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Review: Dermal Masks

Hi all!

Will be doing a mini review of Dermal Mask today. Dermal Mask is actually a Korean Brand and distributed by a company in Singapore. I was actually sent these masks by http://www.moxdeals.sg/ where you can often find special deals on all kinds of products!

I received the Arbutin and Pomegranate mask! Both are collagen masks for the elasticity of our skin.

As we all know, Pomegranate is a good anti-oxidant and Arbutin is great for whitening! I used these masks and do realized that the skin is brighter after application.

Here’s a pic of me masking! 😛 I find that that mask is a little too thick as I personally prefer thinner sheet mask. The mask also do not cling to the face well enough and drops quite easily so it’s best to just lie down while using this mask.

I will rate this mask a 3/5. It’s quite good, a good to try but not a must get. 🙂

Check out http://www.beeverse.com.sg/#mask.html for the full ranges of Dermal Masks.


Review: Lush BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask

Bought this fresh face mask from LUSH about a month back. It’s supposed  to have cleansing effect and will clear the dirts from your skin.


I look like this with the mask mixture on. LOL!

It has bits of seaweed inside if you see clearly. It also acts like a mild scrub when I massage into my skin while I rinse it away.

I would rate this product a 3/5 as it does helps in making my skin feel refreshed and clean. However the downside is that the shelf life of this mask is too short. You can only keep it for max one month in the fridge, which means you have to finished it by then. Which is a little difficult for me even though I used it once every two or three days.

I did not managed to finished the mask and it had already turned bad. Which is a little wasted as I’ve bought it for around $20 plus. I would definitely recommend to share with someone so as not to waste it.

Rating: 3/5

That’s all for this short review!