulations to produce better efficiency for the consumers. It is one brand that cares about their consumers. Do you know that Vichy products in Europe and Asia markets are of different formulations?

One of my absolute favorite products from Vichy is their Thermal Spa Water which is used in every single Vichy product.

If you are looking for a dermatological brand at an affordable price point, I would highly recommend Vichy Normaderm.





I was sent a range of HistoLab products from Korea about a month ago and it’s time for a review!

One unique point about HistoLab is that it’s products are more widely used in dermatologists and cosmetics clinics in Korea. Using Histo Plant Stem Cell across all it’s products, they focus on skin healing and repairing and rejuvenation based on active ingredients.

Focusing on Skin Science, the packaging of the products are simple and fuss free, odorless and colorless. Any fragrant are derived from the plant ingredients used, which is all natural.



The Basic Science Range

Bio Stem Cell Ampoule – Used after the toner, this ampoule acts like an essence which helps protect the skin against ageing caused by UV damage and also promotes collagen production to improve the firmness of our skin. It absorbs into the skin quick and makes the skin feel supple.

Bio Sheet Mask(*) in 3 variants to cater to different needs: Post Laser Cool Sheet Mask, Acne-Aid Sheet Mask and Multi-Vitamin Mask.


The Bio Sheet Mask is of a slightly thick cotton material which adheres to the skin pretty well. I like how the mask extends to actually covers the skin right under the skin which is often neglected. The 3 variants of the masks all provides moisturizing properties to the skin, leaving it smooth and supple after use. My favorite out of the 3 will be the Acne Aid one as I can see redness greatly reduced after use.


 The Aqua Science Range 

Water-Max Foam Cleanser (*)

This foam cleanser comes in a pump bottle and its texture is of a clear gel that will lather up in fine foam. The foam is more of a bubbly light texture rather than a dense creamy foam. Skin definitely felt clean,refreshed and supple after wash. No tightness experienced after wash as it does not strips of the skin natural moisture while removing excess oil. It is lightly scented from the plant extracts. This foam cleanser is my top pick from the Aqua Science range.

Water-Max Infusion Mist

This is a toner is a mist form. You can either spray it onto the face directly and pats the product in or spray it on a cotton and use the cotton to apply it on the face. I personally like spraying it on direct as it gives a more cooling effect and I do save product in a way. But if it’s after removal of a long day of makeup, I will apply with cotton to remove any residue. This toner is pretty hydrating but I would actually prefer to use it as a hydrating mist after makeup or after skincare at night.

Water-Max Hydrating Moisturizer(*)

This Moisturizer have a gel like texture, of a translucent white color. It goes on the skin smoothly and is quickly absorbed. I like how my skin feels cool and soft after using this moisturizer.

Water-Max Hydrating Cream

The hydrating cream is of a similar texture to the moisturizer but thicker. I would say it’s a thick gel but light cream. I use this only at night to give extra hydration to my skin.



 The Vital Science Range

Vital-X Realizing Serum (*)

This serum have a similar gel light texture to the Water Max Moisturizer but lighter. It consists of 6 different kinds of vitamins and acts as an antioxidant. This is one of my favorite out of the products I’ve received. My skin looks more fresh and supple after using this.



The Derma Science Range

Aqua Mineral Moisture Drop

A unique gel texture that will turns into water upon application. This product is absorbed by the skin very quickly leaving it feeling soft and firm with moisture. I highly recommend this for people with dehydrated skin as it provides the moisture that our skin lacks.

Post Laser Sun Blemish Balm (*)


BB creams were first designed for post laser use to protect the sensitive skin from harmful agents from the environment and also the UV rays. This BB cream consists of ample sun protection and Anti-Oxidants to protect the skin while covering up the blemishes. The texture is not too thick yet the coverage is really good. The photo above is a swatch of the BB cream slightly blended out. At first I was afraid that it might be slightly dark for my skin tone, but to my surprised it sits on my skin very nicely.


This is how I look with the BB cream on, set with powder after an average 5 hours wear. Coverage is great and oil control is pretty good as well. I only need to blot once after 3 hours.


COVERME (Light/Natural Beige Tones) 

The CoverMe is a compact creme designed for damaged skin after laser or any dermatological procedures. You can use it if you have sensitive skin like mine and is nursing a healing blemish. This powder will protect your skin against from external irritants from the environment.


The CoverMe base comes in two tones to cater for different skin type. I personally use the Light Beige tone which fits just right for my skin tones.



Just showing you all the sequence in which I used the products. The hydrating cream is used instead of my own sunblock at night.



The White Science Range

Platinum Spot Corrector 

From the whitening range, we have this Spot Corrector of high concentration. It is recommended to apply with either a cotton bud or gloves as it is a strong product. I’ve yet to use to product as there’s no Spots to be treated currently but I’ll most probably let my mum try it on her dark spots. Will update when tried!

Products that have been marked by a (*) are my favorites!





Vanity Trove 3!


My 3rd Vanity Trove that I’ve hand picked myself!!

It’s definitely fun and exciting to be picking out your very own samples every time!!


The Essential shampoo was a bonus item as per my previous trove. Now lets get on to the samples I’ve picked!

1. DrGL Collagen Essence
2. Jorubi Aloe Vera Gel
3. Origins Plantscription Anti-Aging Cream
4. Biore Aqua Rich Whitening Cream
5. Bifesta Cleansing Lotion Moist
6. Blumarine Bellissima ETD 30ml

Let me know if you want any items to be reviewed and I’ll get it up as soon as I can!

Check out http://vanitytrove.com for more!



New Samples From Vanity Trove


I’ve redeem my 2nd customized trove! I realized sample hauling can get exciting too! For example, waiting for new samples to come on the site and finally getting to try something you’ve been eyeing for. For me, its more like a combination of,” I heard good things about this stuff.” ” I seen this before, lets try!”



As usual, I picked out 6 items but you can see that there’s 7 in the photo!! VT added in a mystery bonus item on check out and it’s the Essential shampoo! It’s my one of my fav shampoo and a travel sized one is sure convenient for trips to the pool or travels.



And here’s the 6 samples I’ve picked this time!


Let me know which products you want me to review soon and I will try my best to use it first!