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Nails by Envy: Kuroi Neko

Did kawaii nails at Envy this time round! Black cat on a sweet pink best!

I was surfing the net one day and spotted this design so I screen shot it on my iphone reminding myself to do this when I head to Envy next time. You know all not every manicurist can create the design you want? But Envy do not disappoint!

Aini, my manicurist will always draw what I want and even modify the design to be better! The wordings are not included in the original design I showed her! The other hand says “Kitty Cat” instead of “Meow”. XD



Do book your appointment at Envy for a manicure! Look for Aini for nice and awesome nail arts!

Envy Hair and Nails is located at 46 Peck Seah Street. Opened from Mondays to Saturdays, 11 am to 8 pm!

Call 62211220 to book your appointment now!



NOTD: Candy Nails

Wants something that pops on your nails but you’re really bad at nail art?
Try candy nails! Just pick at least 3 different shades and paint your nails alternately! The different shade will make your nails stand out even though it’s just a simple manicure!!


I used 5 shades here! And I alternate the sequence of colors on both hands.



NOTW: Golden French


My nails were in good shape these days making it super easy to paint. So I attempted a french mani and it’s a success!
Chosen this color combination as mistakes won’t be noticed that easily!



Nails by Envy: Stripes and crosses

Did my nails at Envy once again!

Saw some designs on some nails mag scans online which I uses my iphone to take the photos of the designs. Showed it to my manicurist, Aini and she came up with this!

Love the outcome and the color combination!


Stripes and crosses. Kind of reminds you of corset designs no? Lol. XD


All the details are drawn on carefully by Aini. It’s not really a complicated design but it does take skills to get a good outcome.


Was taking photos of the Fuwarie products and I realized that my nails matches the packaging! LOL!


Envy Hair and Nails is located at 46 Peck Seah Street. Opened from Mondays to Saturdays, 11 am to 8 pm!

Call 62211220 to book your appointment now!





Envy Nail Lounge – Hello Kitty Manicure!

Hi all!

I am going to introduce a relatively new Nail Salon located at Peck Seah Street which is near Tanjong Pagar. I was invited down to try out their nail services and I had a very good experience!


Turn in at the end of Red Dot Museum and walk all the way in and you will find the place! It’s the first shop at the building left of the blueish building.


Envy Hair and Nails!

When you enter the salon, you will see a nice hair salon. Located all the way at the back of the salon, is the nail salon which is super nicely decorated!


The nail salon is super princessy! Super pretty! They even had blings on the bird cage design!!

Over at Envy, they use mainly OPIs and ORLY nail colors.


Anyways, here’s my super pretty and sweet nails!


I seen a Hello Kitty design on their FB page and Aini, the manicurist suggested 3D Hello Kitty and came up with the above design!

It’s simple yet sweet and not overly cutesy!


I love the 3D Hello Kitty!! There’s also the words Hello Kitty with a little heart written!


Blings used are real Swarovski crystals!


Had a photo with Aini, the lovely and bubbly Manicurist! Had a good time chatting with her during the manicure!


Another photo of my Hello Kitty nails!! I mad love them!


Do check out their FB Page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Envy-Hair-Nail-Spa/242173352510714 for nail designs that have been done and also their service menu!

And of course Envy provide hair services too! You can do your hair and nails at the same time in the same place!

Envy Hair and Nails is located at 46 Peck Seah Street. Opened from Mondays to Saturdays, 11 am to 8 pm!

Call 62211220 to book your appointment now!