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Review: Lush BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask

Bought this fresh face mask from LUSH about a month back. It’s supposed  to have cleansing effect and will clear the dirts from your skin.


I look like this with the mask mixture on. LOL!

It has bits of seaweed inside if you see clearly. It also acts like a mild scrub when I massage into my skin while I rinse it away.

I would rate this product a 3/5 as it does helps in making my skin feel refreshed and clean. However the downside is that the shelf life of this mask is too short. You can only keep it for max one month in the fridge, which means you have to finished it by then. Which is a little difficult for me even though I used it once every two or three days.

I did not managed to finished the mask and it had already turned bad. Which is a little wasted as I’ve bought it for around $20 plus. I would definitely recommend to share with someone so as not to waste it.

Rating: 3/5

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Haul:(Lush + Watsons ) Plus a Mini Giveaway!

Been quite some time since I hauled! 😛

Finally made my way to the LUSH store at Wisma! Love the store! Smells awesome, friendly staff, great products and all!


Got a Fresh Farmacy soap and BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask. The Fresh Face Mask are freshly made in the stores. Best used withing a month.


The BB Seaweed mask is of a thick texture, smells great when applied on the face. Got this at $21 for a tub of 75g.


Rachel K cosmetics was having a promotion at Watsons. Get the 2nd item at 50% off, hence it’s the best time to get it now. Was actually looking for a new 2 way cake as my ZA one is running out. Decided to try out the pressed powder as it’s really fine and smooth. Got the CC cream in neutral shade too since there’s the 50% off 2nd item.

CC cream cost $35, pressed powder is at $38.


Lucido-L hair treatment oil. I think this is quite new in stores, hence I decided to try it. This has a nice sweet scent to it. I got it at $15.90.


Alright, I have here 4 lip balms which I have gotten in Bangkok to give out!

All you need to do is to leave a comment with the color of your choice. I will then select 4 winners randomly! I might add in some other things other then the lip balms too! XD

Comment away now!

*Do leave behind your email too! So I can contact you if you win! XD *

*Open to those residing in Singapore only!*

Giveaway will close on 12th FEB 1200 PM!

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