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Review: Ossion Mild Touch Bubble Mask

Referring back to my post on Hankook Cosmetics, today I will be doing a proper review of the Ossion Mild Touch Bubble Mask! It’s my favorite product out of those that I’ve received.


Comes in a 50g pump bottle as above. Packaging is simple and practical.

Usage is simple too. After cleansing your face, apply the mask gel on wet face and watch it foam up!


It’s actually an oxygen mask and hence it will bubble up upon contact with the air. Leave it on for 2 minutes, just let it foam up to this nice thick foam. You can actually feel it bubbled up. Rinse off with water after that.

It’s actually recommended to follow up with a peeling gel or exfoliating. This is because this is a detox mask and hence toxic is being cleared from the skin deep to the surface. So it will be good to exfoliate once or twice per week with the use of this bubble mask.


Above photo is taken after 1 month plus of usage of the bubble mask. A sharper jaw line is observed. To achieve a slimmer chin, the ratio of using the mask on face to the neck/chin area should be 1:2.

I use this mask everyday for the first 2 weeks then cut down to about 3 times a week, once every 2 days. But for the neck/chin area, I will mask about 2 times more.

Other then a sharper jaw line, I also observed that my skin seems to be brighter and more glowy.

Rating for this product would be a 4.5/5!

Although this product is sponsored, but it’s not the reason for the high rating. It’s because it is really a good product!

I would definitely recommend this mask to everyone out there!

You can purchase it at http://hankookcosmetics.com/ ! Original price is at $70!

But if you use my ID/PASS: forestjoyce to login, you get 30% off and is able to purchase the bubble mask at $49!

Don’t wait! Get your hands on this bubble mask now! And say hi to a slimmer jawline! XD





Review: Tony Moly Tomatox Oxygen Brightening Mask


I got this mask way back in February and I love it! It’s worth every cent of the $26.90 that I have paid for it. I bought it for novelty sake initially and I’m really glad I got it as it really works quite well for me.


Thick white cream with red beads inside. You can’t really see as the flash exposed the cream. ><


So here’s a clearer look at the creamy mask. Apply a relatively thick, not too thick, but not too thin either, wait for it to bubble up in about 3 – 5 minutes and wash off with warm water. You will be surprised by the instant brightening effect!  Let me show you.


In order not to waste product, I only apply a very thin layer on my hand. You go a lil thicker then this when you apply on your face. It needs to be a lil thick for it to bubble up.


I wiped off half after a minute and this is what you get.

The brightening effect last for above 2 days. The longer you used it, you will notice that your overall complexion will become brighter slightly.

I personally think that it’s a perfect product to brighten up a dull/tired face.

Highly recommend this product to all of you! XD Hope that you all find this review useful!

<3, Forensia.